Thy Kingdom Come 

The Lord’s Prayer is one of the best loved and most spoken prayers on the planet, it is also called Our Father and Pater Noster. This was taught by Jesus to his disciples in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4. This is so important, as it is the only prayer Jesus taught them. He said, Pray like this.

     The intention of our Savior was to transfer the kingdom from heaven to earth through believers – – referred by “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. Matthew 6:10. 

    You may be thinking, oh my goodness that is a very big assignment for little ole me, and can I really live that way? I believe you can only live this way by knowing who you are — your true identity– through Christ Jesus!! It is a way of thinking and living your life from a place of knowing that Jesus, who lives in you, gives you everything you need to bring heaven to earth. It is seeking Him daily and learning and understanding His word and how it applies to you.
    Last week, I attended a conference in Ft. Lauderdale, called As One Movement ( It was awesome!

I truly learned just what it means to bring the Kingdom from Heaven to Earth and it was such an amazing revelation, I challenge each one of you to explore just what this means. There were great speakers like Lance Wallnau (, Jerry Niswander and Paul Marc Goulet ( I will do my best to get you started on this journey by sharing some excerpts from the a book called THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM, written by Paul Marc Goulet.

    “Jesus goes on to tell Peter in Matthew 16:19 that, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
    Jesus proclaimed to Peter that, one day, he would receive the keys of the kingdom and he would have authority to bind and loose on earth just like He could in heaven. This promise was not just for Peter but for every believer who confesses Christ as Savior and Lord. That confession opens a massive portal of blessings and authority. 

    Jesus has the keys of the kingdom and He is willing to give them to every believer who wants to live a supernatural life, the keys were not just designed to build his church, they were designed to bring the kingdom of heaven to every life, every office, school, neighborhood, government and home. 
    When we make this type of heartfelt declaration Jesus starts the process of turning over the kingdom of heaven to us his heirs. The keys of the kingdom are real and their purpose is to unwrap the incredible gift that the Father wants to give to you because of his love. The keys of the kingdom unlock wealth, health, joy, peace and love which permanently dwell in heaven. They open the door that releases the atmosphere of heaven into a life and world so dark and polluted. Christ gives us keys that enable us to open the heavens in order to release angelic forces, creative powers and healing.
    Remember, it is the father’s will to give you the keys. “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32.”

    I believe this prayer is a reminder for each one of us to bring the kingdom of heaven to our own life and take it with us everywhere we go throughout our day, changing the atmosphere and bringing in the light to the dark places. When we truly know our identity and what we carry, we can begin to change the world one step at a time!!

In love, 
Deb Hicks


The Lord’s Prayer Challenge 

My family and I are doing this Challenge during the Lent Season that begins tomorrow and runs to Easter Sunday. We are hoping to make this become a new daily routine. 

We are not about removing the same ole things (sweets, fried foods, sodas, junk foods, etc.) as much as our focus is about adding some new practices to grow deeper in the Lord.  

We are reciting the short version upon waking and before going to bed each day and we are setting an alarm for mid day or lunch time to recite the longer version daily.  

This will be in addition to our regular quiet and devotion time we practice already. 

We are hoping that it will allow us to go much deeper in prayer by praying the Lord’s Prayer differently and daily.  

Join us! ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

*Set alarm and recite these 3 X a day during Lent

Short version 


My Heavenly Father, may Your name be holy in me,

May Your kingdom rule my life

May Your will control me

May You be sovereign on earth as You are in heaven

Give me daily bread for today’s need

Forgive my debts as I forgive my debtors

Lead me not into temptation

Protect me from the evil one

Your kingdom rules in my life, Your power can do anything, and Your glory is forever and ever. Amen

Longer version 

Middle Day/Lunch Time 

Our Father who art in heaven… May Your name be hallowed in my duties today… As Your name is hallowed in heaven.

Thy kingdom come… May You reign in my life on earth as You rule heaven.

Thy will be done… In my studying… Teaching… Counseling… As Your will is done perfectly in heaven. 

Give me daily bread… For my physical strength… For all my needs this day.

Forgive me my sins… And the consequences of my sins… Including my actions and intent… And forgive others as You have forgiven me.

Lead me not into temptation… Don’t let sin overwhelm me, but give me victory today.

Deliver me from the evil one… Protect me from physical and spiritual harm.

For thine is the kingdom… I recognize Your sovereign control of my life.

For thine is the power… I recognize Your ability to do these things.

For thine is the glory… I give You credit for every answer.

In Jesus’ name…


Taken from book: Praying The Lord’s Prayer For Spiritual Breakthrough by Elmer L. Towns