Loneliness And Fear

Loneliness and fear go hand in hand.

When we are surrounded by our fellow warriors enjoying sweet fellowship, loneliness and fear are melted away.

When we are alone at the midnight hour or rising in the black of the dawn, and there is no one there to encourage us, that is when we face the test.

Will we stay in touch with headquarters and hold our quadrant, or will we retreat to bastions of self indulgent comforts to drown out the terrors of the dark?

Either way, there’s a price to pay.

If we stand and fight, we may die.

If we retreat, we will live with the dread of a future battle that still has to be fought.

If we retreat long enough, we may convince ourselves that the battle is un-winnable.

A life lived in perpetual retreat is a living death.

So, how do we find camaraderie and courage when we are alone?  

Who is going to help us hold our quadrant?

Who is going to speak to our soul: “Do not be afraid.  Stand firm, and you will see the deliverance that the Lord will bring you today.”?

It is not enough to win the day; we must win the night, too.

This is not a part-time war that we are engaged it.

It is perpetual; it is relentless; it is no exaggeration to say that it is a fight to the death.

The enemy wants to kill us, and he will not leave us until we learn how to vanquish him.

May God help us.

No, really; God help us!  “Give us help against the enemy, for the help of man is in vain.”

The Holy Spirit is called the comforter, the counselor, and the Spirit of Christ.

We must be filled with the Spirit if we are going to live and die for Christ.  

If Christ himself is going to live his life through us, we  need all the help we can get, and I don’t mean maybe.

There have been many casualties of war that have resulted from underestimating the enemy.

Our enemy has been around since the dawn of time, and he knows the territory.

He has far more experience opposing God and his children than we have opposing him.

Only God knows how to deal with him effectively. So, “Let us submit ourselves to God, resist the enemy, and he will flee from us.”  Let us say continually, “Come, Lord Jesus.  Come, Holy Spirit.  Come, and lead us home.”

~ Brad Heilhecker

Never Leave A Life Unkissed 



I should have missed her sooner….
Sobering words from a friend
Wisdom sometimes tardy
Can our hearts break…
Before a tragedy occurs
Can we listen and lean
On the words spoken
Yet unheard
When someone is dying
From loneliness
Must we rush pass 
Their loss and reminisce
As if it were a holiday
Can be so solemn
When alone
Missing the life
She never had
And now
Never will
These things
Ought not be so
Because you 
Never know 
Who needs you
Let us love
Like we miss 
And never leave
A life unkissed
By Christ’s kindness
Being extended
Through our 
Precious time
For such a 
Time as this

❤️Krystal Lynne 



All she had ever desired was a diamond ring to display her worth and a family to worship God with.
She had dreamed of a husband sitting beside her on the pew with his arm lovingly wrapped around her.
She looked forward to having friends over & dining out regularly with other couples who they both knew and enjoyed equally.
None of this came to pass.
So much time had passed that she was spent with the waiting.
Every time she was in a social setting with other women she made sure not to have her left hand within view if at all possible.
That plain gold band seemed to shout of unimportance.
She knew that it was the symbol of covenant and the importance of that but her ego, heart & finger felt naked, empty & humiliated.
Over the years she had grown accustomed to not being invited to the parties and couples gatherings from her church friends since she attended church without her husband.
He had not been going with her since the first year they married.
It was going on twenty nine years so she knew the drill and felt every bit of the rejection from each celebration she would not be attending.
It stung!
The sting of it all sometimes felt unbearable.
Her life was unbelievable to her.
So many dreams aborted.
So many services alone.
She felt like a leper in the house of God.
Shunned, silenced and uninvited.
These things ought not be so!
So many women feel similar to this.
So many mothers sitting by themselves watching families standing, worshipping together.
Church can be painful for women.
Marriage can be twenty nine years with a gold band screaming into the loneliness and darkness.
You can not fit in when you feel worthless.

I might not have a diamond or a strong warm arm around my old cold shoulder at church but I have a living, loving Savior who happily lives in me, sits with me & shines brighter than a diamond through me….
Who knows my name, weight and every stretch mark I have earned….Who adores me with all of His precious heart ❤

Ladies, you are never alone. Sometimes it just seems so. In those times is when our faith is truly tested. I believe in Jesus Christ alone and He has been my companion. He is the stone that the builder rejected so He understands the diamond dilemma too. Perhaps I should lovingly refer to Him as my “literal” rock of ages allowing Him to be seen instead of fretting over a temporary stone that is not eternal and could never pay for me.
His purchase of us is what makes us so valuable. Lord, help us to see the diamond

~ Krystal Lynne ❤️