Some Unpleasant Things 

Those of you following my fasting experience, I am excited to say that God is 6 for 6! 

This unpacking revelations is so much fun! 

Today’s unpacking has a little bit of a back story.   
Yesterday I woke up again feeling horrible. Huge dips in my blood sugar and well some unpleasant things for sure!  Let’s just say there was a lack of downloads in a certain department and coupled with feeling crummy I was ready to call it all quits. 

My friend arrived and noticed something wrong, she prayed over me and I started to feel better… I soon had a download in that other department too! God was moving quick answering our prayers.  
We then proceeded to “pray it down” for several other people and situations. I headed out to run errands after our three hours of a divine delay and awesome prayer time. I could not stop praying in my car and under my breath everywhere I went. So My next stop was to drop off something for my friend and instead of just sitting it on her porch I waited. When she opened the door I saw so much angst and sadness and instantly knew something was up. She barely got words out when I just grabbed her and started to pray. That turned out to be another two plus hour Divine delay.  

At one point she said she felt like she can’t hear God’s direction or answers on certain situations she has been praying for and showed me the Bible verse she read that morning. 

Here is a picture of it below-


The Verse is in Psalm 119

In the picture you can see the underlined sections she showed me-

My mind was stirred remembering that there was a Living Bible in a supply box at my Thursday night support group. It being Thursday I would look for it when I got there to take and read more of her verse.  
As I rushed now from the store and home to make dinner and eat and head back out the door to get to my class and look for the bible, I was so excited when my ministry partner and friend found it and said I could have it. So that is how today’s unpacking all got pre-unpacked. 

Those Divine Encounters and Divine Delays were all a bigger part by God so I could not only obtain this bible and use it to unpack today’s revelation…. but God also used them for some mighty powerful prayers, revelations, and unpleasant truths for all of us.  

So last night my waking time was 1:19 am- the verse that correlated with was Jeremiah 27:22.  

They will be taken to Babylon and there they will remain until the day I come for them,’ declares the LORD. ‘Then I will bring them back and RESTORE them to this place.'”~ Jeremiah 27:22 NIV 

I unpacked it in Bible Hub on my phone and the very first listed translation was NIV – and as you all can guess, the word that jumped out and confirmed I was on my way to my next download was- yep- RESTORE

Then the commentary had another favorite word- gracious promise

Jeremiah assures them that the brazen vessels should go after the golden ones. All shall be carried to Babylon. But he concludes with a gracious promise, that the time would come when they should be brought back. ~Matthew Henry Commentary 

So I finally was led to open the new to me Living Bible and wham! This is what the notes on that verse and passage of scriptures is telling us.

The people of Judah chose to listen to the pleasant messages of the false prophets, but this only blinded them to their sins and its inevitable consequences. All of us are impressionable, and even more so when we are young or going through difficult times. It is important that we build our life on a foundation of truth rather than on convenient or pleasant messages. God calls us to do some unpleasant things. He requires that we take an honest look at our life, admit our sin, and humbly seek to make amends for those we have hurt. Recovery is never easy; it is always painful. We would be wise to face the truth. The road of pleasant experiences will only lead to denial and destruction. ~ The Life Recovery Bible. 

Wow! God is so awesome! 

We can be so impressionable. We can allow other people or situations to influence us in either good or bad behaviors. We can be quick to swallow sometimes any ole thing someone is trying to force feed us. Whether that be a false prophet or the enemies lies. It’s also much easier to lose our resolve when things are difficult too. 
God does call us to do some unpleasant and inconvenient and out of our comfort zone things. 
(I can vouch for that – today is day 6 of my fast! This is a double Amen Brother Ben and a Glory and Hallelujah all said together now on that statement!) 

He also requires us to take an honest look at our lives and admit our sins, make amends, and also to release those secrets, sins, and struggles to Him. He is the only One that restores. He is the only One that delivers us. The road of pleasant experiences will only lead to more denial and destruction. So keep doing the unpleasant things- they will all pay off in the end. 

 Embrace the Divine Delays too because they can bring about a ton of great things.  

Until our next unpacking- travel light! 
                     ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 





A mirror can be defined as something regarded as accurately representing something else.



James 1:23-25 “For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks intently at his natural face in a mirror. For he looks at himself and goes away and at once forgets what he was like. But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing.”



Every morning, I use my mirror to prep myself for a day of work. The mirror to me is a reflection of what others see. About a week ago, I stopped for a minute and thought about what my reflection represents. I took another look into the mirror and looked deeper into my soul. In a moment of deep reflection, I asked myself:

1. What do I really see in this mirror?

2. Do I see myself as GOD sees me?

3. Am I reflecting a godly like image to others?

At that moment, I asked GOD to humbly come into my heart. I immediately started praying for myself and praying for others. It was such an Ah-ha moment. Here’s what I learned at that moment.

1. Many of us avoid mirrors because we are afraid of what we will see.

2. Many of us have a distorted view of what we see.

3. Many of us ignore what we see.

I learned that when we look in the mirror, some of us are crippled by fear, judgement, shame, guilt, worry, and stress. Often when we see these ailments, we ignore them and we operate through with a crippled state of mind. We become functionally mentally ill and sadly accept our lives as normal. I also learned that many times we avoid mirrors because we know that our baggage will be revealed and we feel so overwhelmed by the thought of letting go of the baggage, we tell ourselves it is easier to simply cope with it.

The reflection of what we see in the physical mirror is closely related to the reflection of what is seen through our spiritual mirror. When we open our hearts to GOD, we are forced to be honest with ourselves. God will show us the areas of life that we need to change. The word tells us to not only be hearers of the word; but doers of his word. When we adopt the practice of being doers, not just hearers, our reflections will change. Will we mirror a more Christ like life.

Decide who and what you want to accurately represent and watch GOD work!

I challenged you to move from a crippled state of mind and use GOD’s remedy, the word of GOD to help you use the mirror to:

1. Assess yourself spiritually

2. Align yourself with the word of god by doing.

3. Affirm the word and work of GOD by speaking life into your current image.

4. Choose to see yourself how God sees you.



Dear God,

Thank you for helping me to live out your word. Thank you so much for helping align myself with your word so that what others see is a reflection of you. Thank you for allowing me to see you as you see me.    
                    ~Lereca Monik 


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Intimate And Organic 

When I started this fast on 10/4, I asked the Lord to download deeper truths and show me each day some encouragement to carry me along. 
God has been so faithful, He is 4 for 4- 

4 days -4 revelations/encouragements so far.

How do I know these revelations and “downloads” are from God?
I added almost two years ago these two practices to my morning quiet time routine. 
From my dreams, I write down all the people in my dreams. I then use The Name Book by Dorothy Astoria. It lists a bible verse for each name. 

The 2nd place I go to is Waking Words of Ancient Wisdom by Barbie Breathitt. It lists correlating Bible versus to times. 

When I awake during the night, I jot down the times and look them up the next day. Sometimes it is nothing more than that person on my mind or something too spicy for dinner or just having to get up and pee. But usually 99.99% of the time, it is God having me unpack something He is trying to teach me.   

So by now I recognize when a download is coming on, kinda like needing to go potty. I can feel it rumbling and stirring and there is no stopping it. (my son will be so proud I used a little bathroom analogy and humor today) 

So back to today …
God took me to this verse:

“I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can’t produce a thing.” ~ John 15:5 MSG 

Afterwards God usually sends me to the dictionary and/or bible commentary.  

The two words that stood out were:


Closely acquainted; familiar, close. 

n. A very close friend



Of, relating to, or derived from living organisms

Right then I knew that God was downloading to me. As He also lovingly whispered to my soul:

It may get rough some days, it may make you want to give up Michelle, but cling to Me. Keep your relationship with Me and with food, intimate and organic. Keep it simple. Keep it Pure. Rest in Me. My burden is easy and light. The harvest is sure to be abundant if you stay linked up and aquainted with Me. When you separate from Me, you won’t produce a thing. You can’t do it without Me. I got this girlie! I got you in the palm of My hand. I am the true living God. All things are possible with Me. 

Yes! I am sticking close. I am clinging Lord! Today I am pressing on and thanking God for His Word and His downloads and for a light and easy burden. Instead of food being my Best Friend, God, You are my new BFF.  
I am believing with joyous hope that all things are possible and that soon I will also be lighter too.
                 XXOO Michelle Bollom 





Character can be defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.



Romans 5:4 “And endurance produces character, and character produces hope…”



Last week my girlfriend and I were conversing about GOD’s gift in our lives and the gifts of others. In our conversation we realized that character plays a significant role in our growth in life. Why is this important? I am curious.  

Do you feel like you are in a situation and you feel that you can’t move? Do you ever feel that you are being tested in the same area over and over again? Does someone anger you so deeply that you consistently explode? Are you experiencing disappointment over and over and over again? Do you ever feel like you progress in life and then feel like you are regressing?  


GOD is trying to take you to new levels that your character cannot maintain. If you find yourself moving up and then moving back down, it is time to switch into your character building season. It is time to make different choices.  


God has given all of us gifts; however, we become refined when we endure life’s circumstances, life’s circumstances help us depend on GOD. The more we depend on GOD- the more Christ-like we become, and our capacity for life increases.  

Every day we have the opportunity to build our character. Our character is what others see on the outside of us (based on what we’ve developed on the inside). This week, identify those areas of your life in which GOD might be trying to build your character and respond GOD’s way- not your way! Enjoy your week!




Dear God,

Thank you for showing me that this is my character building season. Please help me make choices that are GOD centered in all areas of my life. I truly desire a Christ-like character and I know this can only be built through enduring life and depending on you. Thank you for your love and grace. I love you.


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Pain can be defined as physical or emotional suffering due to injury, illness, or torment.



2 Corinthians 7:9 “Now I am glad I sent it, not because it hurt you, but because the pain caused you to repent and change your ways.”



A couple of weeks ago, my pastor helped me redefine how pain is important in our lives. In short, he told a story of how he got into a car accident years ago. He spoke on how he was paralyzed and that he could not feel his limbs for a few weeks. During this process; however his brain was still functioning and he could think, he just could not move. During this time frame, he let GOD know that he did not want to live in paralysis for the rest of his days. Little did he know, GOD would deliver him from being paralyzed and in his delivery he would immediately feel excruciating pain! That is exactly what happened; because his body had been battered, bruised, and broken- he felt real pain. My pastor shared with our congregation that had it not been for the pain he would not have started seeking GOD’s promise for his life. GOD’s promise for his life was for him to pastor a church with his brother and he has been ministering to others for over two decades.


After my pastor shared his story, I realized his story was my story, and my story is your story. Just think, in life- we experience pain to help push us to GOD and His promises for our lives. Because of pain, we cry out to GOD to help us get up from moments of paralysis so that we can navigate through our problems to walk into our purpose. Can you imagine being in a moment of paralysis forever? I can’t. I personally know how pain feels and maybe you do too- it does not feel good; but is it necessary. In hearing my pastor’s story, I can say I am so grateful for the painful moments in my life.    

I have learned that pain:

1. Will encourage you to cry out to GOD.

2. Shows up in your life so that you can grow.

3. Forces you to reexamine everything.

4. Helps you realign yourself with GOD.

5. Causes you to reassess your relationships.

6. Will appear as a life test- something for you to pass.

7. Inspires you to reevaluate your life’s purpose.

8. Helps you learn how to prioritize your life.

9. Is only temporary.

10. Will not follow you to heaven.


God does not allow physical and emotional suffering to hurt you, he knows that you will repent and change your ways. When you are faced with a moment of pain- just know the pain is a temporary place. Trust me you will be positioned in your place of purpose when you experience pain because your prayers will force you to declare GOD’s promises for your life.

Enjoy the journey!




Dear God,

Thank you so much for showing me that pain is temporary. Thank you for helping me understand that pain will help guide me to my purpose in life. Because of the pain my life will never be the same! I love you. ~Lereca Monik


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Better can be defined as superior quality, improved in health/healthier, and/or to increase the good qualities of.



Ecclesiastes 7:8 “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”



Growing up, people would often ask me…do you think you are better? At the time I did not understand exactly what that meant; but I remember always answering that question with “no, I don’t think I am better!” Honestly, I would get offended when people would ask me that. Some of you may have heard the same question growing up and like me felt extremely uncomfortable with the question and answering the question. Many of you may have answered the question the same way I did-some of you may have simply brushed the question off-some of you may have stopped becoming a better you and remain stagnant or remained average or what was considered norm at the time- and the rest of you may have replied with a serious, yes I am. I am not sure what your response was at the time; but I can tell you that my response to that same question has changed over the years.  


About one month ago, someone asked me the same question… Do you think you are better? In the context of the conversation I again answered the question by saying, “no, I don’t think I am better!” This time however, I pondered on the question differently. I thought to myself, why would someone ask me that? What did I do to make them feel like I am being better? What exactly does being better mean?


Here’s what I discovered. In life, many of us are striving to become better people. As our expectations of change, our desire for a superior quality of life changes as well. Many of us desire to have:

• A better relationship with GOD

• Healthier relationships with others

• Physical, emotional, and spiritual health

• A better relationship with our children

• A better relationship with our spouses

• Increased finances


When you have a desire to become a better you, and align yourself with GOD, he will begin stripping away your past armor and re-coat you with your new armor. Many people will not understand why you are wearing a new armor and will ridicule what you have on because they don’t understand or they haven’t accepted the new you. When you are stripped away from past encounters, do not discredit your past or pass judgement on others, simply allow GOD to continue to do his work. Be sure to always express his love. So here’s the new response to being asked “do you think you are better?”. Yes, I am better and I am working on becoming a better me! Instead of dimming your light; be thankful of GOD’s grace, mercy, and favor on your life. There’s no need to be boastful or prideful; but you should be unapologetically bold about letting people know that your vision for your life aligns with GOD’s vision for your life and that GOD wants you to be the best you- you can be! The scripture tells us that the end of a thing is better than its beginning. Thank GOD for a strong ending…



Dear God,

Thank you so much for helping me become a better me. Thank you for helping me see myself the way you see me. I might have had rough beginnings, but I am so grateful that my story ends with a better ending. I love you.


Commit to the challenge. 

 I DARE you. ~Lereca Monik 
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Appearance can be defined as an impression given by someone or something, although this may be misleading.



1 Samuel 16:7 “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”


Growing up do you remember…

• Getting your church outfit together the day before?

• Going shopping for your Christmas and Easter Outfit?

• Seeing more people at church for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day?


I do! The other day I was thinking to myself. There was a time in which I was told that you have to give the Lord your best. While the ideology behind this seemed normal- I believe there is another view point. So I started my research on appearance and the church.  


Appearance is an impression that can be misleading. I realized that so many of us are going to church portraying our best, some of us feel that we can’t go because we feel that our sins are keeping us from the closeness of GOD, and honestly many of us who are Christians project an attitude that seems like GOD’s best. 


Church for some of us has become a routine fashion show. At a fashion show, you have people coordinating the event (the church administration), the fashion models embracing the stage (our speakers), and the event attendees (the congregation).    


We are focused on how we look on our shoes, our suit, our hair style, the size of our bible, etc. Sometimes we only want to be part of the show. You guys, church is not a fashion event. GOD wants all of you, even when the show doesn’t look its best, even when you don’t feel your best; he wants a relationship with you year-round.  


So often we are WORRIED about our looks, our past and the WOUNDS of others that we lose sight of our WORSHIP. If we take our WOUNDs to GOD and WORSHIP him for WHOSE we are- our WORRY about unnecessary things will soon fade away. 


GOD looks at your heart and not the outside. I encourage you to ask GOD to reveal the matters of your heart, ask him about how you appear to him, and ask him how to be more Christ-like. Be ready for his answer and be prepared to make those adjustments. Today is your day to see yourself and others how GOD sees you.  



Dear God,

Thank you so much for seeing my heart. I want an intimate relationship with you and I want to project a Christ like attitude for others. Help me to display my best for you.


Commit to the change- I DARE You. 

                    ~ Lereca Monik 


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Instructions can be defined as detailed information telling how something should be done, operated, or assembled, a detailed order, or education. 



Proverbs 8: 33-36 “Listen to instruction and grow wise, do not reject it! Happy the one who listens to me, attending daily at my gates, keeping watch at my doorposts; for whoever finds me finds life, and wins favor from the Lord.



Have you ever purchased something that needed assembling and you did not review the instructions?

Have you ever been getting ready to take a test and didn’t read the instructions?

Have your parents ever given you instructions and you choose not follow them?

Has GOD instructed you to do something and you choose not to move?
Well, I have too. I admit there have been times in which I felt that I didn’t need instructions or I already knew them. Sometimes I act like a ‘know it all” or I act impatiently. Well this is how many of us treat GOD. We feel we know how to put the pieces of our lives together, we feel we have the strength to pass tests on our own, we feel like we do not need our father’s guidance, additionally we feel we can pick up GOD’s book and review his instructions on our timeline.  Well we can’t.  
Let’s think about this…when we fail to follow instructions the object we were trying to assemble falls apart, we fail tests, we are misguided, and we lose sight of GOD’s promise in our lives. Without GOD instructions we are hopeless, lost, and often paralyzed by fear.  

The instruction we need is found in GOD’s book, the bible. This BIBLE includes basic instructions we need before leaving earth. If you are seeking GOD’s instruction to show up in your life, I encourage you to read one chapter from the book of Proverbs for 31 days and watch GOD move. When you make this one adjustment, you will be guided by his instruction for your life. Others will see his light radiate through you.


Commit to the change…I Dare you!




Dear God,

Thank you so much for giving me instructions to live in my purpose. Please humble my heart and bless me with patience so that I willingly listen to your voice. GOD thank you for your love and guidance.


                          ~Lereca Monik 

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Thirst can be defined as a feeling of needing or wanting to drink something or a strong desire for something. 


The urban dictionary defines thirst as a form of lust of or want from members of the opposite sex. 



John 4: 14 “but whomever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”



I lay here in my bed speechless, in tears, confused, amazed, in awe, thankful, and full of the spirit.  


Let me take you back a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago, I was at a restaurant with a few girlfriends. I watched a group of men basically sit at their tables with this look of wanting to bite various women as they walked through the door. These men seemed at the time is–what I would call hungry. I was uncomfortable by the way they looked at other women and most importantly by the way they looked at me. These guys were in my words doing way too much. One of my girlfriends said “those guys are thirsty and the thirst is real!”    


That phrase never left my mind and I began searching for areas in the bible that spoke on thirst. We know how GOD delivers, he is always on time. God led me to the story of the woman at the well. I don’t think I was ready for what I was going to experience.


Reading the story, I learned that the woman at the well was faced with the following issues in her life: low self-esteem, hopelessness, morale, and feeling ostracized. This woman let others treat her cheaply, and as a result she treated herself very cheaply. I have been the woman at the well and I am sure many of you have too.  


You see, people do not grow up wanting to be treated cheaply…little girls do not aspire to be career prostitutes and little boys do not aspire to become abusers; but unfortunately children who are abused in any form, tend to abuse themselves and others. Our human nature forces us to make desperate choices in the wake of abuse and oppression. This is why we are experiencing this thirst epidemic. Men and woman have an excessive thirst to replace what was taken from them or not given to them as children…love and attention.   


What do you thirst for? Have you been treating yourself cheaply? Do you find yourself in abusive relationships? Are you thirsting over the opposite sex? Do you find yourself posting images on social media that seek the wrong type of attention? Are you sulking in feelings of guilt, shame, and fear- because of a past situation? What are you lusting over? 


Are you finding relief in the things you thirst for?   


Please don’t remain hostage by your past or what appears to be a social or cultural norm. Just like the woman at the well, we are dealing with issues and as a result this excessive thirst is exhausting and gives us a blurred vision.   



For years I carried the burden of molestation—I was treated cheaply by men as a child and in turn I continued to allow men to treat me cheaply (with little respect). That’s why I lay here in tears, I see so many hurting people, who like me suffered as a child. I am so thankful that we don’t have to be in bondage by what happened in our past. If we truly thirst for more, just like the woman at the well, GOD is ready to give you a drink of the living water. Go take a drink and thirst no more!


Commit to the change…I Dare you!




Dear God,


I want to drink from your well. Thank you for giving me an excessive thirst for you. Thank you for giving me the grace that I need to be free from past bondage. I love you. 

~Lereca Monik  


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