A Heart Of Gold 

What is God looking for as he searches our hearts and minds? 
What do we look for as we involve ourselves with others? 
May I suggest that one thing that we have in common with God is that we are all looking for a heart that cares, a heart of gold.

There are many things that find their way into the hearts of men, some good and some bad.  
I would suggest that what is most precious in the eyes of God and even in our sight is when we discover someone that is genuinely interested in us, someone that is willing to share our pain and our joys. Such a person does not come along every day, and we should cherish them when we find them. Even more should our hearts be knit together with Our Father and Our Lord as we learn just how deeply they care about us.

The heart of God, which he is so willing to share with us, rejoices in good men and women and children. His heart is extremely gentle and kind toward those that love him and fear him. And he rejoices in every baby step of ours, every sign of life, every whisper of goodness that begins to grow in our hearts.  

We might mistakenly believe that he only rejoices in our major victories and grand accomplishments, when in reality he delights in every sign of progress that he sees in us. Sometimes we are not moved until we see perfection in another. Our Father values growth and every indication of a maturing heart and mind; he is pleased that we have heeded his call and have begun to grow up into Christlike men, women, and children.

In heaven, we will all be perfectly glorified and conformed to the image of Christ. While we are here, we are always growing and learning new lessons about life, love, and Our Heavenly Father, who is the source of our life and love. Let us celebrate the journey, even as we keep our eyes on the prize, which is Christ Jesus himself!

~ Brad Heilhecker 

Godly Zeal Or Passion 

How do we differentiate between fleshly lust and Godly zeal or passion? 

  Lusts crave to receive for selfish pleasure. Zeal or Godly passion longs to give for the pleasure of God and for the benefit of others. Both will satisfy, one temporarily, the other eternally. One seeks to escape suffering, the other is willing to suffer for the sake of the beloved.

The lust of the flesh and eyes and the pride of life will devour life and leave everyone involved forlorn and famished. They are born of the fall of man and are devoid of love or life. 

They are neither sanctioned by man nor sanctified by God. 

  They are identified by unquenchable craving; they have no concern for the benefit of others. The only relief from these demons comes through confession and repentance.

Godly zeal or passion is altogether different; it always blesses all those involved. It rejoices the heart of God and man both. It inspires and gives vision; it refreshes; it is life giving. It is born of God and has eternity and eternal life in mind. It is full of hope and joy. It is fueled by love. It is a primary characteristic of God himself
 Our maker is ardently concerned that his kingdom be established. All his ministers must share in this heart rending suffering. It purifies and sanctifies all who come into its presence; it burns away all lesser forces of nature. It is quiet but intense. It must be sought; it is a gift and must be cherished as such.

Our God given task is to redeem our selfish desires for his selfless heart. Agape or selfless love is the goal. It cannot be obtained by purchase or diligent effort; it must be bestowed as a gracious gift, and it must be cherished and nourished. It grows stronger over time, if permitted. It is the province of heaven, Our Father’s heart and mind, the inheritance of all his children.
                  ~ Brad Heilhecker 

When Your Heart Doesn’t Feel Big Enough 



I found myself feeling alone in the endless chatter banging around in my mind.

After offering help to a loved one, everything turned upside down and I felt defeated.


I felt the sting of pain in my heart. My hope was crushed. Evidently my hope was not the same hope my loved one held for himself. It was out of my control. I wanted so badly to help him, I just couldn’t.


Have you ever felt lost in the circumstances after you tried to help someone in need? Maybe a family member? Friend? Children? The church? Even a stranger?


Some of my greatest experiences have resulted from freely giving of my heart. It has brought joy in abundance, not only for the recipients, but also for me.


However, sometimes giving of my heart has left my heart grieving. I have felt abandoned, as if my heart wasn’t big enough to soak up the pain left in the aftermath. It is especially painful when I dearly love the person who could not, or would not simply receive.


Our relationships were not designed for pain and disconnection.


“In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus. Phil 2:5 NIV


God built us for relationship. It was demonstrated in the humbleness in Jesus. Our hearts were created to love as a reflection of Jesus’s love. It makes sense that affliction comes to the brokenhearted. That our heart would grieve at a lost victory for someone we care about and love. Even in our pain, Jesus is the only answer for what is left unspoken. He is the way to restoration. 

His heart is wider and deeper than the one we have to offer. My hope lies in the lesson that Christ alone is enough and that His perfect love will expand our hearts and richly bless us in the depths we have yet to discover.

~ Baring His Beauty,

       Tiffany Thomas 


Worthy Thought: 

The way we live is the testimony of what’s in our heart. 

“We may think we are doing the right thing, but the LORD always knows what is in our hearts.” Proverbs 21:2 (CEV)

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” Deuteronomy 6:5 (NIV)

        ~Angela Lipe-Pattengill 

Change Me 


I want my heart

To be Your heart, Lord.
Change me.

Break me.

Put me back together.

Your way.
Each piece I struggle to keep,

Take from me

And toss into the sea.
Blind me

To what’s keeping me

From You.
Silence the noise.

Around me.

Within me.
Be still the creatures

That stir

The waters of Your

Allow only the ripples of

Your very being

To wash over me.
Cleanse me.

Mend me.

Make me whole.
Purpose this heart I carry

To be made anew

In You.
For I want my heart

To be Your heart, Lord.
~S. Gable 

The Close Proximity Of Promise 


He was magnificent!
He did not see himself 
The way she saw him
He had no idea
Her love for him…
He only saw
What she wasn’t 
What she would 
Never be
How ironic 
How malicious 
How many people 
Live in the close proximity 
Of promise 
Entering in
That sweet land
Of milk and honey 
Where it is easy
To see

❤️Krystal Lynne 

Her Man 


She will marry a man
Who is kind
Not giving himself away
Not selling himself short
Or listening …
To others voices
He will be
An instrument 
Of peace 
With arms
To hold her
Never letting go
He will know
Her heart
And will
Memorize it
He is noble
He is wise
He is magnificent 
And the prize
She saved herself
For him
Never giving up
Gods Promises.

❤️ Krystal Lynne

A Lesson In Every Lemon 


I love the maxim, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

I’ve seen the amusing alternative that says, “When life gives you lemons, break out the salt and tequila and invite a few friends over.” I like this one too.

The fact is, it’s all about perspective. Either choice is making a somewhat positive decision. 

However, I have been considering the lemon itself. It’s sour and unpleasant. Most people don’t like the sour things in life. We alter them, dress them up, and try to make them enjoyable …. and so we should. But has anyone ever considered just taking the lemon straight?

I figure, if I add sugar to make lemonade, in a few days time, it will add weight to my thighs. If I add tequila, well, despite well-meaning friends, the next day may be painfully punishable AND I still have the alcohol to sugar to fat ratio to consider. Dang, can’t win for losing! 

So how about that lemon? 

A lemon has sprouted from a seed, the seed took root and grew into a lemon tree. Like all good fruit bearing trees, it produced after its own kind. 

I believe in every lemon, there is a lesson. If life is dishing out some unsavory things for you, should we not look at the seed, the root, ….. the tree we have been tending? Perhaps it’s not something we’ve done and surely it’s not our fault that we’ve been served a dish that’s best served sweet or drenched in alcohol. Whether we planted the seed of the lemon tree or not, somewhere along the way, we have attended to its needs for growth …… watered our minds by entertaining ideas and thoughts, nurtured growth through unforgiveness, and suckled upon the fruit of complacency.. In other words, that lemon didn’t grow all by itself.

What if …. now think about this, really contemplate ….. we just ate the lemon!?! A few minutes of discomfort and it’s done, over, gone. No fat cells or hangovers to deal with, no side-affects, just taking our medicine, sleeping in the bed we’ve made, learning the lesson, and getting on with our lives without drawing it out and creating new problems? Yeah, that sounds good to me! Over and done! 

When I face adversity, I have the choice of casting blame or making lemonade. I believe we should always, always look for the up side. But first and foremost, look to ourselves. Is there a lesson here? Could I have done it differently? What can I learn? 

Search your heart, dig deep. Look within yourself, be honest. If the lemons being served to you hold no purpose and have come to you by no nurturing of your own, ….. toss it in a pitcher and add sugar! 

It has been my experience that 99.999% of the time, I’ve grown my own lemons. I pray we will all learn to see that growth is not weakness, forgiveness in not vulnerability, and lemons aren’t all that hard to swallow!

~ Sandra K. Yates 


Psalms Of The Times 


Phases, plateaus 
Nobody knows
What tomorrow holds
Levels of learning
Some fast
Some begrudgingly
But we must move on
To survive
Inhale, exhale
What the hell!!!
There has got to be
Than our routines
Set the clock
Turn it off
Clean the sink
Mess it up
Fast lanes
Slower traffic
Move or be ran over
Deposit, withdraw
Win, lose, applaud
We keep wanting
Working towards
Something more
Open the Door
Take us away
To a place where we can
Rest, relax, rejoice, receive
What our hearts are whispering
Leading us & guiding us
Because we have lost our way
We must find our way back
To the shepherd
And Bishop of our souls

❤️ Krystal Lynne

You were going astray like [so many] sheep, but now you have come back to the Shepherd and Guardian (the Bishop) of your souls. ~ 1 Peter 2:25 AMP 



All she had ever desired was a diamond ring to display her worth and a family to worship God with.
She had dreamed of a husband sitting beside her on the pew with his arm lovingly wrapped around her.
She looked forward to having friends over & dining out regularly with other couples who they both knew and enjoyed equally.
None of this came to pass.
So much time had passed that she was spent with the waiting.
Every time she was in a social setting with other women she made sure not to have her left hand within view if at all possible.
That plain gold band seemed to shout of unimportance.
She knew that it was the symbol of covenant and the importance of that but her ego, heart & finger felt naked, empty & humiliated.
Over the years she had grown accustomed to not being invited to the parties and couples gatherings from her church friends since she attended church without her husband.
He had not been going with her since the first year they married.
It was going on twenty nine years so she knew the drill and felt every bit of the rejection from each celebration she would not be attending.
It stung!
The sting of it all sometimes felt unbearable.
Her life was unbelievable to her.
So many dreams aborted.
So many services alone.
She felt like a leper in the house of God.
Shunned, silenced and uninvited.
These things ought not be so!
So many women feel similar to this.
So many mothers sitting by themselves watching families standing, worshipping together.
Church can be painful for women.
Marriage can be twenty nine years with a gold band screaming into the loneliness and darkness.
You can not fit in when you feel worthless.

I might not have a diamond or a strong warm arm around my old cold shoulder at church but I have a living, loving Savior who happily lives in me, sits with me & shines brighter than a diamond through me….
Who knows my name, weight and every stretch mark I have earned….Who adores me with all of His precious heart ❤

Ladies, you are never alone. Sometimes it just seems so. In those times is when our faith is truly tested. I believe in Jesus Christ alone and He has been my companion. He is the stone that the builder rejected so He understands the diamond dilemma too. Perhaps I should lovingly refer to Him as my “literal” rock of ages allowing Him to be seen instead of fretting over a temporary stone that is not eternal and could never pay for me.
His purchase of us is what makes us so valuable. Lord, help us to see the diamond

~ Krystal Lynne ❤️