13 Reasons Why 

13 Reasons Why Students Need to Read The Delusion, a Young Adult Novel about Teen Suicide

If you’re a teenager or the parent of one, you’ve probably heard of the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why. My eighth-grade daughter described the teen drama to me this way: “It’s about suicide, and lots of my friends are watching it, but Mom, it’s, like, making some of them depressed and stuff.”

Based on a book of the same name, the show’s theme centers around 17-year-old Hannah Baker, a suicide victim who leaves behind audio recordings for those she blames for causing her to want to die—13 people, to be exact. The show’s producers maintain that they hope to shed light on the tragic issue of suicide, but various suicide prevention groups say it’s actually glamorizing suicide and putting teens at risk.1

I too have a heart for this cause, so much so that I chose teen suicide as the driving theme of my young adult novel, The Delusion. But I come at it from an entirely different angle—a biblical, spiritual perspective.

Here are 13 reasons why I’m over-the-top passionate about getting The Delusion to every teen and household who speaks and reads English (and beyond that once the book is translated into other languages!):

1. While The Delusion depicts how peer-to-peer conflict can escalate suicidal thoughts in teens, the ultimate source of dark, depressing thoughts is not the people around us. Instead, 18-year-old Owen Edmonds becomes an eyewitness to the otherwise invisible demonic forces that whisper soul-sabotaging lies to troubled teens in a deadly mission to provoke them to end their lives (see Ephesians 6:12). It becomes Owen’s mission to convince his vulnerable classmates to combat depressing thoughts with hope and truth, a real-life strategy.


2. Throughout The Delusion, readers are shown the crucial importance of reaching out with concern to friends and loved ones who show signs of depression, committing to be a source of support and encouraging them to seek counseling. At the same time . . .


3. The Delusion portrays how some students show few or even no signs of depression, yet are suicidal. With this in mind, readers are inspired to go beyond surface-level conversations with those within their sphere of influence and seek to build deeper, more meaningful friendships that help prevent emotional isolation.


4. As an atheist, The Delusion protagonist Owen Edmonds wrestles with the real-life struggle to understand why a supposedly good God would allow evil to prevail at times, particularly when forces of light (angels) have the power to overcome evil. Eventually he learns that it’s our responsibility, as human beings, to yield to good and resist the evil that seeks to overtake us.


5. The Delusion powerfully illustrates how abusing antidepressant drugs and alcohol to numb emotional pain only leads to more suffering and dysfunction.


6. The Delusion gives a vivid—okay, completely horrifying—account of what it’s like to face eternity without Christ, exposing the lie that all turmoil ceases after we take our own lives. At the same time, it dispels the notion that suicide is an unpardonable sin that automatically damns a person to hell. The takeaway is that we must accept God’s saving grace in this life.


7. The Delusion shows the harm bullying can do, but goes a step further to show that even the bully is a troubled person worthy of receiving help.


8. The Delusion focuses on the healing power of forgiveness as opposed to fixating on a bitter need for revenge against those who’ve wounded us. This theme is also powerfully illustrated in the movie portrayal as The Delusion is currently being prepped for the big screen.


9. The Delusion makes the case that those hearing tormenting voices may be in a spiritual battle as opposed to suffering a solely psychological issue. This empowers readers to consider solutions beyond antipsychotic drugs alone.


10. Even teens who don’t like to read are engaged by The Delusion storyline, which intentionally depicts how abusive teen dating relationships greatly increase a young person’s likelihood of suicide.2


11. The Delusion reveals how cutting and self-harm are destructive ways to cope with painful emotions and only serve to invite more darkness into our lives.


12. The Delusion helps young readers grasp the awesome power of prayer in way that is uplifting and engaging, not stuffy or boring—and faith and prayer have been proven to combat the negative effects of stress and depression.3


13. Delivered in a form of page-turning entertainment, The Delusion communicates the hope-filled message that God has a profound plan for each of our lives, and that plan is worth living for, no matter our current setbacks or disappointments.


Tyndale House Publishers will release The Delusion November 2017. Receive notification of early release copies by texting DELUSION to 24587 or emailing info@lauragallier.com with DELUSION in the subject line. For media requests or to arrange an interview with Laura Gallier (@Laura Gallier), contact alysssaanderson@tyndale.com.

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Hope – The Next Exit 

It sure feels hopeless at these times of transition in America. Well, maybe transition or maybe more of the same thing leading to worse things. I can’t even watch the news without getting a rise in my blood pressure. I think many Americans are feeling the same way. Hopeless!

 Last night I went to the movie “Revive Us” by Kirk Cameron. It was basically a live interactive family meeting held across many movie theaters in the US. 

The purpose was to call Christians together to do three things. 



Twenty five million evangelicals who are registered to vote DID NOT vote the last election. That election candidate won by five million votes. 

Shame on us!! 
We can’t complain about what is going on all around us if we don’t exercise our right to vote. It’s a privilege and right that was paid for by Americans who fought for the freedoms in our country. We take for granted our rights and freedoms in America. 

The meeting was a great reminder for us all to go out and vote. It’s up to us Christians to get out of our little church box and go affect our culture by voting for the candidate that will protect our rights and beliefs. I was also reminded our hope is not in this world but in Christ. That doesn’t give us a pass to sit back and not be proactive in our communities. 

Let’s remember that we are not voting for a pastor or a perfect person with a perfect record. 

I’m not sure they can be found. 

Ben Carson was asked in the Revive Us meeting the question, “How do you vote for the lesser of two evils in this election?”. He reminded us that everyday we make choices that involve this concept. He gave us the scenario:

What if you had the choice between having both your legs cut off or having an irritating paper cut? The choice is quite simple. So is the candidate choice. Look at the effects of the impact. Which one will bring the most damage and loss of mobility to allow you to walk out your Christian beliefs. 

The national “family meeting” brought me hope at the next exit. We have an opportunity to impact what happens by exercising that right to vote and getting involved with helping others to pray, think and vote. 
I encourage you to take a friend and go see the Encore on Monday, October 24th at a theater near you. 

There is hope at the next exit. 
We just have to put our turn signal on and take it.

Exit now,

Kelley Allison


More information on the movie 

and My Faith Votes ✅

Oh So Priceless 

I was out and about and stumbled upon this song. I had never heard it before and was suddenly hooked! 

King & Country – Priceless 

These are just some of the lyrics from the song above on the slides. 

In researching the song I found that it is from an upcoming movie “Priceless”.

It looks like a great movie! 
See the Movie Teaser Here

And A Movie Interview with singer Here

I can’t wait to go see the movie! 

Enjoy this weeks Song Sunday

~XXOO Michelle Bollom 



I don’t mince words, but I do believe in a grace-filled delivery. That’s because the Lord has shown such extreme grace to me.
While I am so very blessed to have such a sweet family; life has not always been so abundant. As a teenager and young adult, I was clueless about God, specifically His plan for sexuality and relationships. As a result, I became sexually active as a young teen and suffered the baggage that goes along with that lifestyle.
At 20 years old, I experienced an unplanned pregnancy, followed by a rushed marriage and painful divorce. As a single mom at 22 years of age, I finally realized something: God is a loving, forgiving God, and His commandments and standards are for my protection – and yours.
Now married to the love of my life and with an imperfect but precious family, I am devoted to helping others see the beauty in biblical instructions and realities. This includes God’s plan for sexuality and family as well the daily challenges and thrills of living a life of faith.
My passion for speaking began in 2001 while serving alongside my husband in student ministry. In 2009, I authored a parent book, Choosing to Wait, followed by a companion book for teens, Why Wait?, and soon began availing my materials and presentations to local churches and organizations. Since that time . . .
I have facilitated over 100 presentations, and in many cases, served as the keynote speaker.
I have spoken at churches of varying denominations such as Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, and community churches. I have also spoken in a variety of school settings, including private and public schools, and made presentations at community gatherings such as PTA meetings and pregnancy help centers.
I have appeared as a guest multiple times on the 700 Clubtelevision show and also on Pure Passion TV. I have been featured on numerous radio shows, including Houston’s KSBJ radio station, and my articles have appeared in periodicals such as Focus On the Family’s Thriving Magazine.
All that said, I love Jesus, love people, and welcome opportunities to serve others with the gifts and passions God has given me.
~ Blessings to you, Laura Gallier

Laura Gallier is a seasoned speaker and author known for her insightful presentations and resources on the topic of sex-related values and romantic relationships. She also addresses broader issues surrounding the faith-filled life and is passionate about providing down-to-earth explanations for some of the most frequently misunderstood notions about God and the Christian life.
Laura recently ventured beyond the world of non-fiction and released a riveting new novel, The Delusion. Plans are underway to bring the thrilling story to the big screen!
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