Pass It On 


The month that has everyone listing all their Thankful items each day all over social media.   

I continuously practice this already.   I have kept a Thankful Gratitude journal daily for the last 5 years, so I never saw the point in formally declaring it. 
This year I decided why not? 

My church River Of Praise is doing #ROPisThankful to encourage members to participate. I am doing mine on Twitter and it automatically also goes on my Facebook page.  

You can see mine on @Bollom on Twitter. 

I have to say, it is quite fun doing this. I also enjoy reading others and I think it helps people get into an attitude of gratitude.    
I hope people will continue it long after November is over and make it a daily part of their lives. 

Today’s verse is: 
God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings. ~ 1 Peter 4:10 

So yes, just another confirmation that we do need to Pass It On! 
Declare your gratitude publically letting the world know what blessings you are thankful for. 

Pass on to others God’s many kinds of blessings. 

And while we are passing those on to others, how about we throw in our love, our prayers, our help, our genuine appreciation, our forgiveness, our kindness, and make not only that attitude of gratitude contagious, but all the other things too. 

Tell us what you are Thankful for and be sure to pass it on! 

P.S. I am thankful for each and every one of you that follow our blog! 


                    ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 



Walking on water,
You call me by name.
You call me out
From the shelter of comfort
And ask me to release all fear.
I walk to the ladder leading to the unknown and begin to climb.
Ahead, I see the platform…the bridge to the destiny prepared for me.
I approach the final rung, and I step onto the springboard.
The winds grab hold of the water
Mocking me with a rising wave,
And I lose sight of You…for a moment.
I cautiously move forward,
My heart racing to beat with Yours.
As I come to the point of trust,
My toes grip the edge of the plank,
And my arms stiffen with an attempt to retreat.
You see the physical wrath upon me,
Yet, You continue to call me out
From under the protection of my own shell.
You hear the cries of my heart
Betraying the screams of my body.
You open Your arms, stretch out Your hands, and speak…
The wind and the waves
Know Your voice
And obey.
At that very moment of peace, my eyes close, and I
Into the unfamiliar.
Into the uncomfortable.
Into the unknown.
Into the safety net
Only You provide.
Walking on water,
You call me by name.
You carry me across the raging sea.
You bring me to places I’d never go alone.
You call me out, and You are there.

– Stephanie Gable

Earth Day 2015 Event 

 Edit   Come join us as we will head out to Pray, Encourage, Give and Serve people in our community.  

Wear red and come spread the love with us! 
Can’t join us in person- join us from all over the world by using the (#) hashtag
 #BringHeaven2EarthDay2015 , on all Social Media sites for your pictures or posts of praying, encouraging, giving back, or serving others in your own community! 
If you live in the Houston TX area- come meet us here:
                On 4/22/15
10 am – Cafe Marrese 
What does spreading the “Love” look like? Buy a coffee, a meal, or groceries for someone. Pass out $ with an encouraging note. Pray for someone. Visit a nursing home, a hospital, a shopping mall, a grocery store, or a street corner and engage with someone and really listen to their story. Rake or mow someone’s yard. Take someone a meal. Flash your pearly whites and give someone a smile, a compliment, a word of encouragement. Get Creative!  
XXOO Michelle Bollom 



One Direction Wonder

Who can you be seen hooting and hollering for like a crazy fan?
A football game with your favorite player making a touchdown? A sold out concert where you get caught up in the music and feel as if you personally know each band member. Only because you follow their every teeny tiny move on Instagram and Twitter. You know they are looking right at you when the camera shows a close up of their nostrils!! What rises up in us to devote such extreme passion and excitement that we scream and holler. Sometimes even shake, rattle and roll because we are so overwhelmed with emotions that we can’t even control ourselves. We don’t care who sees or hears us!! We have all seen a football dude all colored in paint with their team colors running up and down the field cheering. It’s possible a cheese planted on his head!!
There is something in all of us that moves us to follow and cheer for a team, group, cause, or rock n roll band. I guess it depends on where you put your time, energy and focus.
What would it take for thousands of people to rise up and cheer for a cause that really makes a difference?

I know! I know!!✋✋

An ice bucket challenge that goes viral and raises millions of dollars for a cause that heightens awareness for a devastating disease.
A movement that started with one move. One person who got an inspired brilliant idea!!
An ALS victim is understood and heard.

Evidently One Direction Band is saving peoples life’s according to the sign behind me.

There’s got to be more than this? Is it all smoke and mirrors!!
What’s really being reflected?

God help us to step into the cause and destiny that You have planned for each and everyone of us!!
One Direction pointing up that involves saving people’s lives breaking off one chain at time.

BTW, I can multitask. I can write even when surrounded by screams, shakes, and loud music.
And thanks to the 1D boys I know that I am beautiful!!
Thanks guys!!

Light On,
Kelley Allison