Lift Up Your Eyeglasses 

It’s been a bumpy ride this past week in America. We have a new president elect and immediately protests and in some cases riots break out across this nation. I use the term riots because there have been many reports of arrests, violence and vandalism. Even as I write this short blog. Don’t worry I will keep it short. I am thinking I have to choose my words carefully not to offend someone or say something that could be misconstrued. This is where many have found themselves at the end of the year 2016.


Offended in the Unrest of the Future

What if we could take out the worry of being politically incorrect, offending others, saying something that could be misunderstood and just focused on NOT offending God. Not everyone has a relationship with God that would motivate them to take this challenge. So we just have to leave those folks alone. 

They won’t participate. 

Do you want to participate?

 I do!!
Before I open my mouth I must ask??

Does this sentence give glory to God?

Do my actions or words offend God?
In case you need clarity on the word offend. 

Let’s look up the meaning. 




cause to feel upset, annoyed, or resentful.

“viewers said they had been offended by bad language”

synonyms: hurt someone’s feelings, give offense to, affront, displease, upset, distress, hurt, wound; More


commit an illegal act.

“a small hard core of young criminals who offend again and again”

synonyms: break the law, commit a crime, do wrong, sin, go astray, transgress; archaictrespass

“criminals who offend again and again”

Just think about if everything we said or did we were more concerned about how God would feel about our words than what others think. I find freedom in knowing I don’t have to please anyone with my words but God. It’s actually a breath of fresh air knowing I’m not chained to pleasing others, and worrying about offending others. I just fix my eyes on Him and choose to do everything with that perspective in mind. A shift then occurs and He gives me insight into what’s really going on and I am able to see situations through His eyes. I receive clarity and I am able to pray for those who have not yet received the 411 on God’s love and grace. Does it make sin and wrongdoings justified? No way!!! It allows me to move out of the way to pray and be an example of God’s love and light. 

Light overcomes the darkness.

Love never fails !

I find that when I please God with my words others tend to be soothed and there is little room for an altercation to occur. When I decide I don’t want to offend God others will show respect even if they don’t agree with me.  


God is Love. 

It’s a great experiment to try. I practice when I am around people who are polar opposite of my beliefs. This is where the love never fails comes to your rescue. If you find yourself having a hard time loving someone who is so different. Ask God to help you. He is the only One who can help you with that challenge. 

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

I Corinthians 10:31

Lift up your “eyeglasses” (get it?)
Cheers to Pleasing God,

Kelley Allison

Each Word Is A Gift 

I am finding during this 2016 Presidential election season my emotions and conversations are getting turned up several notches of frustration and fury. I catch myself saying things that cause me to look around to see if those words could have possibly flew out of someone else’s mouth rather than mine. 
I’m so passionate about my opinions and how I can fix America to make it great again. (That was a plug) 

 I sometimes forget that my words I use may not be so uplifting and positive about the candidates and those who support them. So I keep getting reminded ever so gently by God that my words matter and I need to have control over them. I still believe you can kindly state your beliefs and opinions without being brass and rude. We find ourselves in a time where it is frustrating because whatever you may say or state can cause offense or be deemed politically incorrect. You find yourself being silent because quite honestly your candidate of choice is at times difficult to defend. If only everyone could see the workings behind the process of what is to come. 

How do you communicate your passion for justice and reform without causing offense and anger from the opposing camp of your beliefs? I admit I am stumped and frustrated!! 

When I came across this verse, God reminded me that I am in the place of power and position to choose what happens with my words. 
We all know the scriptures about holding your tongue and how words either bring life or death. 

I guess I have to decide if I want do what the Word says about watching my words. That’s the first step. Make a choice. 

Okay, yes I will do better and try. 

I am going to make this simple for myself and focus on these two points. 

Say only what helps

Each word is a gift 

So I will ask myself before I speak out loud. Is what I say helpful and is it a gift to the person I’m speaking about or to?
If the answer is no, it’s vetoed. 

That doesn’t mean we are not allowed to speak our beliefs and stand up for what we believe to be right. 

I just have to carefully choose my words so they help bring life to people. 

Is my truth gift carefully wrapped in love and taped up with helping words of encouragement? 

I can do this!! 

Well, actually I don’t think I can on my own. But God can help me and reveal to me the truth behind all the circumstances of my agendas so that I give them as a gift to others that brings them into a place of being respected and honored. 

Stand up for your beliefs but always make sure they are gifts of help to others. 

Gift on,

Kelley Allison


The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. (Zephaniah 3:17) – ESV


Recently, my friend, had a missed communication when she went to visit with her son in prison. She didn’t receive the message asking her not to come that day. This particular time, he had served at an outside event, and for a reward, he got to participate in the meal that was prepared there.

But he was interrupted with her visit, and he didn’t get to finish the meal.

Needless to say, he wasn’t as happy to see her as she was to see him. He explained in disappointment and frustration, “I didn’t get to eat my fried chicken!”  

Lovingly, she responded back, “Well, I’m sorry son, but I came here today, because I really wanted to spend some time with you.”

As I was imagining his frustration, due to the time that had passed since he had a meal like that, I understood.

That meal was priceless.

And then I remembered some of the times that I have complained, or have been frustrated, because I didn’t get to finish something that I really wanted to. I thought about my own past offenses, like when I felt that my sinful life was cut short – due to unexpected consequences, for an example.

I thank God that he isn’t condemning, he is gentle and kind. He blots out my past with no mention of my sins.
He said:
“There were, still are, many times that I just really desire to spend time with you. So, as you question the importance of a piece of chicken, remember this: The things that ‘you feel’ are important – do not always include me, but I would sure like them to.”

“I never change. I always desire to spend time with you. I take great delight in you and rejoice over you. To me, moments like these are priceless.”


May your time with the Lord be priceless today.

  ~ Baring His Beauty,

      Tiffany Thomas 

Laugh On Laugh Off 

       When was the last time you just had a good laugh. I’m talking about the kind that you can’t stop and you start making weird sounds and high pitched squeaks. Then your eyes get in on the fun and start to drip tears of giggles and streams of silly. 

The worst is when you get a laughing spell at a place where your best manners are expected to be quiet and listen.   A classroom, church, graduation ceremony, funeral or a work meeting might be one of those places uncontrolled laughing might be frowned upon. 

But it has probably happened to most of us at some time or another. Possibly when we were younger or for some it was yesterday. 

Medical research shows that laughter is indeed good medicine. The Bible stated it first in Proverbs 17:22

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Amazing to me how science is always catching up with God’s unchangeable basic truths. 

God is reminding me this season of my “middle aged womanly self” to 
Laugh On 
Laugh Off

Remember the clap on, clap off lamps? Those were always fun to clap on the light and clap off the light from across the room. 

Now keep in mind, I’m not talking about ignoring and not addressing deep seated issues that need attention.  We all know the tragedy of one of the funniest comedians Robin Williams.  God rest his soul. This is not about putting on a happy face and hiding our sadness on the inside.  

Laugh On Laugh Off

You have a family member or friend who just tries your patience on a regular basis. Maybe they are annoying and are constantly negative. Instead of jumping up and down with them in their bouncy ball house of put downs……….
smile and say something super sweet about that person they are roasting over an open fire.
Go a crazy step further and suggest a prayer together for that person. 
Watch what happens!!
It will make you chuckle. 
Most likely they will stop trash talking or think you’re a Jesus freak cake and walk away. 
Problem solved!!
You didn’t get drawn into negative talk or stinking thinking about anyone. 

Philippians 4:8

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

Laugh On Laugh Off

Let’s clap onto one more example. 

This one requires your imagination and complete concentration. You may need to clear away some “I’m too old and mature” cobwebs to clearly see this on your visual screen of thought. 

This is a mind over matter deal. It goes along the line of the advice of your parents.  Remember when you had to give your first speech. You were completely scared and nerved out!! Did anyone ever say to you?  Just imagine the audience all sitting and listening to you in their underwear. (modest underwear of course) It really helped if your professor was like mine and looked like he stepped out of the 18th century with rim glasses and wiry hair sticking up and out everywhere.  I think that may have even included his nostrils. 
I only endorse this recommendation if your professor and audience resemble Albert Einstein. 

Okay, so here we go!!
Use your imagination, Barney!!

You are in a social setting and that person who just rubs you the wrong way walks up to you to say hello. They start into their conversation that always and completely centers around themselves and their other selves. 
Instead of falling into your usual false judgements about them. Which by the way they could be very valid and proven true!!
Just give them the benefit of the doubt. 

I used to watch Sesame Street as a young child and found Big Bird quite mesmerizing. Especially his big nest he occasionally climbed in and out of singing songs. 

Mind over Matter 
Back to our “me first” friend who pops into our social setting. 
Go there with your vivid wild imagination and visualize them as Big Bird from Sesame Street. They become quite tall and yellow with a bright orange beak. One that flaps quite rapidly without much hesitation. You watch as they take big steps of waddle and swag back to their nest. This being the biggest nest of human proportions which houses their soiled eggs of disappointment and rejection. 
Smile back at them and shoot that bird some blessings. 
Now it’s possible your silly Sesame Street thoughts of that person might actually turn into compassion and empathy for them. 
With God all things are possible!!
You can take the opportunity to privately pray for them as they widdle waddle away. 

With all things it takes practice to build back your imagination skills. 
Practice makes perfect!!

Congratulations you have made the choice to…….

Laugh Off
any opportunity for gossip, offense or judgements to stick to you. 

Laugh On
some new empathy, compassion and understanding for that person. 

I Thessalonians 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

Everyone’s a winner!!

Big bird would be so proud!

Watch below 
Big Bird shares something little to help someone in a big way.

Laugh On,
Kelley Allison
Proverbs 17:22