What If

The hypothetical is not our friend!

We can sometimes play the “What If Game” way too much.

But…What if …we traded all our shame and self-hatred for a chance at believing God when He says we are wonderfully made?

Enjoy this weeks Song Sunday “Wonderfully Made” by Ellie Holcomb off her Red Sea Road album.

~XXOO Michelle Bollom


The Real You San Angelo

Save the date! February 9-10, 2018 – Join Us!

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS! “The REAL You” San Angelo Feb 9-10 has a new location: The Christian Church of San Angelo. 4064 S. Bryant Blvd, San Angelo, TX 76903. We will be setting up registration soon, so please watch for this!

Our first session is 7:00 pm on Friday, Feb 9th and then Saturday Feb. 10th beginning at 11:00AM, with our last session at 2:00PM.

Saturday evening We are holding The UN-Maskerade Ball beginning at 7:00PM at the same location! This will be a fun dinner dance event, completely unreligious in every way and open to ALL. We are hoping to keep dinner tickets below $10 to make this easy for everyone to attend.

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS! This will have amazing inner-healing guest speakers and teachers including Grace Cortez-Cruz, Edie Bayer Michelle Cosby Bollom, Teresa Comparin, Kell Bales, Monica Marie Bales, Meshia Arebalo and a special, surprise, celebrity guest speaker yet to be announced – but you will love this speaker!

Please make sure to put this event on your calendars, and we will notify you of discounted hotel rates. Contact Kell Bales, our boots on the ground in San Angelo, or Edie Bayer: edie@kingdompromoters.org

Who Am I ? 

Who am I? 
            Let’s see…
Maybe I am my bank account.  
Maybe I am my popularity.  
My position?  
My status?  
                  Really now…
Am I my achievements? 
The sum of all the pleasures I enjoy?  
My good health?  
My appearance?
                     How frail we are!  
What if I lost everything – my health, my popularity, my acceptable appearance, my money, my friends, my home, my family, my mind? Who would I be?  

Would I still be loved?  
Is there something at my core that is lovable?

We were created in love, by love, and for love.  

Who’s your daddy?  
My daddy is Love.  
Does he have a last name?  
No, just Love.  
What does he do?  
He loves.  
Anything else?  
No, just loves.  
Does he ever stop loving?  


~ Brad Heilhecker 

You Are Somebody 

The world clamors and climbs, searches and does not find the way to be Somebody.  

There is never enough money, pleasure, or prominence to satisfy our hungry souls.  

We are either important because God says we’re important, or we are doomed to a long, fruitless, exhausting search in the desert for a sip of cool water – that moment when we discover who we are and whose we are.  

This earth was simply not meant to provide the answer to our aching need to be important to Somebody.

That’s it. We need a Somebody to tell us we’re Something. In our desperation, we will turn to Anybody, just to feel that we are Anything.  

We are terrified that we might be Nobody to Nobody.  

What if we could hear the owner of Everything tell us that we are Everything to him? How good would that feel? Would we dare to believe it? Could we hold on to that fleeting sense of exhilaration? Could we rest there, live there, and breathe there?

Let us try, for through faith in Christ, we are now children of God, worshippers of God, disciples of Christ, loved, blessed and praised, friends of God, disciplers of men, and lovers of souls who delight in God and in whom God delights. 

This is certainly enough for one lifetime, and it is a great start to a blissful eternity!

~ Brad Heilhecker 

Always Enough 

You are Brave Enough… Strong Enough….

                    Always Enough! 

         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

You are brave enough for today, because He is. You are strong enough for what is coming, because He is. And you are enough for ALL that is, because He ALWAYS is! ~ Ann Voskamp 


I always want to talk to you

I long for you to search for me

I wait here just to see your face

Hoping that you will reach for Me

You are so busy running to and fro

That you don’t see Me 

Standing here

Your mind wrapped up in all your worries

Your focus bound by fear

You run to seek comfort in many things

To numb the pain

To hide your scars

To still the echoes of your past

While I wait for you to see Me 


You’re looking for satisfaction

In different things

For a mere moment you find peace

Then it starts all over again

On and on you go

Playing your part

Changing your masks

Drained and empty at the end of the day

The void still there

The pain still real

The battle still ahead

No sign of hope

You’re on a road leading no where

You know it!!

I know it!!

Turn around and run into My arms

The void in your heart, was created for Me to fill

I will fit and fill perfectly 

And make you whole

There’s healing power in My presence

You will find your joy in worshiping My name

You will find everything you need 

At My feet

I am waiting for you forsaken daughter

It’s time for Me to change your name

You will no longer be called forsaken,

Hephzibah will be your new name

For My delight is in You

You will rule and reign with me

My peace will set you free

And as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride

So shall I rejoice over you as My bride

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Absorb His Truth 

His love bleeds wounds healed,

For He is healer of the soul barely beating

With life, His voice carries your worth

Deep within your heart, for it’s the island

To the ocean encompassing love

Breathed into the midst of the storm,

Bringing rage to calm;

He will bring your chaos to order,

Restoring you;

He gives life so we can reflect Him

In our lives, not for self-gain,

For we are nothing without Him;

We are darkness without light

Giving us reason to see,

We are slaves without His freedom

Allowing us to break chains with the past

And with our sins, which doesn’t define us;

We must find our identity in Christ,

For without Him, we are no one to this world;

Everyone on earth looks for worth in temporary form,

When all we need to do is look to Him, the permanent solution

To all fear, pain, and darkness invading our spirit;

We must listen to the source of life and absorb His truth,

For without it, we’ll be vulnerable to the lies of the enemy

Who wants to kill, steal, and destroy us;

Christ came so that you might have life

And have it abundantly;

Take advantage of it.

~ Bethany Anne

Enough Said 

              EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY…..

God is chipping off everything in my life that doesn’t look like Jesus Christ.

So until…. instead of throwing stones and blaming others, I choose to say God “what are you trying to teach me? Why have you allowed this in my life? What kind of character do you want me to learn? To be more like your son Jesus Christ? 

When I’m in the desert of dead ends, I will not blame others, but yet I take my burdens to You.

I will not throw rocks at others. I will turn to You the Rock of Ages.

When I’m at that dead end, when I cannot see my purpose, I look and see Your fingerprints.

When I’m at that dead end and I cannot see, I believe it’s okay to ask questions.

When I’m in that Valley of difficulty and I can’t see what You’re up to. I look and still find your fingerprints everywhere in my life.

I know you will turn the desert of dead ends of my life into the doorstep of my destiny.

I continuously look for Your hand Lord at the dead ends of life.

Thank you, Lord for always chasing after me. For never leaving or abandoning me as others have.

You are my rock, my Fortress, my absolute everything.

I thank you, Lord for You have made me to love and serve others.

 It is who I am.

I am made to love and serve others. It’s what I love to do.

I am who I am.

It’s time to find who that I am again and hold on to who I am.

The I am, You Lord created me to be.

I am made to love and serve others.

I am made like God. (Not God, but like God.)

I have walked through the pits of hell and have been burned, but never taken. You , Lord never let me go.

Thank you, Lord for always chasing after me.

Your fingerprints are all over my life.

I am Your child who loves others more than myself.

I am Your child who recognizes You Lord in everything I see.

Your beauty in your Amazing Creation Of Life.

I am one who still forgives and loves those who don’t love or forgive me.

I am who, I am.
I’m your creation, not the world’s.

Forgive Me Lord those times I forget.

~ Michelle Smith

I Will Trust In His Name 

The Lord says,
I will rescue those who love me, I will protect those who trust in my name,~Psalm 91:14

I lingered in despair. I was without hope and stripped of my identity.

But now…..I praise God above who said, “What is my truth? For it is plenty.”

He said, “There is no lie that defines who you are. 

I come with no condemnation.

There is no need to compare yourself.

Because I have given you the name – CHOSEN

Somehow, painful wounds, have deceived you into questioning.

You see…. I have come so that you may have life in the completeness of my will,
not only for here on this earth, but also for all that is in heaven.

You were bought for a price, paid in full. My life was sacrificed for it all.

My love for you has always been with the greatest of intention.

The Ultimate Gift is what it is called. It is one that requires no repayment.

Understanding my truth, knowing who you are, will be exchanging your past
for my perfection. I made you unique, one of a kind; you are set apart –
in the likeness of my own image. So run to me oh weary one, come out from
under dark places. For there is a light unmistakably present, in the
transparency of your Father.

My love for you is offered out of kindness, grace, and mercy.

For I planned your life a long time ago. My purpose would be for many. 
It will become the identity mirrored between a Father and a daughter.

So go now, my child, and be fulfilled, in the promises that I have spoken.

For your life was orchestrated from the beginning of time.

I am forever and always unchanging.

Go out to the ends of the earth, and Share the heart of your Father.

GOD sacrificed Himself so that (I – we) could understand His TRUTH. God has given us all a name. What name has he given to you? What is your identity in Christ? 

May you be reminded that you are His masterpiece; full in purpose, sought out and planned. Walk in His love and truth this day; be ready for His journey.

           Baring His Beauty,

            Tiffany Thomas 

Stand Up For The Wounded 

Scars don’t equal shame;

Strength comes from experience,

Memories you want to forget

And keep buried in the past;

Your past doesn’t define you

The One who breathed life

Into your ocean, giving you depth does;

Your past doesn’t have to break you,

It can make you stronger;

I admit I’m weak, but I have a strong God,

Therefore, in Him, I am strong;

I won’t let anything in this world take me down,

For I am His and not of this world,

Therefore, I will not be shaken 

By the constant attacks of the enemy,

For he wants to destroy me because he knows

God has a plan and purpose for my life-

A destiny that only I can fulfill, with His help;

I have wasted too much time already

And don’t want to have anymore regrets,

So I accept the challenge

I will be bold and fight the good fight

For my good Father who has called me

To go on this journey with Him;

I know it will not be easy, and at times 

I will want to quit, but I must remember 

Who I am and whose I am,

Trusting that God knows what He’s doing;

I want to reflect ONLY Him in my life,

To those who live in darkness-

A world encompassed in fear and shame,

Feeling trapped within their mind,

Like they can’t escape the pain;

No one deserves to walk alone

We must stand up for the wounded,

Leading their tired souls to God-

The only One who can mend their brokenness.

             ~Bethany Anne