The Sustainer Of My Soul 




1. strengthen or support physically or mentally.
To supply with necessities or nourishment; provide for

To support the spirits, vitality, or resolution of; encourage

To support from below; keep from falling or sinking; prop.

Behold, God is my helper and ally;The Lord is the sustainer of my soul [my upholder.]~ Psalm 54:4 

A strong spirit sustains us.~Proverbs 18:14

We are never alone. We have the strength and support both physically and mentally we need. We have all our necessities and nourishment provided for us. We have support for our spirit, vitality, and resolutions to anything we face. We have encouragement and a prop holding us up and keeping us from sinking or falling.  

                   Declare these promises!  

             #LiveRestored #PrayTheWord

                   ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Day One 

You don’t know this, but today is the first day of the rest of my life.”  Those were the words I spoke to my BFF one morning in August of 2012 shortly after moving to a new city.  “Um, OK.” was the response I got.  I am always up to something, and she is always willing to humor me and hop on for the ride.  I gotta do something, here goes nothin’So began my 5:00AM running program.  Day One-5 min walk/2 min jog/5 min walk. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But I did it. My rule was if I didn’t accomplish the day’s requirements, I repeated it the next day. Every morning I ran in the dark, no one could see that I’m NOT a perfect picture of somebody who’s never not good enough. Each morning was a new Day One and I was actually getting through the program. By week 5 I was saying, “only a 10 minute jog today!”  Morning after morning as I made my first turn, a single star was waiting to guide me and I would pray to get through the daily set.  Weeks 8, 9, and 10 just kept on rolling.  I wasn’t wishing any more, I was actually doing it. It was the final day! Ooh…– a 30 minute jog.  Again, this required a phone call to the BFF on the night prior, “How am I going to DO this?” In her simple, loving, smack-down way she assured me, “you just will.”  And, I did!  It was 5:00AM and my star was right there to guide me along with many prayers of thanks. My best days are not behind me, they are shining brightly in front of me. They’re numerous, and joyful, and amazing, and inspiring. Every day is Day One for that day’s adventure filled with God’s mercy and grace. The Sun’s Coming Up, The Beginning Has Begun.

              ~Heather Doughty 

Day One – Matthew West

Well, I wish I had a short term memory
Wish the only thing my eyes could see
Was the future burning bright right in front of me
But I can’t stop looking back

Yeah, I wish I was a perfect picture of
Somebody who’s never not good enough
I try to measure up but I mess it up
And I wish I wasn’t like that

I wish I wasn’t wishing anymore
Wish I could remember that nobody’s keeping score
I’m tired of throwing pennies in a well
I gotta do something
Here goes nothin’

It’s day one of the rest of my life
It’s day one of the best of my life
I’m marching on to the beat of a brand new drum
Yeah, here I come 
The future has begun
Day one

Well, every single day Your grace reminds me
That my best days are not behind me
Wherever my yesterday may find me
Well, I don’t have to stay there

See my hourglass is upside down
My someday soon is here and now
The clock is tickin’
And I’m so sick and tired of missing out

It’s day one
And here comes the sun

Every morning, every morning
Every morning, mercy’s new
Every morning, every morning
Every morning, I will fix my eyes on You
Every morning, every morning
Every morning, mercy’s new
Every morning, every morning
Sun’s coming up, the beginning has begun

Starting over, I’m starting over
Starting over, I’m starting over, starting now
I’m starting over
Starting over, I’m starting over
Starting over
Starting over, starting now
I’m starting over