You Are Somebody 

The world clamors and climbs, searches and does not find the way to be Somebody.  

There is never enough money, pleasure, or prominence to satisfy our hungry souls.  

We are either important because God says we’re important, or we are doomed to a long, fruitless, exhausting search in the desert for a sip of cool water – that moment when we discover who we are and whose we are.  

This earth was simply not meant to provide the answer to our aching need to be important to Somebody.

That’s it. We need a Somebody to tell us we’re Something. In our desperation, we will turn to Anybody, just to feel that we are Anything.  

We are terrified that we might be Nobody to Nobody.  

What if we could hear the owner of Everything tell us that we are Everything to him? How good would that feel? Would we dare to believe it? Could we hold on to that fleeting sense of exhilaration? Could we rest there, live there, and breathe there?

Let us try, for through faith in Christ, we are now children of God, worshippers of God, disciples of Christ, loved, blessed and praised, friends of God, disciplers of men, and lovers of souls who delight in God and in whom God delights. 

This is certainly enough for one lifetime, and it is a great start to a blissful eternity!

~ Brad Heilhecker 

Loving Reprimand

“Better is an open reprimand [of loving correction] Than love that is hidden.” ~ PROVERBS‬ ‭27:5‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Often times, when I am not looking above, or standing firm in the affirmations of my blessings, I can get caught up in the negative things that surround me.  

I forget that I have been chosen and created for more.

I can go after hidden love, the kind I’ll never see in things, or receive by human flesh. 

My mind is closed to the loving reproach of the Lord. I miss out, on an abundant life, one that should create a heart full in thankfulness. 

Yet, God in his magnificent power, seems to meet me despite the learning I’ve yet to accomplish. He doesn’t condemn me. He gently reminds me that it is an open mind that finds direction. 

It is from HIS heart where real love is deposited.

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas 

My Dove 

I hear His Whisper… “My dove”

I call you My dove. I have hidden you in the split open rock. Into the wounds of Christ I have hidden you and will keep you secure. 

Why would you worry about a thing, when I have hidden you on high. You will see My glory and taste My grace. Mercy has fastened you to My throne and I will never let you go.

My cherishing love is upon you. You will never be able to say, “I am unloved,” for My love is set upon you. My Son was wounded so that you will be Mine. The Rock of Ages was split open to provide you a hiding place. 

Come away, My dove to your resting place on high. Though storms and winds blast at you, I will keep you safe. Though others ignore and resist you, you have moved My heart. Fly to your resting place, dove of My heart, and you will discover who I truly am. No earthly thing is needed when you are at My side. 

Don’t say, “I have a need,” but say, “I have all that I need when I have You.”
                    ~Hephzibah Beulah 
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Song of Songs 2:14 The Passion Translation
For you are my dove, hidden in the split-open rock.

It was I who took you and hid you up high

in the secret stairway of the sky.

Let me see your radiant face and hear your sweet voice.

How beautiful your eyes of worship

and lovely your voice in prayer.

~ Brian Simmons

Dismissed To Determined 

Behind the Smile: In Search For My Daddy!
(Dear daddies, sons and daughters need you. They need your presence and love.)

A daddy sets the tone for other relationships in his daughter’s life, he is her first role model, and he should be the first man to tell her- I LOVE YOU!  
I didn’t know my daddy as a little girl, but at some point I met my dad- and he often welcomed me with the words of “You are going to be a dumb broad just like your mom!” WOW! Here’s how those words affected me.

Those words became permanently etched in my brain and subconsciously, I almost accepted them as truth. So, I spent most of my life proving to other people that I was not dumb, and that in fact I was quite smart (and so was my mom- she was brilliant). I spent years fighting to: be cream of the crop, a leader, head of the class, easy on the eye…I kept on fighting. What did most of you see? You saw my smile.  

In turn, I became addicted to the approval of others. I became addicted to the art of perfection. I became addicted to older men. I became addicted to money. I became addicted to emotionally uninterested and unattainable men. I became emotionally unavailable. I became unattached. I became distant. I became very critical. I became lonely. I became cold. I became a hard friend. I become no one’s friend. And then I abandoned others –why? Because over and over he abandoned me. He abandoned me with his words and with his actions. 

All of my life, I was searching for my daddy’s love and I was expecting it to show up in other people. Well it didn’t. I discovered that it was necessary for me to try something else. That’s when I started seeking the FATHER’s face and my heart began to heal. The more and more I developed a relationship with GOD I was given an example of how to express unconditional love. I went from feeling Dismissed to being Determined, feeling Devalued to being Devoted, Feeling Dissatisfied to being Disciplined.
This is why I Smile.

       ~Lereca Monik 

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