What Is Your Passion?

Last week as I was typing my blog I kept hearing the word, “passion,” partially because of the picture I found on Unsplash (used for todays post). I started asking myself, “What is your passion?” and “Where do my passions lead me?”

When I looked for verses containing the word, “passion,” I found that most are about fleshly desires. Here are a few:

Romans 7:5 For when we were living according to our old nature, the passions connected with sins worked through the Torah in our various parts, with the result that we bore fruit for death. (CJB)

Galatians 5:24 Moreover, those who belong to the Messiah Yeshua have put their old nature to death on the stake, along with its passions and desires. (CJB)

2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time is coming when people will not have patience for sound teaching, but will cater to their passions and gather around themselves teachers who say whatever their ears itch to hear. Yes, they will stop listening to the truth, but will turn aside to follow myths. (CJB)

When I began searching for these verses, I came across an article written January 18, 2015 by Jack Wellman on a site called patheos.com. Here is an interesting quote from his blog:

“What is Passion?

The word passion originates from the Latin word “passio” which is closely related to the Greek root “path” meaning “to suffer.”  When this word is applied to the mind, it can relate to the mind being controlled by emotion which we will see in later verses.  This is not just a weak emotion but a very powerful one.   Passion can be good and bad, sinful and righteous and can certainly be overwhelming and override rationality.  When Paul wrote that God gave them up to their (sinful) passions (Rom 1:26) the Greek word “pathos” was used and can mean several things; “an affliction of the mind, emotions,” and “a feeling which the mind suffers” so the word passion can swing in many different areas but almost always is extremely intense.”

I appreciate the fact that this statement says that passion can be good and bad, sinful and righteous. I fully believe this is true. We have passions that are negative for us, and (hopefully) passions that are positive for us. The key is keeping things in balance.

Passions, even “positive” ones, when they are overwhelming, can “override rationality.” Since passion usually implies something that is “extremely intense,” we must be careful and mindful about what where our passions lie.

To put this into perspective, think about working out. Lifting weights, running, swimming etc… whatever someone finds that works for an individual to bring health to his/her body, if done too often and with too much “passion” can actually harm the person. The same thing can happen with dieting. People can become overly passionate about losing weight and they harm their bodies.

Let us think about passion in the realm of sharing the Good News and LOVE of Christ. Have you ever known someone that is shy and never speaks about it? Maybe this frustrates you because you believe he has no passion about what God has done for him. There are also people who are so zealous for the Word of God that they turn people off because they are overly passionate and “so heavenly minded they are no earthly good.”

Even with sharing the Word of God and HIS TRUTH, we must be careful that we do not become so intense that we hinder the process of bringing people into a relationship with their Messiah. It is my belief that Jesus never forced Himself on anyone. He sat down to have a conversation with someone and started a relationship that showed love and mercy. That is what drew His followers to Him. He was PASSIONATE about loving people.

The quote on the picture says, “Passion led us here.” It made me stop and think about where my passions have led me. Some have blessed me, some have caused pain. Some might be for a season, and then need to be released.

If your passions are dragging you down, it is time to look into something new. All of the verses above clearly show us that passions that are connected to sin or earthly pleasures will bring fruit for death. We are to set aside our old nature. We are not to cater to our fleshly passions and desires.

If we are PATIENT and FOCUSED and desiring TRUTH, those passions will bring LIFE and ABUNDANT fruit. Fruit that will last! If we are sharing HIS Truth with those around us, and LISTENING to Holy Spirit, than we will share HIS passion and love.

Where do your passions lead you? Do they lead you closer to the Creator and Father who loves you? Do they bring HOPE and JOY into your life? Do they draw others into a stronger relationship with Him?

Passions are not bad, just make sure they are leading you to HIM. His desire is for you to have LIFE and LIFE more abundant, and that happens when HE is in control.

When we come to the realization that PASSIONS focused on HIM bring healing and peace, than we can find REST in Him. We will RESTORE ourselves to Him. We are then REFRESHED to walk forward day to day.

Love and blessings,

Rose Horton




Godly Zeal Or Passion 

How do we differentiate between fleshly lust and Godly zeal or passion? 

  Lusts crave to receive for selfish pleasure. Zeal or Godly passion longs to give for the pleasure of God and for the benefit of others. Both will satisfy, one temporarily, the other eternally. One seeks to escape suffering, the other is willing to suffer for the sake of the beloved.

The lust of the flesh and eyes and the pride of life will devour life and leave everyone involved forlorn and famished. They are born of the fall of man and are devoid of love or life. 

They are neither sanctioned by man nor sanctified by God. 

  They are identified by unquenchable craving; they have no concern for the benefit of others. The only relief from these demons comes through confession and repentance.

Godly zeal or passion is altogether different; it always blesses all those involved. It rejoices the heart of God and man both. It inspires and gives vision; it refreshes; it is life giving. It is born of God and has eternity and eternal life in mind. It is full of hope and joy. It is fueled by love. It is a primary characteristic of God himself
 Our maker is ardently concerned that his kingdom be established. All his ministers must share in this heart rending suffering. It purifies and sanctifies all who come into its presence; it burns away all lesser forces of nature. It is quiet but intense. It must be sought; it is a gift and must be cherished as such.

Our God given task is to redeem our selfish desires for his selfless heart. Agape or selfless love is the goal. It cannot be obtained by purchase or diligent effort; it must be bestowed as a gracious gift, and it must be cherished and nourished. It grows stronger over time, if permitted. It is the province of heaven, Our Father’s heart and mind, the inheritance of all his children.
                  ~ Brad Heilhecker 

Children Of Light 

“Once your life was full of sins darkness, but now you have a very light of our Lord shining through you because of your union with him. Your mission is to live as children flooded with his revelation – light. And the supernatural fruits of his light will be seen in you – goodness, righteousness, and truth. In this revelation light, you will learn to choose what is beautiful to our Lord.” Ephesians 5:8-10 Passion version 

As I get older I am trying to keep my life, relationships and thoughts simple. 

Elementary my dear, that’s how I want to approach life. 

Sweet and simple!

I came across these verses the other morning and I had a bright light bulb moment of shining revelation. 


Don’t we all at some point want to know why we are here, what is our purpose for being born?
Well many not all of us, but I would say the thought probably passed most of our thinkers at some point in our life. 
So here it is in theses verses our mission carved out for all to see who look for it. 

It’s quite simple, my darling. 

We are born into darkness. 

We have the choice to be born again into the light. 

We choose light, we are the Light. (carrying it through us) 

We choose darkness, we are in darkness. 

The Scientific Evidence that we have chosen light will be that three fruits will appear on our tree of light…..goodness, righteousness and truth. 

Our mission statement:

Ephesians 5:9

“Your mission is to live as children flooded with his revelation – light.”

Notice the verses above remind us that it is through our union with him that we are able to shine bright. 
That is kind of important. 
You can’t turn on a light if it’s not plugged into the wall or hooked up to the source that gives it the electricity. 
Get plugged into the true Source of Light so you can shine your goodness, righteousness and truth everywhere you go today. 

The cool thing about light. 
Once the light is on in a room all the darkness has to flee. It’s the law of light. (Not sure there is a law of light, but it can be proven scientifically) 
Darkness can not exist in a lighted room. 

Google it!!
Light On,

Kelley Allison



I love you just as you are

Flawed and imperfect

Despite how you may feel

Your self-directed criticisms

The parts of you that you despise

I will embrace

In your ambition and struggle

Through accomplishment and mistakes

I am beside you

The broken pieces and blinding beauty of who you are

Is written on my heart

I cherish your growth and transformation

As well as that which is unchangeable

I accept the whole of you

The seen and unseen

The known and unknown

You walk through countless days

Your weary eyes a mystery

Driven by love and determination

You endure


Your focus and ambition is testimony to your devotion

Through struggle and frustration you labor

In quiet torment you are relentless

I will be your solace

I will wrap you in peace and comfort

Soothing the ache you do not speak

I will be your passion

I am ravenous for you

I will be your encouragement

My faith in you is boundless

I will be your strength

I will undergird you with an unshakable foundation

I see you as you are

And I love you
           ~Dana Smith 



I don’t mince words, but I do believe in a grace-filled delivery. That’s because the Lord has shown such extreme grace to me.
While I am so very blessed to have such a sweet family; life has not always been so abundant. As a teenager and young adult, I was clueless about God, specifically His plan for sexuality and relationships. As a result, I became sexually active as a young teen and suffered the baggage that goes along with that lifestyle.
At 20 years old, I experienced an unplanned pregnancy, followed by a rushed marriage and painful divorce. As a single mom at 22 years of age, I finally realized something: God is a loving, forgiving God, and His commandments and standards are for my protection – and yours.
Now married to the love of my life and with an imperfect but precious family, I am devoted to helping others see the beauty in biblical instructions and realities. This includes God’s plan for sexuality and family as well the daily challenges and thrills of living a life of faith.
My passion for speaking began in 2001 while serving alongside my husband in student ministry. In 2009, I authored a parent book, Choosing to Wait, followed by a companion book for teens, Why Wait?, and soon began availing my materials and presentations to local churches and organizations. Since that time . . .
I have facilitated over 100 presentations, and in many cases, served as the keynote speaker.
I have spoken at churches of varying denominations such as Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, and community churches. I have also spoken in a variety of school settings, including private and public schools, and made presentations at community gatherings such as PTA meetings and pregnancy help centers.
I have appeared as a guest multiple times on the 700 Clubtelevision show and also on Pure Passion TV. I have been featured on numerous radio shows, including Houston’s KSBJ radio station, and my articles have appeared in periodicals such as Focus On the Family’s Thriving Magazine.
All that said, I love Jesus, love people, and welcome opportunities to serve others with the gifts and passions God has given me.
~ Blessings to you, Laura Gallier

Laura Gallier is a seasoned speaker and author known for her insightful presentations and resources on the topic of sex-related values and romantic relationships. She also addresses broader issues surrounding the faith-filled life and is passionate about providing down-to-earth explanations for some of the most frequently misunderstood notions about God and the Christian life.
Laura recently ventured beyond the world of non-fiction and released a riveting new novel, The Delusion. Plans are underway to bring the thrilling story to the big screen!
Watch the Delusion teaser here:

You can purchase books or Connect with Laura @ http://www.lauragallier.com/

Called To Be Prosperous


My life wasn’t wrapped up so beautifully from the start. Growing up I was a foster child, raised in more foster homes than one could imagine. I suffered tremendous pain stemming from every aspect of abuse; physical, sexual, and emotional the entirety of my childhood. These were many homes with just a kid, ‘just passing through’. Around the age of 16 my biological parents located me and without fear of who theses strangers were, I ran away to live with them having the false pretense, ‘They finally came back! I knew one day my parents would come back! I’m rescued’. Yes, all children want the fairy tale ending with absent parents; naive I was.
Long story short, it was a horrid time 16 years old up until last year (I’m 35 now) with my biological parents. I witnessed drugs, fighting, prostitution, jail visits, and my parents continually high or drunk. Upon crossing into adulthood, all abuse stopped and yet the situations changed to a complete emotional struggle when I was old enough to move out. The emotional toll taken on me as I continually tried to, ‘parent’ my parents, was massive. I knew my parents really had great hearts, they loved me, yet just so lost in addiction they were powerless to express it or be proper role models and care takers.

You can imagine my life would’ve been tough to keep on the straight and narrow, but I did, through the protection of Christ alone. I saw the ramifications of drug use, criminal activity, and abuse, so I chose to never engage in those. In my early 20’s feeling depressed as ever, extremely withdrawn, I felt as I had exhausted all emotions and decided to give this thing called, ‘church’ a ‘try’. Yes, the first visit changed my life forever as I came to salvation that very day. Throughout the years I have been on fire for Christ, entering into ministry teaching on abuse, addiction, abandonment, identity, self-worth, and more than anything, forgiveness. I’ve made myself very transparent as to give God glory for his restoration and turn around (that He alone did in my life) so that I can inspire and reach the hurting and lost. What the enemy meant for harm in my life has been the very testimony of the greatness of our God now leading so many to hope, change, and salvation.

My adulthood has been spent winning souls to Christ through witnessing, teaching, and as many would say, ‘Just keeping it real’. However, an unfortunate tragedy occurred in my life this previous year as I lost both parents to suicide. The emotional turmoil ended as my mom passed and three days later my father, unable to cope with the death of my mom, took his own life. It was the horrid shock alone upon my mom’s passing as that was so difficult to come to grips with. Then the second wave hit three days later, I had lost my father as well to suicide. The single funeral being planned now turned double and it was such a traumatic time. HOWEVER, guess what? There is GOOD news! The enemy never took me out once, didn’t even come close. Why? Because I’m anchored in Christ alone. The only one constant, never changing, expressing endless love, restoration, and comfort, is Jesus Christ as this I had received so many years earlier post salvation. This is yet another tragic circumstance used to glorify Christ as I minister this story to those depressed, addicted, battling suicide, and many other deep emotional issues. The message is clear, “Hold on, rescue is in route!” Allowing myself to become so transparent has proven a massive healing agent for people battling suicide. Hear from the ‘victims’ mouth the pain caused for those left behind to deal with the unnecessary death while also sharing the purpose of God’s plan for our lives has helped and healed so many. Glory to God for allowing me to be His mouthpiece!
With all of this being said, throughout every trial in life, my passion & relationship has only grown stronger in the Lord.

We’re ALL, ‘called to be prosperous’ in EVERY arena of our lives because our Father is the King of ALL Kings and He took sickness, disease, and poverty to the cross! We are called into victory with a race that has already been won! May we never be victims, only victorious, over every trial and circumstance in life. Glory to God!

Be encouraged in Christ today,
Jess Drown

Jessica Drown resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Besides staying proactive for the Kingdom, she is a teen minister, PE teacher, Christian music manager, single mom of two teens, and currently manages a busy corporate office in the city. She loves Jesus, family, friends, and has a passion for ministry, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Her goal is to help lead the lost and encourage the saved in Jesus Christ!

“Discipleship (via the Gospel) didn’t just put us into the eternal plan of God, but amongst other things, it enables us to live a prosperous life.”

Connect with Jess on all Social Media Sites, see her Website for details.