Catch The Fire

Today’s #SongSunday is worship featuring Hope Wigston at the Toronto Catch The Fire event.

Good, Better, Best

“Life is like a cafeteria line – it offers us many choices, both good and bad.

The Christian must have a spiritual radar that detects the difference not only between bad and good but also among good, better, and best.”

~Dennis Swanberg

Spirit Lead Me

I love these lyrics to this weeks #SongSunday ….

If You say “it’s wrong”,

then I’ll say “no”

If You say “release”, I’m letting go

If You’re in it with me, I’ll begin

And when You say to jump,

I’m diving in

If You say “be still”, then I will wait

If You say to trust, I will obey

I don’t wanna follow my own ways

I’m done chasing feelings

Spirit lead me ….

Song is “Spirit Lead Me” by Michael Ketterer & Influence Music –