The Best Beauty Regimen 

Don’t look to the world’s standards on beauty. 

Let God be your best beauty regimen

Look to Him always as your mirror. 

 Let God paint your lips with His word, your eyes with the ability to see the best in others, your cheeks with the rosy glow of love and joy.  

Let God cover your imperfections and insecurities with His grace and mercy. 

Nothing makes you more beautiful than His Holy Spirit alive within you radiating out to others.         

                        ~ #LiveRestored 

                          XXOO Michelle Bollom 
Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in. ~1 Peter 3:4 MSG 

13 Destructive Mindsets That Will Stifle Your Growth in 2016


This is a great list and a great blog to check out!  I hope you are off to a wonderful start in 2016.   XXOO Michelle Bollom
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I want you to be determined and resolute in your mind that 2016 is going to be your Year of Growth.  I want you to visualize in your mind the goals you want to achieve.  I want you to feel the success.   I want you to feel the emotion of being scared.  I want […]

Better Than Lipstick 

I am not a lipstick wearer. Very rarely do I pull out the lipstick. I am more of a Chapstick or tinted lip balm kind of girlie. I used to have an obsession with having to have it everywhere and constantly putting it on my lips. 

My sister says a funny phrase 

“A little lipstick and paint will make a woman what she ain’t.”

Although I love that phrase, there is only One thing that can do that plus many more amazing things when it is on our lips… 


 You can never praise God enough.  

Praise is always better than lipstick. 
When you keep praise on your lips, your lips will not only be beautiful, your whole life will be transformed.  
Try it! 
Put it on today! 

No need to stress over color matching, it is always the perfect shade.  

                     ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

“Ever Be” Bethel 
Your love is devoted like a ring of solid gold 

Like a vow that is tested like a covenant of old 

Your love is enduring through the winter rain 

And beyond the horizon with mercy for today

Faithful You have been and faithful you will be

You pledge yourself to me and it’s why I sing

Your praise will ever be on my lips, ever be on my lips 

Your praise will ever be on my lips, ever be on my lips

You Father the orphan

Your kindness makes us whole

You shoulder our weakness

And Your strength becomes our own

You’re making me like you

Clothing me in white

Bringing beauty from ashes

For You will have Your bride
Free of all her guilt and rid of all her shame

And known by her true name and it’s why I sing

You will be praised You will be praised

With angels and saints we sing worthy are You Lord 

You will be praised You will be praised

With angels and saints we sing worthy are You Lord


Favorite Things


Kick off your New Year with these must have items and Beauty tips by Stephanie Wanic, former Miss Texas USA and Founder of God’s Beauty Secrets. Stephanie is sharing some of her “Favorite Things” with us today.

This is my list of beauty LOVES! I use most of these things quite a bit! Some of these may make you step out of your comfort zone, but just add one or two to enhance your own personal style or look. I just happen to love doing my hair and make-up and dressing up, but I realize it’s not needed every day. These staples are investments that I absolutely love though!!! Enjoy!

1) Red lips – I know you are seeing them everywhere, and you must give them a try. Ok, I have really big teeth, and a really big smile when I rock red, but even I have succumbed to the red lip pressure. I highly suggest you line your lips with a good red lip liner from Mac, Revlon Color Stay or a brand from Sephora. Then fill in with best shade of red for you. Only apply minimal gloss after if you’d like or else the color will bleed into the lines of your upper lips. You can rock this lip well into February for Valentine’s Day!

2) Self -Tanner – Okay, not all of us may be on board with sporting tan skin year round, but this Latina feels trimmer and loves the glow when I sport my self-tanner. My absolute favorite is the St. Tropez Tanning Mousse. Decide on the right shade for you, and make sure you exfoliate before trying and let it dry before putting your clothes on. I would apply one day before your special event or your desire to look more tan! I keep it on overnight and rinse in the morning. Make sure you have an honest girlfriend keep you in check to avoid getting too orange or too dark.

3) Luscious Lashes – You know how everyone is now selling the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes mascara? Ok, I love the stuff, but before I started using that, I was just rocking some over- the-counter goodies that you need to get your mitts on. First of all, you must buy an eyelash curler, and curl your lashes. Then, I use a combination of two mascaras, and you can buy both of these at Target or Wal-Mart. I first use the white end of the L’oreal Paris Double Extend Mascara. This works like the fibers and lengthens your lashes. Don’t freak out, it is WHITE! Then I use my Cover Girl Professional Mascara to seal the deal. I buy the Cover Girl Professional Mascara with the curved brush not the straight one. Then, I curl my lashes again, but practice this because you don’t want all your lashes clumped together. I don’t ever use the red end of the L’oreal Paris Mascara because it’s too clumpy on me.

4) Bronzer & Highlighter – Use in moderation girls! In fact, it will take me way too long to show you how to do this, so YouTube it. I follow Coach Glitter and signed up for her free emails on contouring application. She is amazing! You can also follow Lauren Curtis on YouTube. She suggests some amazing products that I love, but be mindful she is very young, so not all these products are going to work for all of us. My suggestion on bronzer is to use it on the bridge of your nose, right under the line of your cheeks (under where you would put your blush) and a bit on your forehead. I don’t purchase bronzer with glitter or sparkle anymore so I can use it this way. Please blend. Use highlighter on the bones under your eyes and the tip of your nose. Blend!

5) Statement Necklace – I love me a good statement necklace! It can make an outfit! When I say statement, I mean something chunky and noticeable. Ideally, you don’t want to have big earrings on with it, but to each it’s own. A statement necklace can dazzle up an outfit, and it makes me want to smile even more!! You can splurge and buy something from Kendra Scott, whom I LOVE. You can also find beautiful stuff at Charming Charlie’s or any department store.

6) Shimmer Shadows – Ok, be careful with these and choose wisely. You can get advice on what to purpose at Sephora. They are so helpful! I don’t use loose shimmer shadows anymore because they make a mess in my traveling Ziploc bag make up bag! Hee hee! I absolutely love Urban Decay’s shimmer shadows, and I made them into a compact of colors I love from Sephora. Best find ever!! These are the shimmer shadows I love, but there are tons of options: Polyester Bride, Moonflower, Busted and Space Cowboy.

7) Black fitted pants – Girls…we must all have a pair of fitted black pants that make us feel slim and trim no matter what size you are! When I say fitted, I don’t mean super tight all the way down and through the leg. I mean a pant that fits you properly. If you can, take a friend, daughter or your mother with you that will help you decide. It may take some time looking around, but it’s worth it because the right fit of a black pant coupled with a blouse, sweater or tunic can really make an outfit. Anytime I find a black pant I love, I buy it because I know it will serve a great purpose in my closet!

8) Dry Shampoo – I’ve tried at least three dry shampoo brands, and I know I have found my keeper. In fact, I was shopping a few weeks ago and a lady complimented me on how gorgeous my hair looked. I had to be honest and tell her it was super dirty! She couldn’t believe it when I told her how many days I had gone without actually washing it! I know that sounds a bit gross, but with my hair texture I need to refrain from washing daily. My hair curls better and actually has a little more volume when I use the KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray. Follow the directions though and spray the right distance away or else you will have a mess! Spray it, let it sit for just a bit, and then comb through from root to tip!

9) Make up setting Spray – Can I just say this stuff is AWESOME! Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (the Long-Lasting) formula is the! I spray this on in the morning, and it helps my makeup last all day. I can work-out, cry at Bible study, have allergies and make it through the Houston humidity with only needing a powder touch up most days! This stuff rocks! Follow the directions and blot just a bit after you have let it sit wet for a few seconds!

Let us know some of your Favorite Things in the comments below.

~Stephanie Wanic
God’s Beauty Secrets