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We Are All Artists!

The act of creating something is to simply learn focused living.

Art is like oxygen. We don’t have to see it to know we need it.

Many times we are too busy or distracted to see the amazing beauty in a sunrise or sunset.

We can grow oblivious to the intricate details of a butterfly or blue jay or the vibrant hues of a field of bluebonnets and wildflowers or the crystal bright white glistening blanket of fresh snow.

God is an amazing artist always sharing His work with us.

God made us to create too!

Even if you just apply your makeup or style your hair (or don’t style your hair) or fry an egg, pack a lunch, write one word or sing a song today … you are still creating.

We are always creating!

So, slow down and do something that makes you stop and focus.

It could be that very dose of oxygen your soul is needing to breathe in today to bring fresh life back into you.

And the beauty of art is that it’s all in the eyes of the beholder so who cares if people like it or resonate with it… or even get it – It’s what makes you – uniquely you!

No need to explain it to anyone or get their approval either.

So, Create Today!

And if you’re feeling brave – share with me in the comments your latest masterpiece.

~ XXOO Michelle

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Living My Write Life

Today I had a notice on my Instagram page that someone commented on a post.  
The account was @livingmywritelife 

I went out to check their page since the clever name intrigued me….. WOW! 

This lady, Chelsea is talented! 
Such a simple and creative way to share her beautiful gift of poetry.  

The lead image is an example and you can head over to follow her on Instagram Here 

Who doesn’t love a little more encouragement? 

Sharing is caring so reshare with your friends too! 

      ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 


 Many butts have

Graced your bosom

Smoke hovering your rims

Swirling slowly

Gently seeping 

Deeply into your bed

Of cold

Cut green glass

Many lives

Many cigarettes

Turning of tables

Loud music and dance

Nonchalant and elegant

Sitting back

Waiting patiently

For the last drag


Like warm covers

Tossed aside

After love made


Just passers by

In this ashtrays


               ~Krystal Lynne