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Just email me your story how God has restored you with your life verse. That was all they were asking.

Wow! Too many times. Too many situations. God had restored me on so many occasions could I possibly just tell one story that would make people understand? 

Nope. Not the way that you needed to hear. Not the way you needed to understand the grace and mercy that God has shown to me. So, here’s my story…

I was molested at 13. I was sexually assaulted at 13 and I was raped at 14. Three traumatic events that shaped my belief in men. Men took from you. Men didn’t value you. You were nothing more than eye candy for men. Those were all the things that ran through my mind.

At 14 my boyfriend and I broke up. He blamed me for my rape. I was devastated. I felt unloved and alone. I tried to take my life. Life had become unbearable.

I spent that summer being depressed and crying every day. I wouldn’t get dressed. I wouldn’t play with my siblings or talk to my mother. I was broken. My mother didn’t know the real reasons for my pain. I wanted to die and I cursed God for not letting that happen.

My mother came in my room one day and sat on the bed and said, “As a parent you wish that you could kiss every tear that falls from your child’s eyes. But, you can’t. I can’t. But, this is the time when you need to go to the Lord in prayer. He will help you. He will answer you. Please just pray.” She left my room.

I sat silently in the room crying. Tears falling in big drops that left stains down my face. I fell to my knees and prayed. I simply said, “God please help me.” It was in that moment that I felt God’s reassuring love and presence. He consoled me. He loved me. He had not abandoned or forgotten me. He was there.

Many years and many life lessons later God reminded me that He is still in charge. That He is always there. Ever watching. Ever waiting for me to just let go and trust. Trust that He has not forgotten me.

I was losing my cousin to cancer. We were 9 months apart. He was the only man in this world that I ever believed loved me. Not my husband but my cousin.

My marriage was in hell. We were roommates. We had tried to have a child with no luck. I cursed God for making me barren and then taking the only man in this world from me. Letting him die. Life wasn’t fair.

But God.

God interceded and worked on my spirit. I began talking to my husband again. I began trying to fix my marriage. We tried to date and love each other again. We attempted invitro fertilization (IVF) again. We got pregnant.

The moment the nurse told me that I was pregnant I said “Thank you God”. I knew it was God. I knew he was sending me a message. He was going to give my cousin his wings. I would lose the only man that ever loved me. But, He was sending me a son. Another boy who would become a man who would love me.

The moment I saw my little embryo on the screen I said “Look at my son. Thank you God.” My husband laughed and said “It could be a girl.” I replied, “Nope, it’s a boy. God is giving me a son.” The funny thing is that I didn’t doubt God’s grace and mercy on me. I knew the message he was sending. It was clear. He confirmed it when they told me that my due date was my cousin’s birthday.

But God.

I had many complications in my pregnancy and almost lost my baby. People worried. People prayed. But I knew that he would be okay. How? Because I had prayed to God that if he let my son live that I would bring him to Him. I told God I would do as Hannah did with Samuel and I would bring my son to Him. That was my fervent prayer.

He did. He let my son live. He was born prematurely and I never worried. I knew that God had us. He always had. He had never abandoned me. My son was His gift to me.

But, life didn’t always make me believe that God heard me. I suffered so much. So many trials and tribulations that I didn’t really understand the importance of trusting God with everything that I am and everything that I have. Truly trusting and leaning on His word.

My marriage ended. I was heartbroken at the way I was being treated and I felt so alone. Many days I couldn’t get out of bed. I cried incessantly and I would fall out from the overall emotional pain of my situation. I thought I was dying. All while trying to raise a 5 year old.

My son would hold my head and say “Mommy, please don’t cry. I’ll protect you.” I was a wreck. Crying and praying. Praying and crying. God spoke to my spirit and said, “Get up! It is done!” Just like that.

I did and I prayed. He reminded me how he’s never abandoned me. He’s never left me and that His anointing has always been on my life. I was alive to tell of His grace and mercy because my words are what people understand. I would be a living testimony of how He saves.  

I am a living testimony. I will tell of His grace and mercy. Our God has not forgotten. He will forever answer you. But, we all fall short. We forget how to pray. We get so consumed with our issues and situations that we don’t just pray and listen. We pray. We listen to the noise in our head. We don’t hear His voice. We think He doesn’t care. He does.

He is never changing. He never fails. Nothing will separate us from the love of God. That is my story. The life verse that reminds me of this comes from my favorite book in the Bible….Romans.


Romans 8:38-39 (NRSV)

38 For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, 39 nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.


 ~ Tikeetha Thomas 



Tikeetha Thomas is a full-time working mom with an 8 year old son who is the apple of her eye. She resides in Maryland and when she is not working and catering to her little boy, she is busy working on her unnamed novel. You can follow her on Twitter Here:

 or read more about her life at her blog Here:  


You Reign – Part 2

Friendly Tip: Let His Power In You Speak For Itself


Life will throw you a few curve balls, won’t it? We’ve all experienced them, haven’t you? When life throws you curve balls- you are afforded the best opportunity to ante up your time with GOD. 


Why? Because, GOD cannot show us miracles without mess, we would not see blessings without burdens…In order to be a testimony we must face a few test.


How are you handling these tests? When curve balls are being thrown at you, learn how to swing back with the word of GOD. The word will remind you of your power and your greatness. The word will remind you that you are a queen and a king. During these valley moments, become lost, we think we can’t find our way, and then we forget about GOD’s promise. 


As some point, I got lost too. To find my way out of the valley, I immersed myself in his word, and I started pouring into other people by joining Restored Ministries as a blogger. 


As I shared last week, I kept hearing You Reign. I had no clue what it meant; but I knew in meant something. So I remained obedient. 


In GOD’s speed and by his power, I now carry the title of Ms. Texas America 2016. This was not something I planned for; but is something that was a part of HIS plan.


GOD is amazing. I accepted my crown in the spiritual realm and it was manifested in the physical realm. Miracles do happen.   

 Scripture Reading: Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”

Friendly Activity:  

Ponder on these five (5) steps, See where you might be stuck, and Get moving in a new direction.


· R: Remember Who You Are

· E: Embrace Your Uniqueness

· I: Invest in Yourself

· G: Give of your Gift

· N: Next in Line


God will bless you immeasurably more than you can ask or think, find rest in him and let him do the work. Good Night Friend.


~LeReca Monik

Brave to Braver


I am so excited to introduce to you my friend and this weeks #FeatureFriday; Donna Reiners.

Donna Reiners is a writer, speaker, ordained minister and encourager in Houston Texas, who has a heart to see women have strong relationships with God and one another. She is an avid weekly blogger who tells on herself more often than not and includes stories from present day as well as past long gone.

You can find her through the following:

Follow her Blog –

Visit her website –
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Read her books –

Facebook/Twitter – Donna Reiners/ Love is the New Green

-XXOO Michelle Bollom


A Holy Experience


A few years ago I picked up this book, – well really let me back track a little here. My very close and dear friend Debbie Bouckley; A fellow blogger and the creative director of Restored Ministries, told me about this book and even picked me up a copy of it. So I picked up the book and started reading.
It changed me.

It is right up there for me with Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life and William P. Young’s The Shack, as one of my most favorite and life altering books.

I follow Ann Voskamp on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I read her blog almost daily. I have tweeted and retweeted and also got a favorite or retweet from Ann on occasion.

I really love to share her stuff.

I also one day envision me and Debbie getting invited to her Farm to discuss some God stuff with her!

Her words can leave me speechless in a good way. I always think one is my favorite and then she keeps delivering more and more profound words that hit my soul deep. I praise God for her and her amazing gift of words.

The book 1000 Gifts inspired me several years ago to buy myself, my husband and our twins a journal and have us all start counting Gifts.
We still do it today.
Our Gifts are our list of things we are Thankful for. It has altered our family in a wonderful way.

I was trying to decide on a #FeatureFriday this week and Ann Voskamp kept coming to mind, so
I know God wanted me to share her with you all.

If you have not heard of her or her books I encourage you to look her up on all social media and be sure to sign up for your own A Holy Experience here:

And Ann Voskamp, if you happen to see this-
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I am free to come for a visit anytime and if you are back in Houston, TX sometime; my farm table is open to you too!

~XXOO Michelle Bollom
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