A Stumbling Man 

I rather be a stumbling man who is desperately in need of God’s grace and tender mercies every moment of everyday. 

A man who is beyond clingy to The Gospel of Christ and the person of Christ. 

A man who can not take a step without first kneeling and crying out from the depths of myself to Him for guidance and strength knowing apart from Him I can do nothing and I am nothing.

I rather be a poor man in your eyes than to be a successful Christian man to the worlds standards. Rather than a man who is deceived by his good works and his self righteousness. 

I rather be a man who spends countless hours in the word a still lacks wisdom and understanding. Rather than a man whose only knowledge and wisdom come from a watered down gospel from a church that is only interested in numbers and not teaching the love of the Father and the conformity to His beloved son Christ Jesus. 

I rather be a broke man that is abundant in hope and rich in love. A man who clothes his family in unwavering love and feeds them the true bread of The Gospel rather a man who clothes his family in expensive trends and false comforts of this world. 

I rather be a desperate man, a clingy man, and broke man that loves as He has loved and strives to conform to the very image of Christ Jesus our Lord and savior.

I rather be a Son that is madly in love with His Father and knows Him intimately rather than be a man that works his way to heaven and hears Jesus’ voice say “depart from me, I never knew you.”

                   ~ Thomas Joel Trevino 



Presenting ourselves 
Framed and flowery
Living our lives…
Concealing reality
Disguising the truth
We play our roles
Instead of releasing the tears
Hidden behind
Our pompous mask
We camouflage 
We make believe 
We camouflage 
Remain deceived 
Covering up
The flaws we loathe 
Painting over
The scars and holes
In our minds
And in our souls 
We camouflage 
Our hearts and hopes
Existence in pretense
Land of denial
Betraying ourselves
Refusing to acknowledge 
Deception disabling
Our very portrayal
Our reflection unable
To mirror
Any image to exemplify
Therefore, we camouflage 
Salvaging the pain
We try to exclude
Ourselves from any truth
The vulnerability 
We entertain
Decorating and adorning
Instead of offering
The beating heart
We hide within
The camouflage 
Just who we are
With human frailties 
Committing sin
Against ourselves
By always
To be someone else.

❤️Krystal Lynne