“As in water face reflects face, So the heart of man reflects man.” – Proverbs 27:19 AMP

Today is a new day; it is the start to a new beginning of what can be.

 May you be richly blessed while being an example that is holy, in HIS reflection, demonstrating the essence of the creator.

~Baring His Beauty 

  Tiffany Thomas 

Arise Sleeping One

You have been tucked away secure in your safe little nest for far too long.  

It is time to get back up and learn to fly! 

Arise Sleeping One! 

We all have seasons needing that protective and secure nest to shelter us from the harsh elements of life. 

We sometimes may need others to feed us for awhile as we are removed from the wide open spaces so we can heal and be strengthened and built up again so our wings will be stronger when it’s time to take that leap! 

Don’t let your courage wane.  Don’t let fear keep you curled up in your warm and safe surroundings. You can’t grow or even begin to realize what heights you will be able to soar to unless you are willing to take the next step to leave the nest.  


Get ready to fly! 

~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Stars In The Night 

Struggles and pain cannot define me,

For my name is daughter of the King,

Chosen one of God to become His

Warrior, fighting for a cause greater 

Than life can fathom in their minds,

To contemplate, yet not understand

The brilliance of the Creator of time,

Transforming the renewing of our minds,

Into stars in the night sky, reflecting Him

Who has called us out of the darkness

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Flying High 

I find myself looking out a window headed back home on an airplane. 

My thoughts start soaring up above as I listen over and over to the song, Beautiful Things by Gungor from 2010. 

Leave it me to discover this song a little behind the eight ball.  

It is a brand new song to me!! 

I love it!!
It says,”You are making me new!! You make beautiful things out of the dust!”. 

I love that God continues to create. He hasn’t stopped. He started a long time ago when He created the world and continues to this day to keep creating and making things new. 
Of course not everyone believes that is how the “beginning of time” party got started but that’s 


I say, “Let’s get this party started!”.

Each to his own. I choose to believe that the creation process continues. Okay, I am not talking about spontaneous generation!!

Think about it. Everything that is alive is always changing and moving. 

We have four seasons that involve quite a bit of growing, recreating, and harvesting. 

The animal and human kingdom follow suit with the circle of life involving reproducing, birthing and dying. 

So how is it possible for us to be recreated?

The Bible says you are a new creature in Christ!!

It would be cool if we did have spirit eyes to see our new spiritual form and creature like stature. 

I visualize my spirit as Wonder Woman standing tall with her arms crossed and ready to combat any evil spiritual forces. I would of course need my invisible airplane. 

That’s how I need to see myself when I’m not feeling so tall strong and mighty. When my day is not going as planned and I am ready to give up or just give out. 

It’s refreshing to know that God who made us from the get go is still in the process of molding and shaping us into something new. 

We are a strong and mighty force to be reckoned with when see ourselves the way God sees us. When we walk it out and actually believe we are that strong and powerful in Christ then things start to shake, rattle and roll. 
We have to be willing and ready to surrender our hands, hearts and feet for an exchange of His ways, power and strength. 

Are you wanting something new in your life?
Maybe you are tired of the same old merry go round turning out the same old life?
Or maybe you just need a new fresh start! 
A new day to start over. 

Hit the refresh button and watch and see how all things can be made new. 

He makes all things new….” Rev. 21:5 

Fly up high above the clouds on this airplane with me and let’s see ourselves the way God does. It could be our invisible airplane!!
We are strong and mighty. God is making beautiful things out of us (the dust) and forming us into new creatures in Christ!!

Check out the song Here

Flying high,

Kelley Allison