Beans Beans The Magical…Salad

Beans are not a fruit as the catchy rhyme would suggest, but as far as the rest of the jingle, well, you will have to find out for yourself.

2 cans Bush’s purple hull peas

1 jalapeño 

1 Roma tomato

1 cup of cilantro chopped

1 cup purple onion chopped

2 limes squeezed

1 tbsp chopped garlic

1 tsp salt & pepper 

Surprisingly this salad was very good.

I will definitely be making this again. 

You could also eat with corn chips if you wanted to like a dip. 

Enjoy! ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

If you have made something similar, share your recipe varieties with us in the comments.

Herb Superb! 

I am not talking Herb Superb as in Herbage- the illegal and legal in some states herb.  

We say Nope To Dope in our house.   

The superb herb I am talking about is my latest favorite thing as a Faith-Filled Foodie.

Thanks to my friend Debbie, I am loving these little dried herb grinders by McCormick. I bought the basil one and also the Italian blend of basil, oregano, and rosemary.   

They are my new favorite thing! 

We baked some Halibut fillets with grated lemon, the herbs, and a tad of butter. 

Paired it nicely with a cucumber salad tossed with grated lemon, olive oil and some more of these superb herbs! 

Try them! 
You will see for yourself- Herb Superb! 

What are you cooking for dinner? 

#RealGoodFood #YummO 
~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

The Perfect Patty Melt 

My husband recently had a Patty Melt his sister Brenda made over the weekend. He went on and on about this patty melt. So to kick off Summer and prove that I can make a mean patty melt too-I set out to make the perfect patty melt. 

The abundance of purple onions in the garden made for the best sautéed onions. 

I opted for Gouda, Munster, and Vermont Sharp White Cheddar cheeses. (the combination together was fabulous- just don’t have your cholesterol checked too soon afterwards!)

We did not just leave our melts to just Patty and onions. We added garden fresh juicy tomatoes with red tip lettuce, sliced avocado and hot jalapeños. All this masterpiece was set upon a flaky toasted onion roll. 

Yes- you guessed it ….

 #YummO #RealGoodFood 

      ~XXOO Michelle Bollom

Hamburger Helper Grows Up 

I remember as a child in the 70’s we loved some Hamburger Helper. It was so good! 
Just Not so good for you….

Every once in awhile I will want to get the potato stroganoff one and I then I read the ingredients list and shudder and my conscience makes me leave it on the shelf. 

I have made my kids a homemade version of it before but it just takes way too many ingredients and time.  

Lately my kiddos have been wanting the cheesy greasy goodness of Hamburger Helper. Well, actually my adapted version since we stopped eating HH almost 10 years ago. 

So my version normally is all from scratch but sometimes I do opt for the box Mac N Cheese. When I go the “simple and quick” route with the box, I just don’t read the ingredients.  

I had some leftover ground sirloin that I sautéed with onions and threw in some more sautéed purple onions from the garden and a big chunk of Elephant Garlic with olive oil.  

Thankfully my kiddos like garlic and onions because we have lots of onions from my Mother In Laws garden right now and I always put enough to convince myself that it’s actually another serving of vegetables.  

Today  I wanted to save time and ingredients so I bought the store made Mac N Cheese box.

 I just didn’t read the ingredients list so my conscience stayed clear-but opted for this version since it promotes no artificial flavors or dyes etc. 

I boiled the noodles and threw all the ground sirloin, onions, garlic, herbs in with the cheese sauce and added a little steamed asparagus so they got another vegetable of course! 

So there you go- Dinner is done! 

Our Hamburger Helper Grows Up….
Just like my kiddos are in the blink of an eye.  

Makes for a happy and almost healthy dinner. 

What are you Cookin today? 
~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Where’s The Meat? 

We implement some Meatless Monday’s in our home. Really any day of the week works and sometimes we even do a couple days a week.   

We weren’t always like that. We ate our fair share of red meat until in 2008 we started eating better after a stroke forced us to. 

So we started eating more beans and legumes

  (which really what is the difference between beans and legumes? Can someone enlighten me?)

But Any Hoo- we have found our favorite meatless dinner.

At first I used brown rice and have slowly replaced the rice with cauliflower rice.

You take a bag of cauliflower rice and steam.  

(I tried to grate my own one time and am still finding it hidden around my kitchen, but if you are brave and just want to try it- knock yourself out. I prefer the pre grated already bagged version.) 

Steam the cauliflower and pour into a 13×9 pan. Season with cumin, chili powder, salsa, onions, cilantro, and lime juice. Then add two cans of organic black beans rinsed. Stir together and add a little cheese and bake till cheese melts and beans are warmed.  
We like to top with shredded lettuce, avocado, ( or our Holy Guacamole ) and I let the kids eat with corn chips if they want.  

It is packed full of fiber and tastes — well you guessed it… #YummO.

         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

A New Twist On Tacos

Confession! Since finding this little gem at our HEB deli we have had these tacos …. Uh well, let’s just say …. Too many times! 

I was at our local HEB and I buy their in house roasted deli meats. You pay more but they taste better and have no nitrates added. 

I noticed they now had brisket. So at just $12.97 a pound I thought “hey easy meal” “why not”?

I always buy the mission brand extra thin corn tortillas. The reason is for 3 tacos you are under 200 or so calories and your carb count is around 24. 

So I thought, hey we have some Hot Hot Hot Salsa and some Holy Guacamole – why not have easy tacos? 

I don’t fry my corn tortillas in oil to keep it healthy and instead place on a baking pan.
Our big pan holds 6 easily. 
I laid down one slice of the thin brisket, and a small sprinkle of Extra Sharp White Vermont Cheddar. Placed in oven at 350 for 5 minutes.   
Topped with shredded lettuce, and our salsa and guacamole. You can add sour cream or olives or onions or tomatoes or whatever taco toppings you like.  
There you have a quick easy dinner idea and of course something new for taco Tuesday or any day of the week. 

We loved those so much we decided to make a breakfast version- we topped them with a nice over easy fried egg. #YummO. – Holy Guacamole is optional but we liked them with the avocado. 

   It was good stuff! ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 
You can also make with rotisserie chicken or whatever meat or even beans you have handy. 

Hot Hot Hot ! 

No -I am not talking about the Texas Summer heat quickly approaching or something on HBO after dark. 

 I am talking Salsa Season! 

My family loves good salsa. And there is a difference in fresh and jar salsa. 
 The jar salsa just won’t cut it.

Sorry Pace- you are not my idea of salsa. 

Now I can handle Arriba Salsa in the jar if desperate… But only in a pinch. 

My hubby is a gardener. I am not. 

I do however like to cook up all the yumminess that his garden produces but when everything is producing rapidly the counters can get full quickly and it drives my old OCD tendencies a little crazy. 

So into the Vitamix went a large purple onion, 8 medium tomatoes, a big handful of parsley and cilantro, 2 yellow banana peppers and 2 sweet red peppers, a squeeze of lime juice, pink salt, a big spoon of chopped garlic and a pinch of cayenne with one long skinny Serrano pepper and ….. Ta da! Salsa is done!

Grab your favorite chips and here you go! 

Clean counter….=Momma Happy 

 #YummO salsa made out of #RealGoodFood 

= Family Happy! 

Doesn’t get much better in the ole South – where we like keeping things Hot Hot Hot! 

         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Trying Something New 

Argentina pink shrimp ….. 

My girlie yesterday on the phone said our HEB had them and they were delicious.  

I had been giving shrimp a little break and was in HEB today when I saw them and being the foodie that I am – I had to try them.  

Plus they were already shelled and deveined at $8.97 a pound so I thought- why not? 

A cheap couple of meals. 

I decided to sauté them with just a little butter and garlic. I noticed they cooked very quick.
I then sautéed baby Bella mushrooms and garlic with green onions which when paired with the shrimp made for a pretty tasty lunch… with tons of leftovers.  

I will use the rest of the shrimp with an Asian chopped salad. (That is how my girlie recommended them) 

I had confused these with possible tiger shrimp but in fact they are not.  

They were good…. Different … Almost like a lobster texture and a little sweeter than most shrimp. 

This southern coast girl prefers her gulf shrimp with a more salty taste but for wild caught and cleaned you can’t beat it! I will say I much preferred these to the Florida Pink Rock shrimp which I thought were flavorless and overpriced. 

Anything of course is good with a little butter and a whole lotta garlic though…

Happy Eating! #YummO

         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Faith-Filled Foodie 

I always thought my dream job would be a food critic or food journalist. Problem is there is not much food that I don’t like or won’t try so people would probably get annoyed that I didn’t have anything bad to report. I probably would weigh a thousand pounds too because I just am not that into Tapas style portions- but I am learning portion control and that a little really can go a long way. 

For our followers that don’t know this about me – I do have a passion for cooking. Sometimes I get bored and try to find creative ideas so I make up a lot of recipes. I have only had a couple of flops in all these years. If you have followed me on Instagram on my personal account @schells you know I love the #(Hashtag) #RealGoodFood & #YummO 

I know- some of you may hate food pics- but I love them for the most part.  

I like to take pics of my food. I like to share great dining places. I like to create recipes and I like to use silly #Hashtags.   

So as I was trying to figure out what to cook today and how to use the surplus of green beans the garden is producing, I decided to create something #YummO out of #RealGoodFood and thought- why not share with all my awesome blog followers.  

Now, I must also disclose that my intention is not to cause anyone to stumble that may be fasting or on a diet. 
Since recently going on a fast last October I had to repent and apologize for posting food pics so much on social media. Plus the little Tasty videos of recipes is brutal when you are abstaining from cheese, and sugar, and white flour….. I get it!  

I also struggle with emotional stuffing with foods so I attend and lead a 12 Step Recovery Group for Emotional Eating each week so I will say I am Recovering … ing… Not ed-recovered. 

I am learning to let God fill those voids and deal with emotions and finding my words instead of stuffing.

I am a Faith-Filled Foodie that is simply trying not to stuff my face…make healthier choices and take care of my temple better, but I don’t always get it right. Progress… Not perfection.  

For Fun- if you like recipes, I am doing a new category called the Faith-Filled Foodie.

This will be a place for recipes and all things food and cooking.  

If you want to guest blog for us- contact me. 
       ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Tonight’s dinner was brown basmati rice, grilled chicken and purple onions sautéed in a tab of butter and garlic, Steamed fresh green beans with toasted slivered almonds with a light sprinkle of Feta. Put it all in a 13×9 pan and heated on 350 till feta was slightly melted.  

I paired it with my favorite salad right now-

Watercress, cucumber, green olives, yellow squash, green onions, cherry tomatoes, avocado with a sprinkling of Raspberry Vinaigrette. 

 I have to say- it was quite #YummO 😋 plus my daughter gave it two Thumbs up! 

The One & Only Sugar Trask-#FeatureFriday


I have rarely met a personality so grand and a heart so big with love for others as I have with Sugar, she is one of a kind.

I had the privilege of spending some time with Sugar this summer and I was so blessed by her. I know you will be blessed by her and her story too! ~XXOO Michelle Bollom


Evangelist “Sugar” Trask is truly a servant of the Lord. Her goal as an evangelist is to bring Healing and Restoration to the body of Christ. She is the overseer of Scarfree03Ministry a Ministry of Healing and Restoration. Sugar ministers across the United States and Haiti, and travels along with Joan Hunter of Joan Hunter Ministries in Magnolia, Texas.

While traveling she teaches Healing to Pastors and church Leaders. She also teaches on the importance of obtaining the Five Fold Ministry. Her gifts from God have opened many doors for her, and have certainly ushered her into larger pulpits of all denominations.

Evangelist Trask openly shares her testimony of how God has taken her extreme life of darkness, and turned her into one of today’s anointed Evangelist.

Many are being set free by her testimony of how God delivered her from prostitution, crack cocaine, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, and many other forms of darkness. She has been delivered for more than 12 years, after 31 years of Hell! She has the Heart of God which has made it easy for her to love all of God’s people. The moment you meet her you will quickly learn that she is as sweet as her name, Sugar. She has a smile that will overtake you, and brighten your darkest day.

As an intercessor, prayer warrior, and lover of the almighty God she makes herself available to minister wherever she is called. She says, “When God says to go you must go, and what he says to do you must do.” Her ministry is currently covering all four corners of the world by the Grace of God, and by one prayer at a time. God has appointed, anointed, and prepared her as an international Evangelist to do the work that is so desperately needed. Her passion is to save the lost Souls!

Then Your light shall Break forth like the morning,

Your Healing shall spring forth speedily,

And your Righteousness shall go before you:

The Glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard. ~Isaiah 58:8

During this Season Restoration is upon the people of the Lord by way of Healing. God has sent Jesus with Healing in His wings and Healing is springing forth in all areas of our lives.

All over the world God’s Divine HEALING and MIRACLES are manifesting for His Glory.

Another passion and ministry of Sugar’s is “CookinWithSugarlious” that Sugar founded on Feb 15, 2012. She first aired on the power praise radio with Diane Washington-Flagg from Newark, NJ.

She has been on local TV as well as international news sharing her healthy ways of preparing food. Since her mother Rosie had a stroke in 2010, sugar had to develop methods of cooking so her mother would stay healthy, not gain too much weight, so her rehab back to functioning wouldn’t be a strain on Sugar or her sister, Valorie, who is the primary caregiver. She also has to maintain her health in making these changes in their lifestyle. They have successfully developed meals, snacks, appetizers that she shares with the listening audience on both radio and TV.
Sugar is on air weekly on Preach the Word Worldwide Network. Sunday at 4:30 pm est, 3:30 cst. everyday. CookinWithSugarlious teaches and invites you to develop healthy eating for the entire family.
To learn more and connect with the amazing Sugar, check out her websites: