Godly Confidence

Drawn up from dust and created to shine

Filled with love; Your heart and mine.​ ​

Each given traits and gifts bestowed, ​​

Individually blessed, with no baggage in tow. ​

Growing toward the grace of God,

Seeking light in the fleshy world,​​​

Climbing out of negative thoughts, ​​

Dodging lies that the enemy would hurl.

A learned journey, this rocky path​

For a smooth trip is no teacher. ​​

Trusting that God has made us prepared,​

He equipped us with this feature. ​​

A Godly confidence, firm trust in Him,​​

Is our gift to combat the lies.​​

God knows who we are deep in our hearts

And wants us to see ourselves through His eyes.

~ Kim Weingart

Godly Confidence


The Wick And The Wax Warning 

Fanning the flames

They are fans

Not flames

Flames are friends

That love you

While fans

Keep you

Warm in your

Own self love

Friends will

Speak into your life

Fans will keep

The blades moving

Round and round

Till you’re so giddy and dizzy with

That chilly

Self importance

That you

Can’t see

What the flame

Warned you

Would come

Better hop

Off that pedestal 

Of pretense

Insecurity thrives

On mans approval

While confidence

In Christ

Needs no vote

Or conniving

The wick

And the wax

Both needing a light

To burn

To be


   ❤️ Krystal Lynne   

You Have A Green Light 


The highways in England have a lot of traffic signal lights, in most towns and cities it won’t be long before you run into a stop light.
The red light means you STOP and the oncoming vehicles have rights to cross your path.
The amber or yellow light means CAUTION and of course green means GO and is the delight of all drivers!
As I sit at red lights for what often feels like a lifetime I cannot help but think of the following spiritual analogy when it comes to the gospel of good news…

Jesus Christ gave us all a green light…

He said, ‘GO into all the world and preach the gospel, cast out demons and heal the sick’.

There were no stop lights or caution lights with Jesus instructions, it’s clear roads ahead with precise instructions to all of His disciples.

The powers of darkness have been ordered to stop at the light of Christ and they no longer have any rights by law to cross our path and hinder our journey.

As I read through the New Testament of the Holy Bible I often see red lights shine our way, not from demons alone but from those with a spirit of religion and envy.

Many times the religious would feel insecure and no longer in control. They would hear the message of grace, hear the prayers of faith and witness the miracle healing’s and as they did they began to see red.

Often in an effort to keep their religious empires intact they would stir up the people and beat down the disciples, sometimes to the point of death.

Those victories over the disciples were always short lived because soon many more from their own ranks learned of the new and better way through Jesus Christ and His cross roads.

The message of Jesus cannot be stopped, so I encourage you today to move forward, you have set before you a green light and a promised destination.

Christian you no longer need to move with caution but with full confidence that Jesus has commissioned you to His work.

Now GO!
– Rev. Phillip Hand
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