Uncommon Season

This is your season of release

Where everything is working

together for our good

Many have gone through

much training

Through agony and unbearable pain

The past seasons were trying ones

Where we were tested at many levels

The heat was turned up

higher and higher

The attacks were ongoing

and never ending

Now we look back

and we know it was training

as usual for Papa’s burning ones

He has done deep work in and through us

Our character can now sustain and keep us

in that place of overflow

where Papa is taking us.

Overflow will be our new normal

because Papa can now trust us

For the processes of life burned

out all the dross in our lives

It was so necessary

because we cannot occupy

that which we have not contend for.

I believe this is our time of stepping in

and occupying every promise

out of Papa’s hand.

Papa has been highlighting

the Breaker anointing to me

while in prayer a few weeks ago

And I believe that as our Breaker

He will go before us and break open

and tear down every trap

every door and wall that was

erected by the enemy

so that we can occupy

what is rightfully ours in this season.

While fasting and praying two weeks ago

He highlighted that this was a season of acceleration in every area of our lives.

Especially where the enemy thought

that he had the upper hand over us.

Things will shift and fall into place.

Papa will be our Breaker going before us

so that we can accelerate and occupy

what is ours.

Yesterday while I was busy cooking

I just felt a shift in my spirit and I knew

that something is about to change

for many of us.

Life as we knew it

will never be the same.

Papa has accomplished in our lives

that which was so necessary.

We cannot invade and overtake

with our old mindsets and ways

of doing things.

We are entering a season

of new beginnings for many

who have been through hell

but held on to Him

with everything in us.

We brought every sacrifice

He asked of us.

Our obedience gives us access

to possess and take hold of

His promises and assignments for us.

Get ready for this uncommon season;

a season like none other.

Keep your focus for this last stretch

and do not let anything or anyone

keep you out of Papa’s will for your life.

Be ready dear ones

for what Papa wants to do through you

and for you in this time.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Uncommon Season

The Journey



“Revive us, and we will call upon your name.”

Somewhere along the way we may have been duped into believing that someday, some way, we were going to find the heart to be courageous for the Lord – after we have finished reading the Bible, after we have heard just one more good sermon, after we have acquired just one more encouraging friend.

The truth is that we didn’t get started on this journey by our ingenuity; we are not sustained by our genius, and we will not finish well because of any virtue of our own.

“Let your hand be on the man of your right hand, on the Son of Man you have made strong for yourself.”  

Jesus initiated this love walk of ours, he is the one who keeps it going, and he is the one who knows how to help us finish well.  

If there is to be revival of enthusiasm in our lives, it will be because he has seen fit to work in us a new work.  We play our parts, to be sure, but our primary responsibility is to wait quietly and faithfully for him to come in answer to our prayers.

We pray and he responds.  We ask and he gives.  We trust and he rewards us with love, joy, and peace to sustain us in our long journeys homeward.

Many will fall by the wayside on this arduous trek to the heights.  Not all that started on the journey will have the heart for the final ascent.  

Instead of a great throng crowding the gates at the finish, there will be just a few faithful pilgrims – those who took oil along with their lamps, those that invested their gifts well, those that chose obedience daily.

He wasn’t joking when he said, “In this world, you will have tribulation.”  Somewhere it is written that “Man is born for trouble, just as sparks fly upward.”

Those who expect trouble, embrace discipline, and cling tightly to Our Father’s hand will make it.  

Those who came along for the fringe benefits of health and wealth may not make it through the deserts along the way.  He said himself, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

~ Brad Heilhecker

Step Out – It’s Time 

You are beautiful 

My daughter

When I look at you

I see a lily on a crisp summer morning

Standing among many other lilies

but all I see is you 

It’s time for you to see yourself 

the way I see you




Yet gentle and kind

Always ready to give

Always ready to listen and embrace

Don’t let anyone keep you back 

from the dreams I have for you

Currently they are dormant

but this morning I blow a fresh wind 

of My Spirit over you

And I declare that what was dead 

will be alive

What the enemy meant for your harm

Will be your greatest weapon

Don’t settle for anything less 

than what I have for you

Shake the past off of you

Forgive and let go

Step out My daughter

For I am with you every step of the way

This morning I am watering you

I am picking you from among the dirt and dust

And I call you to run with Me 

into the unknown

Release everything into My hand’s 

I will take control and bring you 

into the place of breakthrough

Into the place of fulfilment

Lean into Me

Rest in Me

I am your safe place

Know that I will walk with you 

through every challenge

You don’t have to be afraid

I believe in You

Don’t ever doubt My promises

They are yes and Amen!!

Be still and know that I am God

You are who I say you are

You can do what I have called you to do

Step Out  – It’s time!!

Isaiah 60:1  Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you

~ Ebigale Wilson 
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Two Important Questions 

Continually ask yourself the following two questions when dealing with others. 

1. Has this person been placed in my life as a GIFT to help me GROW? 

2. Has this person been placed in my life to DERAIL me from my DESTINY?

Evaluate whether your relationships are growing you or simply derailing you. 

Are they faucets pouring into your life or a drain sucking everything out? 

Make sure you are not staying just to be tolerated-good healthy and growing relationships celebrate each other. 

               ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Me Or Thee 

The call has come. The game has begun. The rules have been explained. The outcome has been determined. Now is the hour of decision. Will we play by the rules and win, or will we ignore the rules and risk defeat?  

It seems simple enough; any wise individual will make the right choice. Or so you would think.

The game is life. We are all called to play. Christ is the rule maker. If we play by his rules, we gain entry into his kingdom. If we play by his rules, we win. 

Ah, there is the rub – his rules, his kingdom.  

What if I want to play by my rules and rule my kingdom? That is always an option, and many are those who make that choice. It is exhilarating – we get to be the king or the queen, and everybody else gets to be our subjects. What fun! Or is it?  

What if nobody wants to play by our rules? What if nobody wants us to be the king or the queen? What if everybody wants to be the king or the queen?  

Houston, I think we have a problem.

So, we acquiesce, and allow Jesus to be the King. Immediately, he makes us princes and princesses and gives us heavenly responsibilities in his kingdom. He gives us his name, and he shares his glory with us. Everything that he has he shares with us – his heart, his mind, his wisdom, and his wealth.  

He gives us time and opportunity to work with him building an everlasting kingdom where love and peace reign. Ultimately, we get to move into the eternal mansions that we helped build with our lives of service. All of our efforts in time turned into riches that will endure forever. All because we decided to play by the rules!

         ~ Brad Heilhecker 

The Great Unknown 

So many are living in a place of The Great Unknown right now. 

Today, let me encourage you to listen and watch this amazing video. May it stir your soul and give you the hope to trust wherever it is you are called or led-you will be made stronger in the presence of our Savior. 
              ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Restoration Stories – Stephanie Palmer 

I am a people person, always have been. People intrigue me, and I have a desire to know about each person. Probably why one of my favorite jobs was at the mall. I would meet practically every type of person on a daily basis. And it some how filled my heart to get to know each of them and somehow make there day special. I didn’t always understand why, but as I look back, I can see how God was able to use that to speak to many who would not have been spoken to otherwise.

Lately as I look around, I see all kinds of people. They range in age and background. Some have money, some are doing there best to get by. Some are very educated and some have little schooling for one reason or another. But, one thing that they all have in common is that they all have a past. As far as I know, none of us, were just beamed down one day from the heavens.

And with a past, comes some sort of baggage. 

Now, maybe some of you only have good baggage, and that’s great. But, it has been my experience that most folks tend to carry the beat up, dirty, stinkin’ kind of baggage from their past with them as they go through this life. I mean the good stuff is in there, but our day to day lives tend to be affected more dominantly by the things that went wrong in our past, the things that we would change if given the opportunity. And this kind of baggage, is the kind that is heavier than we were ever meant to carry. 

The kind that causes us to have mental, spiritual and even physical issues that change the very way that we live our lives. If we let it.

When I was around 7 or 8, I had an experience happen to me that changed who I was. I don’t speak of it often, unless the Lord brings it to mind for use in His Kingdom, so not many people know this about me. It was something that happened with a man who crossed a line physically in an appropriate way, and for me, it was like a switch was flipped on in my life that I was not emotionally or mentally equipped to deal with.

And here is what it ultimately did. It changed who I was on the inside. And it changed who I became on the outside. One moment after it happened, I was changed. The little girl who was innocent and care free, became confused and tainted…in a moment. And it muddied up everything else in my life as I went forward. It took me down a road that I never should have gone down. And I began making life altering decisions based on this one moment in time.
The enemy began to use this encounter as a weapon of confusion against me for many years. And it contaminated the young woman that I was supposed to become. 

In that moment, which was literally a smaller time frame than it takes to microwave a cup of coffee, the enemy tried to take my purpose. 

In John 10:10, it says that the enemy comes to “steal, kill, and destroy”. And on that day, he tried to do just that, take the purpose from a little girl, before she even knew what the word “purpose” meant.

And just like he has done to so many others, starting way back in the garden of Eden, he handed me a set of lenses and said “put these on, and you’ll see things more clearly”.
But, really, everything and everyone began to look distorted and I became very confused about life and the value that I held in this world.

I became broken on the inside.

Years later, the Lord showed me something that changed the way that I processed my original experience.
He took me back to the place where it all began, to the place where I was hurt. He asked me if I felt justified to keep feeling hurt and angry. I told Him that I did. I was hurt, and I was just a kid, so, yes, I deserved to feel hurt. I was a victim so if I went into a court of law, I would win the “case” against the person that hurt me.
He said, “you are right, you are completely justified on all levels. But…if you choose to carry ‘being right’ in your bag, there are things attached”. What did He mean?

He said that if I continued to carry my hurt, my confusion, my anger, my trauma, justified or not. I had to also carry shame, bitterness, heaviness, brokenness, and all the other things that were attached to it. And ultimately, the enemy would use those things as a doorstop, to prop open the door of my life to the things that HE wanted me to carry…I would then be serving HIS purpose. He said that I would carry it in my mind, my spirit…and ultimately my body. And eventually, it would contaminate everything in my life going forward, it would even make me sick in body if I continued down that road.

And with that choice, I could never grow in Him…not fully. The weight of what I was carrying, would be too heavy for me to bear and go forward in Him. I would continue to walk in circles, never forward, never completely free. It would be like a bungee cord that would pull me right back to the start every time I tried to step into what He had for me.

I began to cry, but through the tears, I began to think about what I valued more my broken past…or HIS victorious future. I wanted what God had for me and I wanted to be free from all that the enemy had put in my bag so many years ago. And once I understood, that I had to lay one down, to pick the other things up, it got easier. 

And I was able to move forward.

It was on that day, that I laid my hurt, brokenness, confusion, insecurities, anger, and all else that came with it, at the foot of the Cross. Since I did that, God has been able to use me in ways that I never dreamed.

I will not say that I never revisit those wounds. But, I will say that when I do, it is much like a scar. It is numb to the touch, and it is only visible enough, that I am able to show others how far God has brought me so that they can see hope for the wounds that they may be carrying. 
See, scars show up, so that others can see where we’ve been, but they are no longer bleeding wounds, when our healing is complete.

I will not allow the enemy continue to use them as a weapon against me. I will not even give them a forum, unless God is using them to help someone else. I will not speak of them as though they belong to me BECAUSE THEY BELONG TO JESUS! And if I continually revisit them, it’s like I’m taking them back, and I don’t want them back. 

I had to forgive the person that hurt me, because hurt people, hurt people, and to be forgiven, we must forgive.

My prayer for whoever is seeing this, is that if you are hurt, ask the Lord to give you strength and wisdom to let go of that hurt. Unload your bag of hurts at His feet. Don’t allow the enemy to use them against you for one more second!

And let Him heal those places in you that have kept you going in circles. 

A tethered bird can never leave the ground…It can never fly. 
You were meant to fly. 

Don’t settle for the enemies sad imitation of life on the ground, lean in and let God give you wings!

In Him is not only Life, but LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY!! (John 10:10)

“He RESTORES my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” (Psalm 23:3)

~Stephanie Copeland Palmer 

    “Leave Them There” 

Winds Of Change 

Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction…
              I have always loved change.  

The changing seasons, the change in routines, a change of heart, a shift in perception, the beauty of a new calendar or day timer, a new route, a new discovery, a new revelation. 

                 Many don’t like change. 

Some prefer the easy, the safe, the least risk involved. 
And a sudden forced change isn’t fun and can be tough. 

If we resist change I think that is when we can become stagnant. That is when our hearts get hardened. 

Let the winds blow and the waters churn.

Let yourself be blown about in a new direction – stripping off all the old ways, it could just be the true direction you were intended for. 

Relax and let the Holy Spirit – The Great Compass be your guide. 

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom