We Have Been Set Free!

Gals!!! & (Guys) -He has set us FREE from so much!

I know we hear that all the time, but those of us that have truly been set free from an addiction, negative thinking, old patterns, habits, insecurity, people- pleasing…WHATEVER…
We truly know what it means to be free!! 

The cool thing is we get the CHOICE and the excitement to choose freedom and feel more and more free EVERY SINGLE day! Yea!

I’m speaking for myself here, there are areas in my life where I still feel like one foot is stuck in my old thinking or behavior, and the other is free…
I have the hope and power to choose each and every day otherwise!

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. ~ Galatians 5:1 NIV

~ Stephanie Wanic

Archive Reblog from 2014

Celebrate Freedom

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. —John 8:36

It is my prayer that we will all thank God for the freedoms we enjoy because His son died to set us free indeed.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

~XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

A Fourth of July Prayer

We lift up our hearts, O God, on this day of celebration in gratitude for the gift of being Americans.

We rejoice with all those who share in the great dream of freedom and dignity for all.

With flags and feasting, with family and friends,we salute those who have sacrificed that we might have the opportunity to bring to fulfillment our many God-given gifts.

As we deny all prejudice a place in our hearts, may we also clearly declare our intention to work for the time when all people, regardless of race, religion or sex, will be granted equal dignity and worth.

Come, O gracious God, who led your children Israel from slavery, keep us free from all that might hold us in bondage.

Bless our country and join our simple celebration that we may praise you, our Source of freedom, the One in whom we place our trust.

—Ed Hayes


What You Won’t See On The News

Yesterday I got up early and traveled to downtown Houston to attend the Trump Rally with some friends. I am a Trump supporter and I know I have friends and family that aren’t – which is just fine.

I can still love you and accept you without agreeing or approving with you. That’s what mature people do.

I have to say-I didn’t know what to expect but thought there might be some foolery and mobs ..but guess what? – There was none!

This is what I witnessed first hand…

I saw thousands upon thousands of people standing in line that love America. They were from all over the state and other states too.

There were Asians, and Hispanics, Indians, Koreans, Nigerians, African Americans, Caucasians and many women of all races and ages (even a 95 year old granny that her family pulled her in a wagon so she could be there)and there were many people of various religious beliefs also that all support our President Donald J. Trump and are happy to see America thriving.

We stood in lines for hours.

We shared our food and our seats. We laughed and sang and hugged and took pics and we didn’t bash or hate or scream at anyone.

We gave a few chides to the little boy in a Beto shirt but hopefully he was open to being educated as his friend was that was an illegal waiting to become a citizen but we kept it respectful and kind. Everyone did!

Even the girl with the nasty pink hat trying to entice the crowds as she walked by got nothing.

We all ignored her.

That was 2 upon thousands of people I witnessed for over 12 hours.

Once inside the Toyota Center I sat next to a African American women and her daughter that was in her late 20’s. They had seen Hillary’s America and Follow Diamond and Silk and said they couldn’t believe that more people don’t educate themselves on the corruption of the Democratic Party. It’s not the same as it used to be.

I saw so many people that were citizens from other countries that came over here legally and followed the process that were very vocal that they want stricter immigration laws and the wall built. They didn’t agree with the caravan attempt to come in by force orchestrated by the democrats.

They also agreed that the other countries should pay their fair shares.

Only one person was ejected during the Presidents speech – but the media likely planted him because as I sat there watching the media get in place to film a section instead of the president I knew something was up and sure enough 1 man started to make a scene and secret service quickly scooped him up. Because Texas Doesn’t Play!

I am not here to convince you in any way to change your views. I am not open to debate it- I am simply here to report what I saw first hand that the fake news media outlets will never report.

Trump supporters are all ages and races. Loving, kind, and giving people.

Wanting to protect our country is not because we are heartless and cruel-there is a process and it needs to be followed. You can’t give out to every country and not expect to have them give back. Don’t count on the spin doctors or talking heads to give you the news. Educate yourself.

We are not the ones holding onto rage and bitterness of a lost election as the other party is and hiring Mobs to protest and vandalize and spread violence because we are busy appreciating all the new Jobs!

Our economy is improving.

You shouldn’t want hand outs – you should take the hands up you are given and give back.

If you are so filled with hate and rage against the President or Republican Party or anyone that differs or has a different opinion than you – it’s heart check time folks. I pray you can release that mess. It will kill you!

I saw none of the violence and hate yesterday and I am very proud to say I support Our President and am proud to be an American.

Freedom in Christ is Free folks (I can help you with that freedom) but Freedoms in and for our Country comes at a very high price!

I support and appreciate our Presidents efforts to ensure and protect those Freedoms without taking a salary for doing it.

I want to Keep America Great too!

So, get out and vote and vote educated and not as someone holding onto bitterness and resentments.

And if you want to get all Cray Cray in the comments here – well – just remember …Texas Doesn’t Play!

I will block anyone acting up.

~XXOO Michelle Bollom

Freedom Warriors

I will aim

I will shoot

And I won’t miss

Look out

I am coming;

Before, I hid from the war,

Fearing my enemies

And being a slave to fear,

But no more

I will not back down;

I am fierce,



I will take my enemies down

One by one

Just watch me

Cause I can’t stop

Till peace and justice

Cover the land;

I am mentally strong

I won’t allow man’s words

To affect my decisions

Or to cause me fear

From failure

Cause that’s only possible

If I give up

And that’s not even an option;

I will not give up

I will fight

With every ounce of strength

I have,

Which is plenty

To carry out my mission,

Which is to destroy

All that’s trying to destroy me;

I will not stand idle

I will keep watch for the enemy,

And when he comes into view,

I will destroy him;

Watch me bleed his truth

In the midst of lies,

I will praise my Father

When I am wounded

Cause I know the pain

Can only make me stronger;

I will not leave the wounded

To fight for themselves,

But will help them

Take down their enemies,

So they to, can be free

And know that they’re not alone;

Who is with me?

Who will fight?

Who will not give up?

We are born warriors

It’s up to us to accept the challenge,

To be warriors and fight

For freedom-

For fear to take the back seat

And for us to be led by fearlessness

Cause we are stronger than we think

And we can only know how strong

If we practice and are ready

For war,

So stand up,

Take your place,

And FIGHT!!!!!

~ Bethany Anne

Only By Knowledge Of The Truth

There are many propositional truths a person can know that will help them.

But it is only by knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ that we can be set free.

Many immerse themselves in Bible study hoping to find freedom in the words of Scripture, but the Bible itself isn’t the destination—it’s a roadmap to lead us to the Destination, which is Jesus Christ.

Don’t think that principles, even biblical principles, can make you free. Freedom comes when we know the Truth and trust in Him.

The inspired purpose of the Bible is to reveal Him, not give a set of moral or even religious guidelines by which we are to live.

~ Steve McVey

Great quote I stumbled across… hope you enjoyed and have a blessed day!

~XXOO Michelle Bollom

My First Visit To Prison 

This Christmas break I was honored to go with LionzBride Ministry to visit a women’s prison unit in Texas City, Texas. LionzBride Ministry packaged up soap, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and candy in a Christmas bag for all the prisoners at this unit. Our job was to pass out the bags to the ladies and then invite them to come back to a service at the chapel that evening. 

Of course, I didn’t really think too much ahead of time what to expect or what it would be like to go and minister in prison. I knew that I would have to share a scripture or a word at some point at the service. I really don’t enjoy speaking in front of groups of people but I knew that God would give me the words. I thought I could avoid sharing by not volunteering and maybe hiding behind a large object. 

Honestly, I didn’t have any words to share. I have never been in their shoes or didn’t know how I could bring them any kind of meaningful message. Hope was the word I wanted to leave with them. I wasn’t sure how I could deliver that message because I was never in prison and I haven’t faced their specific challenges. I put it out of my mind. 

I didn’t have a chance to think about myself from the moment I stepped passed the last barred gate. There wasn’t any time. We quickly formed an assembly line to put the bag of goodies together with some residents who helped us. They were all wearing white pants and white shirts. All of the ladies looking the same… clean, crisp, sharp and smiling. I figured these ladies were the cream of the crop. They must have earned their way into helping at the chapel. 

 I didn’t know a thing about prison working or privileges or chapel services. All I know is I was told they are NOT allowed to hug anyone or be hugged on a normal day. Today was different. They had permission to hug and be hugged. I positioned myself at the exit door to give the “Merry Christmas God Bless You” hard squeezed hug. I figured it might as well be a good one since hugs were outlawed all the other days. 

These ladies were so grateful for the gifts and the hugs. I was told they had not had shampoo for a couple of months. This was a sweet smelling gift of gold in these bags and they were happy to receive it. 

Each hug brought me more love and tears. It was as if I was the one who was getting ministered to not them. I was overwhelmed with love and affection for these beautiful ladies. Each one different walking by me. Some were tall, short, old, young and pregnant. Each lady containing their own stories of hardships. They were buried deep down beneath their smiles and hugs of gratitude. At this point I stopped seeing them as prisoners. They were mom’s, sisters, grandmothers, and daughters. I met with some and talked and heard their stories. They were beautiful and lovely. 

Church service started and many ladies came back. In fact the whole room was filled up all the way to the back wall. These ladies didn’t need us there. They were their own church body praising God and leaning on Him to give them help in a time of need. We were just participants. During praise and worship I spied a tambourine and I was in trouble. I don’t have tambourines at my church services. 

We danced and I lost my tambourine to another sister who could bust a move much better than me. I was wrecked with the love that God has for these women in this prison. These ladies were locked up but they were free. They were free and Holy Spirit was there right in the middle of it all. 

He was freely comforting them and reminding these ladies of their value and purposes. I didn’t have to bring them any words of hope. 

God had already delivered it and they were receiving it with tears and joy bursting out everywhere. 

We were there to receive it along with them. 

My speaking became nothing more than an agreement that God is good and we are all loved together equally. An acknowledgment really that Isaiah 61 seemed real and relevant to us there that night. 

I left that evening experiencing God. 
These ladies brought Jesus to me. They were now my sisters in Christ. 

People say prisoners deserve to be in prison because of the crimes they commit. 
I don’t disagree. 
I deserve to go to hell because of the sins I have committed. 
Jesus paid the debt so I could be free from that punishment. 
These ladies are paying their debt in prison. They are free from punishment in eternity and they have a future that brings freedom

Love never fails. 

God’s love showed me who they are and how much He loves them. ❤

My prison visit set me free from any preconceived expectations and love didn’t fail that day. 

Isaiah 61:1-7 (MSG)

61 1-7 The Spirit of God, the Master, is on me

    because God anointed me.

He sent me to preach good news to the poor,

    heal the heartbroken,

Announce freedom to all captives,

    pardon all prisoners.

God sent me to announce the year of his grace—

    a celebration of God’s destruction of our enemies—

    and to comfort all who mourn,

To care for the needs of all who mourn in Zion,

    give them bouquets of roses instead of ashes,

Messages of joy instead of news of doom,

    a praising heart instead of a languid spirit.

Rename them “Oaks of Righteousness”

    planted by God to display his glory.

They’ll rebuild the old ruins,

    raise a new city out of the wreckage.

They’ll start over on the ruined cities,

    take the rubble left behind and make it new.

You’ll hire outsiders to herd your flocks

    and foreigners to work your fields,

But you’ll have the title “Priests of God,”

    honored as ministers of our God.

You’ll feast on the bounty of nations,

    you’ll bask in their glory.

Because you got a double dose of trouble

    and more than your share of contempt,

Your inheritance in the land will be doubled

    and your joy go on forever.

Set Free,

Kelley Allison 


Learn more about the ministry that I accompanied that day here