The Only Judge 

There is no one on earth who can raise up another to grant honor, not from the east or the west, not from the desert. There is no one. God is the only One. God is the only Judge. He is the only One who can ruin or redeem a man. Psalm 75:6-7 The VOICE 

For promotion and power come from nowhere on earth, but only from God. He promotes one and deposes (remove from office suddenly and forcefully) another. ~ Psalm 75:6 TLB 

Lord, forgive me for putting myself into the position of judge by judging others. You are the only One that holds that position. Help me to understand that no one can ruin or redeem but You. Help me to stay on my side of the street and work on my own self and shortcomings. Help me not to force my ways or opinions on others when they may not do things the way I would. Thank you for Your abundant mercy and grace. Amen. 

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Own It And Shine On

I’ve been in the fire of judgement and criticism more times than I can count with my two hands. Always thinking that I am weird because I don’t “fit in” with everyone around me.

 I’ve always felt weird but as I get older I realize the people that get called weird are nonconformist and original thinkers. 

People only stare and whisper words because they don’t understand why you aren’t following the “normal”.

My word for you today is:

 if you feel like a black sheep in a heard of white, then own it and shine on. 

Get comfortable with your weirdness and embrace your peculiarity because it’s special. Jesus only made one of you and if you don’t live out who He has called you to be, then the position will never be filled. Leave your own imprint in this world and leave a legacy that will never die out. Be YOU! 

               ~ Thomas Joel Trevino 


How do you look pain in the eyes and ignore it?

Pretending not to see inner cries drowning

The victim in their skin

They breath out reasons

To end the beginning of a chapter unwritten 

Before knowing who they are, not to others, but to God

And they will never know unless we show them

How it feels to be loved unconditionally

Without judgment

Binding their wrongs

Diluting our image of them

As if we are perfect

But we’re not

So take the scales

Off the eyes 

And see them the way Christ does.
                          ~Bethany Anne