A Legacy Of Victory

I see you My daughter

At times it might feel

That I am far away

That I have left you

to fend for yourself

Don’t ever think that you are alone

That you are not loved

That I have forgotten about you

I am working behind the scenes

Under the surface, where you cannot see

Trust My plan’s even when

you don’t understand

My way’s are higher than your ways

And My thoughts higher than your thoughts

I am doing a complete work in your situation

I am dealing with generational issues

That were left unattended for too long

Eliminating every plot and plan of the enemy

So that you and generations to come

Will be free from everything

that has kept you in chains

My bride was blinded and robbed

by the evil one

Thinking that living a life of defeat

was her portion

My bride will arise

and take her place

She will walk in love

She will know her worth

As she takes up her authority

The atmosphere will shift

Darkness will have to flee

Because My bride will know

her position in Me

Trust My plan’s even when

it grows darker around you

Know that I will never

leave or forsake you

I am with you every step

on the path you are on

Together we will take back

what was stollen

Destinies were derailed

Dreams hijacked

Families left to bleed

My church asleep

While the enemy works

overtime for her defeat

Cling to the promises I spoke over your life

It’s like two scales

One scale filled with My promises

On the other scale the enemy

stacks his stories and pictures

of doom and gloom

Focus on My side

I will be true to My word

You are a fighter!!

Demons know your worth

Why don’t you?

They also know that victory is your portion

So don’t allow anyone to steal

what God has planned for you

You have hosts of angel’s at your disposal

My word in your mouth

Ready to consume

whatever is in your way

Worship your way through transitioning

Let our secret place moment’s

be your guide to victory

It’s time to rise up

It’s time to take back

Time to invade

the kingdom of darkness

Take back what was stollen

My church has awakened

She is positioning herself

To rule and to reign

A new day has dawned

Feel the excitement in your spirit

Soon you will give birth to all My promises

Joy will be your portion

You will leave a legacy

of triumph and victory

A legacy of blind faith

I will not disappoint you

Together we will change the future for generations to come.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Legacy Of Victory

The Journey


A Mother’s Faith

She didn’t have much to give to me growing up

It was her love for her Savior

I inherited from her

No one I know love’s Papa more than she does

I remember her smiling through tears many times

As she would became one, with the bible stories she would share with me

Her face would light up, 

explaining to me a scripture, a teaching, a word from her King

Her God became real to me and my family

As we got a glimpse of what He meant to her

One by one

We came to know this King she adored

Early in the morning she would intercede for us

Prayer was her safe place, next to her King

Together they would fight many enemies unseen

Generational curses were cut off

While favour replaced it

We would get the prize 

While she wore the scars

Of laying it all down and paying the price

Her love for His word took me places, 

that I have never been

Seen through her teary eyes 

I had to believe

In a God that I could not see

but only felt through her deep love for Him

She gave me the greatest gift 

A mom can give her children

To love God with all her strength and to cling to His Word

She transfered His love onto all that she come into contact with

Religion was out by the door

She embraced intimacy with her King

She was enslaved by His passionate love for her

She could not let go

Through her prayers we were brought to our knees

To make the King of her heart

Part of our every move

My fondest memories were watching her worship

She would became one with her King

Oblivious of those around

She would go places I have never discovered

Today my favorite position is to worship and to wait on my King

It will be my greatest reward

If one day my children would look back smiling

Remembering a mom who mirrored God’s grace and heart to them

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Thank you to all the moms, mentors, guardians, aunt’s, friends, who still believe that the greatest gift we can give the next generation is a relationship with their Heavenly Father. 

Thank you for passing the baton of faith, to your own children and the next generation.

Deuteronomy 11:18-19

Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds, tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your forehead.

Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.


WORTHY THOUGHT: If we don’t pass our values on to our children, someone else will.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Train up a child gently as a mother or father would gently feed a child, a little bit at a time and often. 

Good impressions on children in their learning age will help them choose to stay on the right path and will remain as they get older.
 ~ Angela Lipe-Pattengill 

Own It And Shine On

I’ve been in the fire of judgement and criticism more times than I can count with my two hands. Always thinking that I am weird because I don’t “fit in” with everyone around me.

 I’ve always felt weird but as I get older I realize the people that get called weird are nonconformist and original thinkers. 

People only stare and whisper words because they don’t understand why you aren’t following the “normal”.

My word for you today is:

 if you feel like a black sheep in a heard of white, then own it and shine on. 

Get comfortable with your weirdness and embrace your peculiarity because it’s special. Jesus only made one of you and if you don’t live out who He has called you to be, then the position will never be filled. Leave your own imprint in this world and leave a legacy that will never die out. Be YOU! 

               ~ Thomas Joel Trevino 

How’s Your Heart?


Worthy thought:
We should always be aware of our heart attitude when God speaks to us.

According to the Gospel of Luke Chapter 1:5-38
The angel of The Lord, Gabriel, sent by God appeared twice and spoke to two would-be parents.

In the first appearance, Gabriel visits Zachariah, a very important Priest. In fact, was chosen to be the High Priest for the Jewish people. Zachariah is married to a righteous woman named Elizabeth, who is descended from the daughters of Aaron, the Israelite tribe who were to be trained as priests for the temple. This extraordinary couple had known many years of faith and law and had prayed for a son, because Elizabeth could not conceive. The Angel, Gabriel, visits Zachariah and tells him that his miraculous prayers have been answered: Elizabeth will conceive a son and his name will be John. However, Zachariah’s heart then doubted God’s Word. He says “How is it possible? I am an old man and my wife is beyond her years.” (v.18)

The consequence for Zachariah’s unbelief:

Zachariah was silenced and unable to speak until the day all of these miraculous things take place. (v.20)

Even though he should have been held up as a lasting example of God’s partnering with those who follow His laws because of his training and heritage of Biblical knowledge and familiarity with the Lord, his response was the cause of his family’s lineage dying with his only son. Zachariah’s first reaction to a messenger directly from God was disbelief and scorn.

Six months later, the angel of the Lord appears to a young virgin girl named Mary. The same messenger, Gabriel, tells Mary she is favored by God and will conceive and give birth to the son of the Most High and his name will be Jesus. Mary’s first reaction was telling and her heart didn’t doubt God’s word. She merely asked a question for explanation of the mechanics of how it would work, since she had never been with a man. Gabriel tells her the Holy Spirit would come upon her and the power of the Most High would overshadow her. Mary’s response is complete submission and says” I am the Lord’s slave. May it be done according to your Word. “ (v. 38)

It is an interesting paradox. Here are two examples of righteous, godly people. The one who had the most training in God’s word, yet doubted, was Zachariah, a longtime righteous God-fearing Priest, married, and praying for a son. He was settled and had waited long enough to begin to question God’s timing. He was the very one who knew the Word and the Law inside and out. He would have been familiar with the story of God providing this exact thing for His chosen friend, Abraham. Zachariah would not only have known the story, but would have by this time taught it to his flock at the temple many, many times.

The one who should have doubted God‘s Word but believed was Mary, a virgin peasant girl, who had no religious position or training, was already engaged, and had everything to lose. She took into account the potential loss of her fiancée and social standing. She would have been facing potential death or at the very least a future with no prospects, no protection and no means to support herself. Here is a person who would only have known about God from a second-hand report. At that time, only males were taught the Torah, which was the first stories of the Bible and God’s laws. It was taught at the temple, but she had to remain in the Women’s Courtyard. She would have only known about God by what she was told. Her sense of expectancy that God could be personally speaking to her was incredible. There must have been a yearning in her heart towards more of God and for an encounter with Him. Obedience and trust are a powerful combination when placed before the Lord.

Consequence of Mary’s Belief:

Mary had the unique privilege of being the mother to the God’s son. In that time period, it was every Israeli woman’s dream to be the mother of the Messiah. She was present at his birth and at His death. She saw him arrive as a helpless baby and watch him die as her Savior. No other woman in history was afforded this physical closeness to the Messiah.

Mary’s obedience cemented her legacy. Today her name, faithful trust and obedience are still being applauded in the modern-day church. Her right reactions to God’s voice have stood the test of time. She is spoken about more than any woman in the gospels or religious people of her time.

Flip through both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and you will see many contrasting responses to God’s plan and instructions for our lives. Our response to God‘s demands should not be laughter or doubt in God’s ability to carry out His plan, but instead obedience with a willing submissive heart. We must always be on guard against the sin of unbelief.

So the question is: Has there ever been a time you doubted God‘s word like Zachariah or do you have a right, submissive heart like Mary?

When God speaks to our heart and demands something from us, our heart attitude should be like Mary’s “Yes, Lord!” Otherwise, like Zachariah, there could be a consequence of our actions of saying ” Yes but…”

~Angela Lipe-Pattengill / Ordained Minister

Happy Birthday Mom!


Today, I am going off script to personally thank my mother for her life and death. I lost my mother when I was 18 years old. I loved my mother— I truly believe her life was sacrificed so that I could be freed. Strangely, I don’t remember spending many days with her because she suffered from drug addictions and criminal behaviors.

My mother was a writer, like I am. I wish she was afforded the opportunity to share her work with thousands of people. She wrote about very real things. Although she was unable to, often the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…. God gifted my mother, and because of her I am now able to freely share my stories, thoughts, and experiences. Her life blessed my life, and my loss inspired me to share this….

She died so I could be free.

Why God?
Why her?
Why my mom, my mother, my first home?
Why did she have to go, why did she have to leave?
Is it that she died so that I could be freed?

A woman of extreme intelligence, a woman of beauty.
A woman so mentally gifted, a woman that loved family.
Why did she have to go, why did she have to leave?
Is it that she died so that I could be freed?

A struggling single parent with two daughters
Psychotic-mental-anguish fighting life’s battles
Crack, heroin, alcohol addictions-lies and deceit
A jail bird, a thief -the street taught her these

In and out of prison why did she-
Have so many obstacles
Why did she have to go, why did she have to leave?
Is it that she died so that I could be freed?

Countless poems, words of encouragement, people remember her presence, her smiles, and her laughs.
Encountering so many roadblocks, she sacrificially displayed GOD’s gift, seasons have come, and seasons have gone and her walk on this earth has passed.

Her words were truth.
Here words were sweet.
Face to face people will never meet. Ms. Lady Lorraine of the euphoric olive tree.
She unknowingly left behind a legacy.
So when I ask why did she have to go, and why did she have to leave?

She died for others to believe, so that I could be freed.

Please appreciate every person that crosses your path. You never know how each experience will help you grow. My mother will never know how my life has been blessed because of her. Her life -the good- the bad- the ugly- and the great—planted the necessary seeds for me to share my truths. Low and behold she started a legacy. I am so grateful for her. My mom- Lorraine Marie of the Olive Tree.

~Lereca Monik