I am Still Thirsty

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On the last day, the climax of the festival, Jesus stood and shouted to the crowds, “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! (John 7:37) Read: 1 Kings 11:1-43, 2 Chronicles 9:29-31, Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 Relate: Every day during the Feast of the Tabernacles a group of priests would lead a procession down to the pool of Siloam to draw […]


To Love A Man 


To Love A Man

Would Be To Me

The Ongoing Road

At Sunset

Nothing Facing Me

But Eternity

Shared With A Lover

Who Will Be There  

Sunrise, Happily

Someone Warm

To Hold Me

To Smile As

Our Lips Meet

To Love A Man

Is Wonderful

But Above, To Be Loved

This Is The Greatest Thing

These Hands Have Not Yet

Held A Lovers Heart

Nor Gently Brushed 

His Hair From Brow

To Kiss That Hard Day Bye

This Spirit Free, Though Alone

Would Spend Forever Searching 

For Endless Sleepless Nights 

Have Kept Her Bound

With Next To Nothing

Pillows Are Not Flesh

Satin Sheets Cannot Caress

My Side When Rain

Pours On The Outside

Ah, To Love A Man

This Is The Greatest Thing

     ❤️Krystal Lynne 

Waiting On His Arms 


Recently, my partner and I started praying together over having a child.  He was asking God to open up his heart to become a father and I was praying to God asking Him to heal the pain in my heart of infertility.  We were both asking God to put His will for a family in our hearts; our hearts and desires remain divided.  

Our relationship is so wonderful, but this one issue remains the painful division between us.  

As a couple, we have been a bit “unequally yoked” to an extent.  I was raised in the church and my faith remains a vital part of my life and he was raised in the church, but his faith has never been a focus more than the holidays.  Praying together has been a bit of an interesting and wonderful journey together.  We have become closer as a couple and I have been able to watch his heart open to understand the love affair possible with God.  In 6 weeks I have watched him move from feeling a bit uncomfortable with praying out loud to offering to lead us in prayer.  

In 6 weeks we have had more challenge and pain thrown at our relationship than we have had in our entire time of knowing each other as friends or as being partners.  We have delt with dishonesty, vindictive ex’s and emotional assault on us as a couple and individually.  We have been to hell and back; while we have always been wonderful at turning into each other during bad times, we have not grown as individuals during that time.  Prayer has kept us focused on being a team and not enemies.  There is still a great deal of pain and it doesn’t look like it is coming to an end in the near future.  

Truth be told, we came to the end of our 45 day period of prayer and we are still praying together.  We are still far from being on the same page when it comes to having a child and my heart still aches for a child.  As a woman, the pain of being childless is more than I know how to deal with.  I am a bit jealous that God is working in his life to transform him and leaving my pain unresolved.  I spend hours a day begging God to heal my heart and I feel that God has been silent.  Yet, he is also answering a prayer I have had…the prayer of asking God to have my future husband to fall in love with him.  

I am aware that God does his best work when he is silent.  I feel it and I am seeing my wonderful partner is not only falling in love with God, but happily dealing with his past scars on his heart to make us stronger.  God is making him into the leader in my life that I have asked God for since I was a little girl.  

So, I wait….I wait to hear His voice, feel His healing and His arms rock away the pain in my heart.  

God knows what is best for me and so, I shall be happy to sit and wait upon Him.

                              ~ Amy Tippins 



All she had ever desired was a diamond ring to display her worth and a family to worship God with.
She had dreamed of a husband sitting beside her on the pew with his arm lovingly wrapped around her.
She looked forward to having friends over & dining out regularly with other couples who they both knew and enjoyed equally.
None of this came to pass.
So much time had passed that she was spent with the waiting.
Every time she was in a social setting with other women she made sure not to have her left hand within view if at all possible.
That plain gold band seemed to shout of unimportance.
She knew that it was the symbol of covenant and the importance of that but her ego, heart & finger felt naked, empty & humiliated.
Over the years she had grown accustomed to not being invited to the parties and couples gatherings from her church friends since she attended church without her husband.
He had not been going with her since the first year they married.
It was going on twenty nine years so she knew the drill and felt every bit of the rejection from each celebration she would not be attending.
It stung!
The sting of it all sometimes felt unbearable.
Her life was unbelievable to her.
So many dreams aborted.
So many services alone.
She felt like a leper in the house of God.
Shunned, silenced and uninvited.
These things ought not be so!
So many women feel similar to this.
So many mothers sitting by themselves watching families standing, worshipping together.
Church can be painful for women.
Marriage can be twenty nine years with a gold band screaming into the loneliness and darkness.
You can not fit in when you feel worthless.

I might not have a diamond or a strong warm arm around my old cold shoulder at church but I have a living, loving Savior who happily lives in me, sits with me & shines brighter than a diamond through me….
Who knows my name, weight and every stretch mark I have earned….Who adores me with all of His precious heart ❤

Ladies, you are never alone. Sometimes it just seems so. In those times is when our faith is truly tested. I believe in Jesus Christ alone and He has been my companion. He is the stone that the builder rejected so He understands the diamond dilemma too. Perhaps I should lovingly refer to Him as my “literal” rock of ages allowing Him to be seen instead of fretting over a temporary stone that is not eternal and could never pay for me.
His purchase of us is what makes us so valuable. Lord, help us to see the diamond

~ Krystal Lynne ❤️

The Waiting


More beautifully wrapped than imagined,
The package has arrived!
The silver paper glistens, and
The larger-than-life bow sparkles,
Beckoning us to dive right in!
A shout of triumph escapes our lips
As we lift our heavy hearts and trudge forth!
This is it!
This is what we’ve waited for,
What we’ve prayed for,
What we’ve believed for!
With trembling hands,
We peel back the layers of adornment.
With tears of gratitude,
We acknowledge The Gift-giver.

As the promising flaps fall back,
Everything changes.
The silence is deafening.
The darkness within is not to be missed.
There is nothing.
Deflated once again, we retreat.
We waited.
We prayed.
We believed.
To no avail.
So it seems…
We wait.
We pray.
We believe.

~S. Gable 3/24/14
© RestoredMinistries