Restoration Stories – Gina Guy Warren

When I was a young girl, I remember my father beating me so badly with one arm on the steering wheel and the other smashing into my chest in the passenger seat of the car. Apparently the car was swerving, so a police officer pulled us over. He asked if all was ok, and I attempted to speak as loudly as i could with my eyes. I needed help but the officer was won over by my fathers poised response. He had a rebellious daughter and he was handling it.

This was my everyday growing up. Two parents who didn’t know how to handle their daughter who was crying out from sexual abuse of another Christian, church going family member, but no one heard the cry nor did anyone want to get involved. All family members knew, and were also aware of the radical physical abuse I would receive once in the four walls of my home.

I married at 22 years old to a man 15 years older. I married my father without even realizing it. Because I never healed from my abuse before getting married, I entered into the same spirit that abused me. I never felt safe within the marriage of a porn addicted Pastor, who inwardly hated me, but I remained faithful as a Christian woman and fought the spiritual fight for 16 years.

My Pain drove me to Jesus literally every hour. I grew, saw Jesus face to face and received my healing all while in this marriage. I faced my accuser which cost me my entire family. Each one, including my brothers and my own parents never spoke to me again nor ever met my daughters. The Cost was great, the healing divine, and the voice of the Groom spoke to this bride daily. A real God, with Real Hope.

It was not easy working through it all and breaking EVERY soul tie I bound myself to but while i was single for 8 years, But i did the work because I KNEW there was a man on this planet for me because I saw HIM in the eyes and heart of Jesus everyday in my prayer closet. (My ex was ordained as a pastor, went from church to church tearing me down, then died of cancer. I moved him into My home 4 years after we divorced to care for him during hospice. It’s what Jesus would do. LOVE unselfishly. He ended up accusing me of attempted murder of which never was I charged. Allegations dismissed)

I Rarely EVER tell any of my stories of which this is only ONE.


Some may find this to be an odd way to celebrate but oh, to the contrary.

May whoever reads this Brief glimpse of my story be filled with HOPE. Facing our pain and effects of trauma and abuse will never be pleasant…ever. But the rewards are beyond what you can imagine

All those years I sought the face of God. Not His hands but His face. He told me there would come a man who was pure. Nothing like the men who protected me not, even in the church they turned a blind eye. But God.

He sent me Brian Warren . Pure. Fearless. Honorable. One worthy to be called husband, Pastor, Protector. God healed my broken soul ( mind will emotions) and when the healing came in full, Brian arrived.

I want everyone to know your pain has purpose. I know God is restoring the Faith and the Body of His beloved Bride. Whatever has been stolen from you, 100fold return is in your future. It may require you to face that which is painful, many will leave and not believe you, expose evil, and make decisions that are out of your comfort zone.

Never tolerate mediocrity! Don’t live with an OK marriage. Do something about it! Pray. Focus. Love until you have nothing more to Give! God will remove your abusers or Heal and Restore! Just don’t stay the same. It’s dangerous! He’s the Bride of restoration. He will heal and restore every broken relationship. If they choose Not, just choose Jesus. Keep your focus. You and Him!

I’m a LIVING, whole and Healed testimony that True love exists. Fairytales do exists. Don’t become bitter ladies. Rise up out of the ashes. Look what God can do!

I’m in Love. I’m at Peace. I am whole. When you find this place in God, LOVE finds you.

I’ve been found. I love you Brian Mrunbreakable Warren ❤️❤️. You’re a GOOD man. A true Leader. An example to all men and women. To the Church!! You’re hope to the hopeless. Defender of the weak. I thank God for the 3 years this far. Together we overcome what many marriages wouldn’t and don’t survive because we are ONE and God Himself joined us. It’s impossible to tear apart what God put together. What soul ties, sex and flesh put together, it can and will be torn apart. What GOD joins cannot be broken. He is able to keep what He joins.

Hope Hope Hope. Believe for the best. You are God’s best! You are a reflection of Him! To deny you would be to deny Himself. Impossible.

May Love find you this year in ALL your relationships. First may the marriage reflect how Jesus feels about His church! He’s come to heal! Oh won’t He do it! If He did it for The WARrens, He will do it for you!

~Gina Guy Warren

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The Canvas Of My Life 

Despite my unstable childhood, like most little girls I remember the early arousal of maternal instincts kicking in. I wanted to be a mommy. I wanted to cook, clean, and care for my family. Many summer days I remember setting up house in the front yard, caring for my doll, who was of course a girl! I hand washed her clothes, hung them on the clothes line, and prepared pretend bottles. What bliss! What a joyous time of innocence and pretend!

As life unfolded before me, I never lost that feeling. Although I was no Einstein, I knew I was relatively smart and could do just about anything I wanted to do; but being a wife and mom was my first goal and eventually turned into my first ministry.

I write to you today, not as a young mother with little babies, blissfully happy in my career choice. I humbly come to you as a veteran. I’m closing in on half a century in age and 30 years and counting on mom duty. This journey has taken me to the heights and depths of my greatest accomplishments and worst fears. You would think by now I’d have all this figured out. Well, on the raising, I’m still getting there. On the growing, I’ve got a long way to go.

As I was praying while I lay in bed tonight, I talked to God about my fears and short comings. I wondered, after being in the work force again, if I was supposed to be at home, solely a wife and mom. How could I feel this way after all the growth and many, many miles He had brought me through?  

I saw before me a bright white painting canvas. I saw the vibrant and beautiful colors my first 3 boys stroked across the center of the surface; the bright yellows, orange, red and blue! A new beginning, a new generation of upbringing, traditions, and way of raising. Oh yes! This was my goal. To break the curse and raise strong, God fearing, happy children!  

Suddenly the palm of divorce smeared across my beautiful canvas. No! No! My vibrant yellow was rudely mixed with my brilliant orange, and the red and blue bled into all the colors, leaving, mixing, swirling, the beauty together until they left an ugly brownish, black stain across the center of my canvas. 

My painting is ruined. It will never be beautiful again. 

I worked, I provided. I attempted to add color by keeping those glorious traditions and ways of raising. But atop the brownish, black smear, the colors lacked brilliance. Little by little a few bright spots were added. Watching my first-born dive into the Word, mature and become a man, produced some yellow. A splash of blue, a spot of red, a hint of orange as I’ve seen my second son grow with his joyous heart and many talents. A hint of purple and yellow to see my third boy love life and perservere. Still on the outer surface, just at the edges, were the reminders of brownish, black.

Then I had my baby boy, Sam. Brilliant white were those outer edges! Stevie’s yellow shined beautifully! Nathan’s array of colors, so vivid! My Jonathon’s starbursts of purple and yellow shined like the sun! With all the experience, growth, and maturity, I just knew my painting was going to come out absolutely perfect, as the Master had planned it!

I diligently prayed and worked day and night to avoid any miss-strokes. If I made a mistake, meticulously I corrected, being sure to do it just as the Master instructed. This time, THIS time, my canvas would be to His liking. I just knew it would come out beautiful and pleasing to Him! 

Another 12 years, another divorce. I prayed, I worked, I provided, but I dared not to look at my canvas. I dared not. No. I cannot bear to see another black smear. To start all over, to recreate. All those years. My heart and courage could not bare it. 

That is where I have been for months. I refused to look. Tonight, in my doubt and fear, God raised the veil. He made me look. He forced me to see. I argued. I didn’t want to see. In submission and obedience, I sat, as He held His hand on the tarp, ready for the unveiling. My heart raced, and sank, and raced some more as He slowly lifted. 

I closed my eyes.

“Open, look what you’ve created,” He said.

Tears filled my eyes as I gazed upon my canvas. No brownish, black. “Where is it?’ I wondered. This is not my canvas. All I saw was beauty. But divorce, hardship! Where are they? This can’t be! Surely, I’ve left a mark, a blemish, a smudge, somewhere!

I asked the Master, “Why is there no blemish?”

He replied, “Because you allowed Me to make the strokes.”

Perhaps it’s best to do as the Master instructs. I will remain at home, doing what I’m doing. I did notice there was still a lot of white space on that canvas.

~ Sandra K. Andrews 

Restoration Stories – Jules M 

Divorce was one of those things that was never going to happen to me…like NEVER in a million years. And if someone had told me that I would be on my own as a single mum for 10 years, I would have said…no way, not a chance, not going to happen!

This was not meant to be my story.

I met my husband when I was 22 while we were both working for the same church. I had purposefully not dated and had “waited for the right one”, played by the rules and ticked all the boxes, naively thinking that this would somehow guarantee me a blessed, happy, life-long marriage. Don’t get me wrong, I in no way regret any of the choices I made, but my faith was in my own goodness (which was actually self-righteousness!) not in God’s goodness…which I was soon to experience in so many ways.

After six years of marriage and two beautiful boys, my husband had met someone else and would ultimately leave me for her. When it all came to light, our marriage was over almost immediately. In the months leading up to this, there were signs. I knew deep down something was very wrong and that our marriage was in grave trouble. I didn’t know what was happening but I just remember desperately praying, “GOD YOU HAVE TO FIX THIS!!” I never would have imagined He would instead allow it to finish.

I remember sitting in church alone, feeling heartbroken and confused, and felt God tell me that our marriage would soon be over…NO.GOD.NO!!! My heart knew it to be true but my head couldn’t accept or even imagine it. I was filled with shame and fear…a failed marriage…how could I face people?! The thought of our beautiful children, only 2 years and 6 months old, not growing up in a whole family, not having their dad walk through the door at night or being there for every milestone was the most devastating part of all. Every ideal about marriage and family I’d held so dearly was crumbling away.

It was just a few weeks later I found “that text” and our marriage was suddenly over. Yet through all the pain, hurt and confusion was an underlying peace and calm I could not explain. What at first seemed like my worst nightmare come true became the beginning of a journey from brokenness to wholeness and in trusting God like I’d never had to before.
A Path of Peace…
When my marriage ended, I felt like my world had been turned upside down. Everything was so uncertain, emotions were incredibly raw, and insecurities were at an all-time high…it was a little fight or flight…and it could have gone either way. Yet, in those early moments and days, amongst the shock and devastation, I felt a definite sense that God was calling me to walk the narrow path…a path of peace…which meant taking the high road and doing the right thing before God, even when I didn’t want to.

By choosing to obey and walk that path of peace, I saw God do incredible things for me and my boys and bring the best out of a not so good situation. I was able to navigate a peaceful and amicable relationship with my ex-husband which we still have today and I’m so grateful for. If I’d gone up against him, wanting to make him pay and get my vengeance, it could have been a very different story and very ugly for all involved. God’s ways are so much higher and better than ours!

Keep your Heart Right…

I also knew that, regardless of what had happened, I needed to keep my heart right. I had to fully forgive my husband. As a Christian who’d grown up in a loving home and in church my whole life hearing many a word about forgiveness…I couldn’t really pretend I didn’t know any better! As much as I would have liked to have justified and indulged myself in feeling angry and vindictive out of my pain and brokenness, here’s what I quickly realised – if I was going to call myself a Christian…I had to act like one! If I wanted God to make me whole and bless my life, then I had no choice but to forgive.

When we intentionally forgive the person who hurt us, we’re allowing God to bring the best out in us and keep our hearts and lives flowing with goodness, grace and blessing. Likewise, when we don’t forgive, we will find bitterness, resentment and vengefulness taking hold of our heart and then flowing into and toxifying our lives.

Through my divorce and the years to follow I would pray and bless my ex-husband and his partner. It’s actually really hard to hold a grudge against people that you’re praying for and asking God to bless because God literally changes your heart towards them. Trust me, there were some days I may have prayed a blessing through gritted teeth haha! But seriously, doing this totally kept my heart on track.

It’s been quite a journey and through it all I’ve seen the goodness, faithful, kindness, protection, provision and favour of God over myself and my boys time and time again. Yes, there’s been plenty of hard times but through it all God has always been with us. I am now re-married after 10 years on my own and have been blessed with a loving (gorgeous!), godly husband and 3 more amazing kids. But the journey doesn’t end there as happily ever after…re-marriage and blending a family is a whole new level of trials and navigating through challenges – fun and games!

I pray you’ll be encouraged by my story and know that in God there is ALWAYS hope, no matter what comes our way. God promises us Jeremiah 29:11 that He has a future and a hope for us…and He is always true to His Word.

I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him. 

              ~ Psalm 40:1-3 

Be blessed!
Jules M

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Through The Eyes Of Love 

Take a pair of sunglasses and put them on and look at everything you do through the eyes of love. ~Emery Horvath                                                                      

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. ~1 Peter 4:8 

It’s hard to see hate when looking through love

It’s hard to see bad when looking through love

It’s hard to see lack when looking through love

It’s hard to see resentments when looking through love

It’s hard to see unforgiveness when looking through love 

It’s hard to see offense when looking through love 


Lord, may we start to clearly see love in everything and everyone instead of the smudges of our hurts, problems, emotions, opinions, offenses and flesh; which only divide us and distort our views. 

           ~XXOO Michelle Bollom

Don’t Miss The Signs 

Sometimes we can miss the subtlest of signs laid out in front of us designed to help us take the right path God is laying out before us.  

Be encouraged that regardless what detour you may have taken- you can always get back on the right road to redemption, restoration and wholeness with God.  

He always provides a way out when we seek Him! 

Enjoy this archive post ” I Saw The Sign” by Kelley Allison Here now.

Just Once 


Just this once tell me you’re sorry
Just this time speak my name
With care and tenderness
Softly as if the sound was too precious to hear
I always forgive you even without your asking
Just this once I need the effort made
You picking up the pieces
Your careless words cannot erase
Breaking my trust again so casually
Just this once I need your love
Wrapping your apology around my tender heart
So that the pain will not be able 
To change my memories
Thoughtlessness invading our privacy
Your stubborn silence stealing our intimacy
Just because you’ve turned your back
Just because it’s over
Just because tears stream
Faster than the moments 
Disappearing into years
Just put aside your pride
Tell me that you love me
Try to understand
I’m only human
Not your burnt offering
Just once
Just tonight
Just for life
Treat me as your woman
Not the enemy you seem to see
Just try
Just smile
Just for me
Just once please

          ~❤️Krystal Lynne 

Restoring Hope (even now) 

I loved this blog! I know you will enjoy.  

Every year is a year of Restoration!

               ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

I firmly believe this is a year of restoration… I may not understand everything (and probably won’t) but Papa is a restoring God. Those hopes that have been differed in my own life and yours have been heard. Those sleepless nights where it seems everyone else is having their desires met have not gone unnoticed. […]

Growing Love 

When I got married, I didn’t think that I could love my husband any more than I did.

 I have found this to not be true! 

I actually love my husband more today than I did back then.

We read in the book of Galatians chapter 5 about the fruit of the Spirit. (Verses 22-23). 

What does fruit do? 

It grows! 

We can cause our love to grow by practicing or cultivating it.

I shared this with my husband and we have been practicing acts of love ever since. 

He opens the car door for me (8 times out of 10), he surprises me by doing the laundry,  I walk out to greet him when he comes home from fishing or work; these are just a few acts of love we practice.

We try to give each other the best gifts that we can. We thank God for each other and pray for each other. We say, “I love you!!”  many times through out the day.

Our marriage isn’t perfect but it sure gets better and better! 


Another thing I do is read the Love chapter in 1 Cor. 13:4-8. 

I replace the word Love with my name.

Try it:
 _______endures with patience and serenity, _____ is kind and thoughtful, and is not jealous or envious; ______does not brag and is not proud or arrogant. ______is not rude; is not self-seeking, is not provoked nor overly sensitive and easily angered; ______does not take into account a wrong endured. _______does not rejoice at injustice, but rejoices with the truth when right and truth prevail. ________bears all things regardless of what comes, believes all things looking for the best in each one, hopes all things remaining steadfast during difficult times, endures all things without weakening. ______never fails; never fades nor ends.

                     ~1 Corinthians 13:4-8 AMP 

 I encourage you to ask God to show you how you can cultivate and practice love towards your spouse and family and friends. I truly believe that if I can do it, anybody can do it!

God desires that we walk in love and show love towards each other. (John 13:34). 

                         In God’s love

                            Tracy Mason

Restoration Stories – Glenn Gibson 

Well, I was baptized at 11 or 12 at Summer Camp. I remember daddy drove me 20-30 minutes every week to that youth meeting. Thinking back, the Lord used Wendy Hester – a Pastor’s daughter to lure me into church and a relationship with Him.  

I invited God to come along with me on my journey through life. And I liked God – and He was good to me. Over time I learned the ‘cause and effect’ of prayer and how God answered them. I prayed for things – grades, cars, jobs, etc… I once prayed for a new(er) Ford Ranger, blue, with cool mag wheels. It’s funny looking back, I remember the prayers. A week or so later I found and bought the exact truck that I saw when I prayed. My prayer life, and my walk with God took a pivitol turn when my daddy got cancer. I prayed for a loved one and my prayers came with tears. Again God was faithful in answering my prayers. The cancer went into remission for a year and a half. I thanked and praised God for daddy’s healing. The year and a half went by quick. It came back in his bone marrow and I remember I was on the hospital floor, cold and hard, with Nell and daddy unconscious in bed. I prayed the toughest prayer – to this day. I prayed for God to heal him again or take him home I could not bear to watch him suffer any more. That was about 10pm. About 10:45 he was gone. He was 55.

I went along my twenty’s and thirties working, playing, trying to be a good person, always open to God and inviting him into business ventures and my first home in Austin. I was a sinner living with an awareness and fondness for God. He was a faithful provider for me during those years but my heart was longing for something more – bigger. I must have prayed for 15 years for a wife. Not any wife but the right one. After much prayer I kinda got the feeling I would meet her in church. It was a recurring thought – God would give me a good woman if I started going to church again. I ignored that feeling.
I went on 15 dates from a dating site – 15 separate dead end lunch dates. The last one was a nice girl and she introduced me to Gateway Church. I liked it. Good music, comfy seats, lots of singles. I got to know the little church before and after it built and moved and became a pretty large church. I am last in and first out on Sundays. Skipping a lot of the singing and whatnot.

I went to that church for years and I prayed for her for years and one day I kinda hear “no Son, you have to get INVOLVED IN CHURCH. So I did. I served in just about every volunteer spot they had. From stacking chairs to playing with kids to the food pantry, etc… I prayed “what’s next Lord” and “Is this all” prayers.
One day I hear an announcement for a mission trip ….. nothing. Then they said “Mission trip to Reynosa” and It was as if the Lord took off his glove, slapped my face and challenged me to go. I thought what can I do for Mexico Lord? And He showed me that beautiful little dirty faced girl selling Chicle on the bridge. Yea I knew Reynosa, we went there numerous times to party and stock our bar with cheap liquor. I remember the little monkey at the bar closest to the border. That little girls face – it was real – it was vivid – even today. I went and signed up and put down a $50 deposit – God knows me. 

The trips was a few months away and I soon found out that the trip was led by a Jewish guy. A Messianic Jewish guy from New Orleans. A Cajun Rabbi – I thought “that’s not gonna work”. The very moment I thought about backing out – I remembered the deposit. Shoot, I aint walking away from $50. So I went to every meeting and did the prayer and preparation guide. The book was “The Art of Listening Prayer” by Seth Barnes – I don’t know how I remember that. I learned, for the first time, to listen for God’s response when I pray. To be quiet and still and wait on him. That did not come natural or quickly, but over time it revolutionized my prayer life and deepened my faith and trust in God. Imagine, having a conversation, asking a question or for directions and then waiting for him to answer you. It was a new concept to me.

The first full day of the mission and we began by praying asking what God wanted each of us to do today. There were 5 choices. I prayed and wrote down ‘orphanage’. I never gave God a chance to tell me what he wanted. The Rabbi was cool but he called me out on that. “NO, you’re supposed to be in the prayer room today”. WHAT? I remember actually cussing. The prayer room your had to sit in a hot room (mex in aug) and pray for all the other teams that were out having fun? I was bummed. We had names, what the teams were doing, contacts, and we were told to write down whatever we saw, felt or heard.
I guess about an hour into it something happened. We began to see things like “red string”, “viscious dog”, “yellow striped shirt”, and other unexplainable things. We wrote it all down. Then the Holy Spirit dropped in the room and we were overwhelmed by the love of God. Grown men wept like babies – myself included. I can’t explain in any other way but the presence of God was so strong we could feel it – and it felt like this great love for me – and the others in that room – and the teams out in the city – and the ones we were there to visit.  
The really cool part comes that night at the ‘debrief’. The prayer team went last and as each team described what they were doing it was dotted with all the things we saw and wrote down.  

These ‘coincidences’ came so often that we started calling them “Christ-incidences”. One of the guys was out at a youth prison looking for someone in a yellow striped shirt. None of the boys did, none of the guards did either. As they all got back in the van ready to go a man walks outside in a yellow striped shirt. The van stops, they go back and visit with the facility doctor, in a yellow striped shirt. They lead him to the Lord. The Lord sewed that seed into a man in a position to share it with every one of those young men. Story after story, I was changed forever on day 1.

I got back from that mission trip and signed up for the next one leaving in 2 weeks. Over the next 5 years I would average 4-5 weeks in short term missions each year. I loved watching God work so much I told him one day that if I was just to be a single guy doing mission trips I would be fine without a wife – and I surrendered my search to Him for the last time.   

I visited Mexico, Choctaw Indians in Miss, New Orleans after Katrina, Israel – twice. It was good. I learned sometimes a NO is not a NO it’s just a Not Now. His favor was on my life.
Then, since I had quit looking, I met my beloved wife at a church event – she was on the prayer team. We laugh at that still today. I fell in love with her after signing up for a bible study she was co leading on Song of Solomon. And that was the first time scripture turned me on – literally.

I went from 47, never married, no kids to 48 married with 3 adult kids to 49 with a newborn. My Son is 4 now. God has a sense of humor. We moved to a smaller community church near our home and we have been there on the prayer team, on the welcome team, in the kids classes. Serving where we can, when we can with the gifts He’s given us. I got to help introduce our church to Community First Village, a master planned development of tiny homes and trailers for the homeless. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen God do – to have the community join with the church, approved by the city, to build housing and a family neighborhood for ‘the least of these’. It will get 20 – 25% of the chronically homeless off the street in Austin. 

Our little church is growing, the missions ministry is growing, the childrens ministry, new youth Pastor, life is good. In the world, as the dark gets darker the Light gets Lighter. More and more I see how God is working. I wonder if you see Him working in, around and through you?

I got to read my latest poem “Real Power” to my church last night – that was a gift. I will share with you in parting.  
                        ~Glenn Gibson

Real Power
Trying to see things from my spiritual being I look deep inside my heart cause that’s the best place to start. What I find eyes open wide scares me little you must know, I take it wherever I go. I’m a sinner. But the Lord ransomed me, you see, so I could be the best me I can be. He’s got a purpose for a man with love and light in his hand trying to live his life out to honor Father God. IT’S NOT ODD, I repeat it is not odd, to see a man flaws scars and all standing only to fall , with sins new and old yet increasingly bold to shout out the name of the one thing in life I know to be true. Jesus is alive inside me and you too. Things have never been the same in my heart or in my brain. When I found Him it changed everything. I surrendered to my heavenly King. Now I am alive and in love with Yahweh above and His Son and His spirit of love hope and peace. He’s helping me be the best me for Him I can be. The power of one being alive for the King used to be the most powerful thing I had ever seen in this heavenly kingdom on earth. From God I draw my worth.  

Then I met Yadi – my special Potadi and God showed me again how He’s always had a plan that was bigger than one man — to be the best me for Him I can be – I needed her. Two hearts moving for Him is the real win – win -win and now the newest most powerful thing in the Kingdom I’ve ever seen. Until we had a son. And the Lord showed me I needed Family to be the best me for Him I can be. A whole family sold out, standing firm with no doubt that the God of Israel … is REAL. Jesus is REAL. The Holy Spirit is a person and He is REAL. The same Holy Spirit that rolled back the stone and raised up our King, to whom we praise worship and sing. He works through our lives – ALL of our children, husbands and wives. So see, to be the best me I can be for the one true King I need the Holy Spirit of Truth Grace and Love. Not mine but His up above with my wife and my son all as one – That’s the most powerful thing in this heavenly ring that I’ve ever seen.  

But then there is you – what do we do when our families both serve our big God above? With all of our labor and love. You are right over there, not too far and I swear, that we can run stronger together – through both sunny and stormy weather. How the Kingdom expands as we walk hand in hand in God’s spirit and plan. THAT is the most powerful thing in the Kingdom I’ve seen and it makes my heart swing to look at all of you knowing you know our Christ as King too. Now what are we to do? It seems God greatest plan, His might and power at hand, may be for us to work together to bring love and hope to the lost. To love full out no matter what it may cost. Maybe, you see, for me to be the best me for Him I can be I need you.

Maybe we need each other, brother to brother to bring Christ’s light and hope and love into the world. No matter how bad it looks out there or how hard the darkness scares – God wins in the end, of this my heart is sure my friend. With or without us He wins, there’s no way around it we can flee, watch or surround it – mark God’s word the darkness will fall.  

It’s the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Y’all. That’s all! The most powerful thing in the Kingdom I’ve seen is community and family working together, digging Spiritual treasure; it’s life in the spirit all for one. We’re invincible with the blood of Gods Son. And there is so much that needs to be done. That’s how the Lord wins in the end. We all, GO, Pray, and Send. We’re all part of His adventure and plan. That’s my heart and my hope, understand?


Happy Ever After

for Yadi and Glenn 


Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? …

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”