The Power Of Music 

In 2 Kings 3:15, Elisha a prophet of the Lord, asked to have a musician brought to him before he could deliver the message from God. 

This showed that “Music” plays a part in Elisha receiving his message from God. 

Are you needing an answer, a message, a word, power, guidance or direction from the Lord? 

             Try putting on some music.  

Begin to Worship and Praise God right now and come boldly and expectantly to His throne that you WILL RECEIVE HIS POWER to meet whatever you need! 

                              Rock On! 

    It just may be ALL ‘BOUT DAT BASE…..

                  ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

2 Kings 3:15 But get me someone to play some music.” While the musician was playing, Yahweh’s power came over Elisha. ~ 2 Kings 3:15 NOG 

Check out our #SongSunday category for some great music to get you started! 

Fine Tune Our Ear 

I just wanted to reach out to those of you who are struggling with discouragement and self doubt.

 Most of the time the enemy is feeding us unhealthy thoughts and trying to tear down our identity. 

The enemy thinks he is clever and has it all figured out. But let me let you in on a little secret.. He is the father of lies. 

If all he can do is lie that means everything opposite of what he feeds you is truth.

 If we can build up our discernment and fine tune our ear to Jesus’ voice then the enemy risks building us up in Christ rather than tearing us down. 

So if he says you are unworthy that means you ARE beyond worthy.

 If he says that you can’t do it, that means you CAN do it. 

Jesus said that His sheep hear his voice and a strangers voice they will not follow. 

If you are struggling with this then pray to Him to help you hear clearly and to have a stronger discernment. 

Keep fighting the good fight of faith and don’t lose hope. We have been given spiritual armor of the good news of Christ. We are valiant warriors clothed in righteousness. Nothing can come against because Christ has overcome the world. 

Love you guys! ~Thomas Joel Trevino 

Release Your Seeds 

This morning after speaking with a friend and hearing about a need, I parted ways saying:

we will continue to pray for you.”

The Holy Spirit quickly spoke to me and said- “You have the seed to meet their need.” 

I thought, what? Our Van is back in the shop, I was given that seed, Oh Lord, I plan to use it for XYZ.  Lord, that will make them uncomfortable, …it isn’t even enough. What if something happens and we need it? 

Again God said- “you have the seed to meet their need.”

I stopped and did not argue anymore. I did not rationalize, I did not think of a million more excuses why or was it really God speaking or not. I chose the uncomfortable obedience.  

I then heard as I did what the Lord asked of me- “your obedience is worth far more than your sacrifice

So God had me thinking on this word for you-

We all have needs- but we all also have seeds.

       It’s time to release your seeds! 

What are some seeds we have? …





A ride

A word

A smile……

How many of us have houses full of items and someone is needing something that we have in our overflow? 

We are so quick to take to Goodwill but why do we find it uncomfortable to pass along our gently used items to someone in need that we know could use them? 

How many of us have way more than enough food that we could share a meal with a few? Or buy someone a meal? Or a bag of groceries? 

How many have an extra dollar or two or three or five or twenty or fifty they can pass along? 
What if we just denied ourselves and sacrificed that pedicure or manicure or a round of golf or one less meal eaten out or that expensive and way overpriced coffee for a day or two and meet someone else’s needs?  

How many have a few moments to stop, listen, pray, or to help comfort someone with a warm smile, hug, or encouraging word? 

What if – Instead of just hearing someone express a need, we were all stirred to be obedient to the Lord and to provide whatever seed we had to meet their needs?  

It doesn’t have to be hard… Or confusing or be some grand….extravagant…. gesture ….Or even made into a big deal at all. 

Simply when you hear of a need, provide the seed, whatever it is, to help meet that need.
You never know what seed someone else could be holding that will meet your needs one day. 

We all have the seeds to meet someone’s need!  

Release your seeds! 

                  ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

No RSVP Required 

I was reminded this morning of a time many years ago when I would hear someone say: “well the Lord told me….” And I would think, and even sometimes ask, “Really? How did you hear and know it was Him?”

Most could not explain to me how. They would say that you will just know. 

 That didn’t help me at all. So I bought every book I could get my hands on that dealt with “How to hear from God.” I read, prayed, pleaded and sat in uncomfortable silence. I even did the ole ‘ flip your bible and whatever page it landed on was the answer. I can’t even now recall if one specific book helped me with that other than beginning to read my Bible.  

The Lord’s number one way He speaks to us is through His written word- The Bible. 

He also uses people to confirm and speak to me, but in the last few years I have been hearing God on a much clearer frequency and almost like His audible voice is in my ear. I have to keep a notebook next to my bed now. 

In the last 16 days of my Fasting Experience, it has become so much clearer and a little hyper sensitive to me that my ears are feeling reverberations from all the downloads. 

I have been using the phrase lately “having the mind of Christ”. So when this was a verse for my 16 of 16 downloads, I knew it was confirmation from God that I was on the right track with today’s unpacking.

But the spiritual man [the spiritually mature Christian] judges all things [questions, examines and applies what the Holy Spirit reveals], yet is himself judged by no one [the unbeliever cannot judge and understand the believer’s spiritual nature]. For who has known the mind and purposes of the Lord, so as to instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ [to be guided by His thoughts and purposes]. ~1 Corinthians 2:15-16 AMP 

I also believe the Altar’d study by Jennifer Kennedy Dean along with my fast is also playing a huge role in removing my fleshly desires and responses and by being more in tune with the Spirit has removed much of the old static.

I have been a little shocked by things coming out of my mouth because they are not in my normal character. They are not bad things, they are very good things and I believe they are 100% from God, but it seems almost surreal when it is as though you say something that you don’t recognize until it is out there.  

So thinking back, for me, it was a process, a quiet growth if you will, of just learning to be still, be in God’s presence, reading His word, and being in tune with the spirit more by removing the distractions of the world and denying my fleshly desires to make way for me to hear Him as He speaks. 

My second verse today sort of summed it all up for me….

 You’ve always given me breathing room,
    a place to get away from it all,
A lifetime pass to your safe-house,
    an open invitation as your guest.
You’ve always taken me seriously, God,
    made me welcome among those who know and love you. ~Psalm 61:3-5

God always gives us breathing room. He doesn’t force us to be with Him or to desire Him above everything else. He lets us make that choice. He is always offering us a place to get away from it all. We have a lifetime pass and an open invitation.  

The only question is…. 

Will you take Him up on His offer? 

No RSVP required, it’s always an open and standing invitation.  
You just come as you are.

No dress code is required either! 
                     ~XXOO Michelle Bollom