before and now…

i didn’t choose

this path,

i was placed on it;

not apologizing

for scars

and tears

from wars unknown

to you

cause i’ve always

been on my own,

in my own mind

and i know you

can’t read it

cause you bleed ignorance;

i look in the mirror

telling myself

my past doesn’t define me,

but has only made me stronger

for all the fire i went under

and yet survived for a reason

i yet do not know;

other minds think thoughts

that aren’t real

cause they’re not in tune

with wars and blood,

miles and miles of pain

wrapping ’round their heart,

causing them to feel




my mind can’t wrap around

the thought of just being


i try and fail to,

but i never quit

no matter how many

bullet holes my heart

is found carrying

cause i am a fighter

when there seems

to be no cause;

i tell myself that i’m

worthy without believing,

that i’m not alone

although i feel so

detached from every

single molecule that is not

my own;

i live a lie…

i tell you by the way i live

that i love myself and

my life,

but i don’t…

i care for others in a way

i can’t for myself,

it feels like i’m stuck

in a deep, dark hole

inside a world that isn’t

the one everyone else

breathes upon…

i feel so detached

as if i can only bleed

silence screaming

so loud no one can hear

a thing…

the pain that’s so real to me.

~Bethany Anne


Deep Love 

You saw me

When no one did

You searched for me

When I was lost

You wooed me in

When I wasn’t even aware of You

What God is this that would follow us to the ends of the earth?

What God is this that never gives 

up on us?

What God is this that fights for us when we don’t even know?

His love is relentless

It follows us into the darkest 

of places

It follows us through the valley 

of death

It follows us till we have reached 

the end

Finds it way through every crack 

in our heart

Found its way to my dark soul

See behind the masks I chop 

and change

The picturized smile I portray

He doesn’t give up, even when I reject His love

He doesn’t give up, even when I tell Him to

He pursue me relentless

Shows me that I am worthy

Till I run into His arms of love

His love mixed with my tears of shame and guilt

Cleanse my heart

Uproot my fears

Heal my scars

Erase my shame

Transform my life

Till all I can see is His love 

flowing from the cross to me

A wretch

A sinner

Turned into a son and a daughter

I never knew a love so deep existed

It leaves me breathless

hungry for more

It is deeper then my loudest sin

Higher then my silent shame

Wider then my desperate fears

I am lost in it

Forever one with it

I will never get enough of it!

~ Ebigale Wilson 

The Awakened Bride 

She has been hurt

You don’t have to ask her

Her face tells the story

Of a journey of pain

Of dreams long forgotten

Buried deep under shame

Her eye’s reflect

Many stories untold

There was no one to listen

to the cries of her heart

Her body bowed low

crushed by pain and betrayal

No sign of hope to be found in a body so frail

Does she know that He loves her?

Does she know that He cares?

Has anybody told her that 

He is crazy about her?

That He knows her by name?

He’s the One who defined her

He’s the One she needs most

Her identity is locked up in

What He speaks over her

She will find what she needs

As she moves closer to Him 

She will discover her worth

In His deep love for her

She will straighten her crown

She will run on the waves

She will shout to the weary  

“Come and take your place!!!”

She has taken His invitation 

To passionately pursue Him

She glistens with His glory

She is dressed in His joy

She is stronger than what has

kept her in chains 

She has let go of what was 

She embraced this new start

She now knows He’s coming back 

for a spotless bride

So she better get ready

There’s no time to waste

She is taking her place

As His warrior daughter

Her pain a vague memory

She is drenched in His love

Undone by His heart

Forever she is overtaken 

by the King of her heart

~ Ebigale Wilson

Pouring Out Our Story 

I am as full of words as the speediest writer pouring out his story!

I poured out my fasting story – all 40 days of downloads. Today is #40! 

I recently sent a version of my story and had it sent back to rework and edit for a feature spot on a dear friends blog. I know it needs to be done, it was just a rough cut. I just sort of poured out the story.  

When I have to edit all the submissions to this blog, from all the stories pouring out, the editing is the not so fun part.   

Even editing my own stuff is not fun.  

I was invited to do a recorded television spot for our local TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) on how TBN has impacted my life. The first take seemed effortless. God spoke through me and they cheered and then the retake…..

I am a swayer when I talk so they wanted a second go round. That retake did not feel as smooth.   
I know It is all up to God. They will send it on and will notify me if they decide to air it or use it. 

  I just poured out my story. 

All these recent things on pouring out our stories and words…. 


God is always dealing with me on my words.  
To speak up and use them or to shut up or choose fewer words.  

I love how the verse says, my heart is overflowing with a beautiful thought.   

That is usually how it starts. I have a beautiful thought and then I sometimes just get it out and am done, but most of the time we have to edit or do a retake. I love how God speaks to my heart through His word.
I am so so with poetry, but I am for sure full of words! 

We all have a beautiful story- our testimony. We may just have a beautiful thought, but God will weave the rest of it out for His Glory. 

Trust Him with it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You always can edit or a retake if you need to.  
Just begin by pouring out your story! 

This is the beautiful final verse in my fasting experience downloads and it couldn’t be more fitting. 

My heart is overflowing with a beautiful thought! I will write a lovely poem to the King, for I am as full of words as the speediest writer pouring out his story. You are the fairest of all;Your words are filled with grace;God himself is blessing you forever.  ~ Psalm 45:1-2 TLB 


Be blessed everyone! 
Thank you for coming on this journey with me.  

                ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

The Prize 

Everyone wanted him

To be seen with him

To be liked by him…

To be desired by

This beautiful boy




But on the inside 




So lonely

So tired


Running from

His own shadow 

No one can claim you son

You are the prize

Purchased and paid for

Jesus Christ

The highest bidder

Laying down His life 

So He could win you



His Prize





Rest in The Lord 

Run no more

Come Home

❤️ Krystal Lynne

The Close Proximity Of Promise 


He was magnificent!
He did not see himself 
The way she saw him
He had no idea
Her love for him…
He only saw
What she wasn’t 
What she would 
Never be
How ironic 
How malicious 
How many people 
Live in the close proximity 
Of promise 
Entering in
That sweet land
Of milk and honey 
Where it is easy
To see

❤️Krystal Lynne 

We Are All Waiting 

She waits for her son

He waits for his wife

She waits on the man

To break free from the child

We are all waiting…

Didn’t He say 

It would be this way

Waiting on The Lord

If He would hurry!

Affording us the time

Of our lives


Hoping, praying, waiting

Trust being the vehicle

We all must ride

On a narrow path

With no headlight or brakes

We wait for a sign

Signaling our table’s ready

An angelic host

Seating us

With our petition

Before us

Like gourmet spaghetti

Finally partaking

Like lovemaking

Oh taste and see

The Lord is Good

He is Good

Good enough

To wait for

❤️Krystal Lynne 



Once upon a time 
Years ago and waiting
Prayers went forth …
Seeds sown
Water sprinkled
Weeds pulled
Love protected 
Sun and Moon
Faith tended
The Father’s Will
Being done
Not my will Lord 
But thine be done
Years pass
You see nothing 
You lose hope
You see your
Dream dying
But God….
You see He
Is the gardener
Who tends
Who gives Life 
He brings it to pass
He watches us wait
And is pleased with our waiting
Finishing what He Begins
Our part is Trust 
In Him
All things become New
Only Believe
I am seeing 
He is
Setting the captives free
Even me
His Kingdom
Living in us
Like a garden
When He is
It thrives and is lush
That is His Way
Reaching us
Not only coming down
But living inside

    ❤️ Krystal Lynne 

Strong Girl

Once upon a troubled time, along life’s bumpy road,

A woman found herself alone, beside a heavy load.

Burdens tossed, abandoned; she stood in disbelief 

And for a moment, dropped her head and sobbed amid her grief.

But tears, she learned, did nothing to make the burden light

And so she reached, and grabbed the burden – tugged with all her might.

It barely moved, she didn’t have the strength that it would take

To carry such a burden; there was so much at stake.

“What do I do?” she whispered, peering through the mist

But alas, no one appeared.  She was alone in this.

“Chin up, jaw firm, eyes ahead!” This chant became her theme,

And suddenly the load was not as heavy, so it seemed.

She put her back beneath the weight, and slowly then, it moved

And she began to walk along.  Her own strength she proved.

With every step, her strength improved, and she began to smile

Her confidence began to grow with every passing mile.

The brilliant sunshine warmed her face, then faded into night

But she kept walking, knowing with the dawn, there’d be more light.

The night was long and very dark, and danger lurked nearby

The woman kept on walking, scared to death but head held high.

The storm would come, the wind would blow, and whip the load around

Sometimes she cried and yelled aloud; sometimes she made no sound.

And all the while the strength that once was too hard to obtain

Grew and grew and she stood taller, strong beneath the strain.

The road could be so merciless, sometimes a storm’s attack

Added to the burden that she carried on her back.

Another weight, another task, a trial to be borne

She cried and staggered, almost falling, discouraged and forlorn.

“But wait,” she said, remembering, “I’ve walked this road a while,

And I have gained a lot of muscle, along each grueling mile.”

And so she put her back again, against the load she bore,

And much to her surprise, it lifted, easier than before.

The days wore into weeks and months and soon, when troubles came

She would eye the trouble, smiling, “Are we doing this again?”

Travelers who met her, as they journeyed on her path,

Would say, “How do you do that?” and she would simply laugh.

“I want to say I do not know but that would not be true.

I simply keep on walking, just the way you do.”

You might know a woman who seems to be so strong

She didn’t plan to be that way, but then, walking along

She very simply chose to live in joy instead of pain

She may not even think of it too much, unless there’s rain

Or storms, or falls, or bruises, but just as she’s done before

She’ll stagger, gain her balance, and carry on once more.

In her heart, although she’s strong, she’s still so much a girl

Strong girls bring the best of strength and sweetness to the world.

So if you are a strong girl friend, I know you understand.

If you know one, you don’t have to ask to lend a hand.

Just pray for happy traveling, and a mostly sunny sky.

And if you like, snap a salute when she goes marching by. 

~ Alane Roberts