Tearing Down The Wall 

I will tear down the wall you have covered with whitewash and will level it to the ground so that its foundation will be laid bare. When it falls, you will be destroyed in it; and you will know that I am the Lord.~ Ezekiel 13:14 

I heard a great message today about the walls that are created in relationships and within ourselves. I was reminded that even the veil that separated God’s presence from his people, in the temple, was torn in two at the moment of Jesus’s death. 

I couldn’t help but to think about the walls that I have built over the years. Barriers had kept me separated from my heavenly father and from the people in my life. I used the empty space as a shield before me, around me, and in between my heart and God’s. At times, I did this unknowingly and other times it was intentional. I was afraid and needed to keep people from getting too close. 

I knew about relationships; they hurt! It was easier to keep people at a distance than to let them in to access the sacred places of my heart.

However, one thing I didn’t know was that God is the maker of all relationships. 

He wanted a relationship with me. 

He wanted me to have one with those around me. 

He wanted me exposed, bare and open, leveled, so that I could experience the greatest relationship. 

As I surrendered to the fear and pain, the Lord began to teach me the importance of having relationships and taught me the value in becoming vulnerable. 

I’ve discovered who God is. I’ve learned about others. And I have discovered things about myself, while tending to the wounded places in my heart. One of the most powerful lessons so far has been finding out that we all, deep down, desire to experience relationship.

~ Baring His Beauty,

    Tiffany Thomas 

Living My Write Life

Today I had a notice on my Instagram page that someone commented on a post.  
The account was @livingmywritelife 

I went out to check their page since the clever name intrigued me….. WOW! 

This lady, Chelsea is talented! 
Such a simple and creative way to share her beautiful gift of poetry.  

The lead image is an example and you can head over to follow her on Instagram Here 

Who doesn’t love a little more encouragement? 

Sharing is caring so reshare with your friends too! 

      ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

From Being Barren to Giving Birth 


 Genesis 25:21 “Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was barren; and the LORD answered him and Rebekah his wife conceived.”

Before I begin the series, I just wanted to briefly touch on the birthing process. See in life, giving birth is a process. First the egg must be released and the seed must be planted. No seed, no baby. All births begin with seed and then the seed continues to grow. Growth only occurs if the seed is being properly nourished. If the seed is not nourished properly, your pregnancy might come to a drastic end and you might lose your baby or your baby might be born prematurely. Honestly you don’t want either.  

When GOD is trying to help you give birth to a new you, a new business, a new project or a new idea- you might feel barren; but GOD will say it’s time to give birth. It does not matter how old you are or whether you have ever given birth before. Just like a physical pregnancy, you will experience a spiritual pregnancy and endure the birthing phases.

You will experience phases in sequential order:


1. Ovulationthis is the phase that causes you to place your life in GOD’s hands. It was revealed to me that I needed to release myself from the need of controlling everything in my life. This was not easy; but it was necessary. The word tells us that Rebekah was barren for 20 years; but regardless of the time, GOD answered her prayers. If you don’t release your life to him, you will never experience giving birth to all he has promised for you.

2. Conceptionthis is the phase in which GOD will help you to conceive your purpose. God’s promise seed for your life is planted.

3. Gestationthis is time or season in which your baby is being developed. Some people might be in the season for one year and others might be in this season for many years. This totally depends on what GOD has ordained specifically for you. This is the phase that requires nourishment. I recommend you feed yourself with the word of GOD and drink from the well of the living water so that GODs word will live in you and radiate through your baby.

4. Contraction (Labor)at this point of the birthing cycle, many people experience a whole lot of pain. This is when your life is getting prepared to give birth so something new. Many people might describe this phase a level 5 storm.    

5. Birth– …Some people want to quit at this phase; because the pain seems too hard. What you don’t realize in the moment is that if you push one more time you will give birth to your baby….PUSH!

When GOD wants us to conceive, we will; I believe it is important to have an intimate relationship with him before conception. When we do, we can truly rest in him to protect our baby and guide us along the way during our pregnancy and after we give birth.


Discovery Question:  

What season are you in? Are you feeling barren or getting ready for birth? What do you need to give over to GOD?


Isaac prayed for his wife to get pregnant, and GOD answered. Wherever you are in your birthing phase, I encourage you to give it over to GOD, let him answer. When you do, you will experience peace and you will be able to rest.  

Good Night Friend!

Lereca Monik

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Good Night Mom 

Last year many of you followed my “I DARE YOU!” series. Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and going on that journey with me. The “I DARE YOU” season for me was GOD’s way of asking me to place him at the center of my life. The beautiful thing about the series was that I was given a platform to pour into all of you as well. 

 My life was transformed; and I was able to break free from the many chains that were keeping me in bondage. I boldly say…I am truly blessed!

Quick Question:

Has GOD ever had to allow things in your life to happen so that you can focus all of your attention on him? Have you experienced pain so deeply that you wanted to die; but GOD offered you a little glimpse of hope and life, leading to your decision to choose life? Has your life been totally disrupted, and you are currently struggling trying to find the pieces to help put your life back together again?

I have been there too. It was two years and four months ago on August 26, 2013. That was the day GOD totally disrupted my life! That’s the day that GOD said enough and I was blessed to birth a beautiful baby girl named, Lereine Mari-lyne Coxeff. 

You see giving birth to my daughter was more than becoming a new mom. GOD later revealed to me that my journey to becoming a mother would also be my journey to doing his work. Little did I know, my disruptive phase would become my instructive phase. I needed to be pruned from my old ways, old habits, old thoughts, old people, etc. This was all orchestrated to replace all old things with something new. 

I became a NEW me! I am now the same person, with a different platform. During my first year as a new mother, I was stretched in so many ways and I was forced to move completely out of my comfort zone.   
God was clear that this would be a season of:

· Re-alignment (I needed to realign myself with the word)

· Re-evaluation (I needed to reevaluate myself and my life)

· Re-commitment (I needed to recommit myself to GOD’s promise for my life)

· Re-assessment (I needed to reassess my relationships)

My journey into motherhood helped me develop this series called “GOOD Night MOM.” Good night mom is a weekly series that will offer support, encourage growth, and create a platform for others to share their experiences after giving birth to something. I will use my experiences as a new mother to offer a message to my readers and followers. Each week will include a tip, a story, a scripture, and a discovery question.         

I look forward to taking this journey with you. My only hope is that you will learn how to rest in the lord. 


Good Night Mom,


Lereca Monik

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Finding The Courage 

I am more than half way through my fasting experience. What would seem like a really scary and difficult task has not really been all that bad. Much easier than I thought. 

 I think a lot is due to having the right perspective and mindset going in. I wanted this to be about God revealing some transforming truths in His word for me. I wanted to crucify my flesh and live in the Spirit. I wanted to not mourn what I gave up and instead be excited with the wisdom and knowledge I would gain.

 I never imagined how wonderful this could be.  

Of all the things I gave up, I gained so much more. Some revelations have been life changing, some have been AHA (a holy answer) moments, and some have been encouragement for me to keep pressing on.  

As I am no longer turning to food to fill or stuff an emotional void it is not intended to and instead using food for just nutrition, I am finding many things about myself that have seemed hidden, start to emerge.  

Today’s Life Recovery notes on my verse talk about finding the courage. 

I started to think about the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz that was in search of courage and traveled the yellow brick road to Oz, but only to realize he really had it all along. The lion had let fear crowd his courage out.  

Courage, for me too, was like the Lion, I thought I didn’t have very much, but realized, I had it all along but fear had been crowding out my courage.

What God has been showing me is that when I tune into the Spirit over my flesh, then I will find not only the Courage, but a whole lot more things, I only thought I lacked.  
The courage to speak up when I need to

The courage to deny my flesh

The courage in asking God for bolder and bigger prayers

The courage to let go of control 

The courage to surrender my will and my emotions fully to God 

The courage to rest in His perfect peace

The courage to try new things

The courage to love others more 

The courage to take even the slightest resentment or hurt to Him first

The courage to forgive fully 

The courage to accept instead of expect 

The courage to listen more 

The courage to speak less 

The courage to realize my worth is in God and not in my own abilities

Lord, thank You for chiseling away at all the junk to reveal the facets of the diamond You are mining instead of just revealing and leaving the flaws. Your love, mercy, and grace make it all possible. Thank You for restoration and recovery and most of all salvation. Thank You for avenging me and others who are hurting and bound by secrets, sins, or struggles. Thank You for Your many promises in Your Word and the Power of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You that You came to set the captives free and to give us a hope and a future.  
                       ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

But as for Judah, it will always be full of people.Eternal One: Jerusalem, too, will endure for generations to come. I will avenge those who were hurt, enslaved, exiled, and killed;I will not let the guilty go free.For the Eternal One lives in Zion. ~ Joel 3:20-21 The VOICE 

God has a good future planned for all who trust in Him. Restoration and recovery will be complete; salvation will be forever. With this hope for the future, we can find the courage we need to persevere through our problems today. Since the final goal of our recovery process is assured, we need not fear the dark days still ahead. ~Life Recovery Bible 

Discovering Gems


I have always loved shelling and treasure hunting since I was a kid. I think that is what also inspires me to view my Bible studying and reading in the same way. I always anticipate finding a Gem amidst the pages. That life changing verse that just jumps off the page for me. I get so much pleasure as I search and scan various translations looking and admiring the different facets in the various wordings. Some translations just make the words sparkle and come to life for me. I recently found this Gem in the Message translation. I have decided to make it my prayer.

God, teach me lessons for living
so I can stay the course.
Give me insight so I can do what you tell me—
my whole life one long, obedient response.
Guide me down the road of your commandments;
I love traveling this freeway!
Give me a bent for your words of wisdom,
and not for piling up loot.
Divert my eyes from toys and trinkets,
invigorate me on the pilgrim way.
Affirm your promises to me—
promises made to all who fear you.
Deflect the harsh words of my critics—
but what you say is always so good.
See how hungry I am for your counsel;
preserve my life through your righteous ways! ~Psalm 119:33-40 MSG

Let God’s Word and Spirit transform your life. Take some time and go on your own Bible treasure hunt and share the Gems you discover and love with us below in the comments.
~XXOO Michelle Bollom