WORTHY THOUGHT: We should look for opportunities to use words that will encourage us and fellow believers. 

Anxiety in the man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word cheers it up. ~Proverbs 12:25 

The most encouraging words we could ever use comes directly from the Word of God. 

We are told in Proverbs 12:25 how the right message of encouragement can help someone over come feelings of anxiety and discouragement.

Here is another reminder of God’s promise to help overcome our anxiety and discouragements.

“So do not fear, for I am with you;

do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you;

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  

~Isaiah 41:10

Thank you Father God, for being so good to us and for always being with us in good times and bad. Amen.

~ Angela Lipe-Pattengill 


The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. (Zephaniah 3:17) – ESV


Recently, my friend, had a missed communication when she went to visit with her son in prison. She didn’t receive the message asking her not to come that day. This particular time, he had served at an outside event, and for a reward, he got to participate in the meal that was prepared there.

But he was interrupted with her visit, and he didn’t get to finish the meal.

Needless to say, he wasn’t as happy to see her as she was to see him. He explained in disappointment and frustration, “I didn’t get to eat my fried chicken!”  

Lovingly, she responded back, “Well, I’m sorry son, but I came here today, because I really wanted to spend some time with you.”

As I was imagining his frustration, due to the time that had passed since he had a meal like that, I understood.

That meal was priceless.

And then I remembered some of the times that I have complained, or have been frustrated, because I didn’t get to finish something that I really wanted to. I thought about my own past offenses, like when I felt that my sinful life was cut short – due to unexpected consequences, for an example.

I thank God that he isn’t condemning, he is gentle and kind. He blots out my past with no mention of my sins.
He said:
“There were, still are, many times that I just really desire to spend time with you. So, as you question the importance of a piece of chicken, remember this: The things that ‘you feel’ are important – do not always include me, but I would sure like them to.”

“I never change. I always desire to spend time with you. I take great delight in you and rejoice over you. To me, moments like these are priceless.”


May your time with the Lord be priceless today.

  ~ Baring His Beauty,

      Tiffany Thomas 

Happy Face 

Happy face

Put on your happy face

Cover your hurt and shame

The pain no one knows

Happy face

Hide away who you are

Camouflage every scar

That’s just how it goes

No one wants to see the way you’re hurting

No one wants to hold you when you cry

The hearts you hold can’t heal away the heartache

So protect them and lock it away in you sealed with a smile

Happy face

Hide in your happy place

Hold to the hope and grace

You don’t always feel

Happy face

There is a better way

Rest assured that one day

Your smile will be real


         ~Dana Smith 




To know can be defined as being absolutely certain or sure about something.



Jeremiah 29: 11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”



The other day my sister and I were conversing about teenagers and their responses to questions. She told me that often she has to remind her children about the difference of thinking, believing, and knowing. My sister shared that often when asked a questioned about school, important dates, and friends: her children respond with “I think or I believe…” My sister confirmed with her children that merely thinking or believing is not definitive and that she needs them to know.  


When my sister was sharing this story with me…I thought how profound! It made me think about how we communicate with GOD, our father. We, as children of GOD sometimes diminish our GOD given dreams and/or visions. Everyday life, has told us that we are unable to pursue what GOD has placed in our souls. We begin devaluing what we have been purposed for.  


Quick Question:

Do you fall asleep at night thinking about the vision that GOD has given you?

Do you know GOD has more in store for your life?

Do you find yourself devaluing what you have been purposed for?


I want you to KNOW that GOD has given you the VISION and he will provide the PRO-VISION to bring what you see to life.  


The key is to move into a place of knowing verses instead of remaining in the space of thinking or feeling. When we know something will happen, our thoughts and energies will move in that direction and we will create massive momentum to make it happen. We will not doubt. We will approach that goal with boldness. We will abandon the disbelief of self and other.  


God already knows. We need to know. How do we move to the place of knowing? The key is to rely on GOD’s word. In order to rely on the word, we’ve got to spend time in the word. When we communicate with GOD from a place of knowing we will see his declaration for our lives: his plans for us to prosper and have an abundant future.  


Be Bold. Abandon Disbeliefs. Be Fearless. Watch GOD move.  





Dear God,


Thank you so much for declaring prosperity for my life. Thank you for helping me rely on you to move the vision you’ve given me from slow motion to swift movement.   


Commit to the challenge.  

I DARE you. – LeReca Monik
#mydearestsister #Idareyou #restoredministries #itstimeforachange#anewyou #LiveRestored 

Our Words Carry Weight 

Can you imagine if the things you said to someone or the promises you made were measured in pounds? What would your weight be for the last week/month? And what if those words were measured against how your actions fell in line with the words and the weight was doubled? Or tripled depending on the severity of the things we utter…ed. What if you had an accountability partner that you had to report to and that person monitored your daily baggage? Would that change us? Would it make us more aware of how the things we say affect people? Aware of how people depend on us and our stability and our intentions? Think of the things you hold dear to your heart that have been said to you…the things that catch you off guard, that pop into your head and make your heart pitter patter, the things that made you feel loved and special. The ones that affirmed and conveyed affection. The ones you revert back to in a moment of insecurity or vulnerability. 

Now, think of the promises that were made that were unfulfilled, the ones that steal your breath, make your eyes fill with tears and the lump appear in your throat. The ones you wanted so badly to come true. The ones you wanted the other person to regard the same way you did. The ones with future plans attached to them. The ones you can never erase. Now think about which ones you remember more? Which ones haunt you? The ones where you are affirmed or the ones that left you wondering what part you played in the demise? I think human nature is to try and rationalize why we say things we don’t mean. Why we say things that cancel out the love we’ve uttered in the past. I think our selfishness controls most of us and overrides our words and actions. But the weight….what if we had to carry that around for everyone to see? Would we be more conscious? Would we consider the ones we’re talking to and consider the weight of our words to them? Whether they uplift or tear down? Whether they will remember with love or tears who we were to them? Would we be more careful with our own hearts and others? If communication is a key to a relationship then intent with our words is the lock that turns to open the door to light or darkness and the weight we are responsible for is directly proportionate to the absence of either of those. I’m pretty sure my albatross would be in the double digits….what about yours?

~Elissa Renee Shelton


The Story of Everything

      It’s not necessarily what you say but rather what you do.  I noticed this recently on a trip where many people did not speak the same language as me. You didn’t have to understand what they were saying but rather their expression, hand gestures and the animated tone of their conversation to figure out what they were really communicating.  
I discovered this to be true by watching the movie, “The Theory of Everything” on my plane ride to my destination. I watched on a ladies’ laptop a row in front of me.  I had to pause along with her when she shut her computer and got up or shifted around in her seat. I did not hear one word from the movie but watched in anticipation with what would happen next. I followed along holding back my tears as I watched the sacrifice this young wife made taking care of her crippled husband. I thought to myself I don’t even need to rent this and watch it again because I got main points from the story by just watching the actions and emotions of the characters unfold without hearing any words. 

Then I got all choked up thinking how such a brilliant man could miss the Creator of Everything in everything. 

Hello!! Shakey Wakey!! That’s beyond me!!!

I wonder how many of us daily tell our story without any words. 
Good stories some days, not such great stories the next?

A smile
A laugh
A high five
A hug
A pat 

Or on a not so good day……

A frown 
A stare 
An evil eye
A tear
A shove

I want to tell a story everyday of thankfulness and joy as I go about my day. I carry an antidote for those who are thankless and have lost their way along the ride of life. 

I want to…….
Be a living picture that unfolds a story that is worth the watching

Let’s call it….

The Story of Everything 

I dare to pray……..
 Thank you God that you put a story in me before I was born. Help me to separate myself and get alone to hear from You in the Secret Place of Prayer. 

Matthew 6:6

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for people.

Let me clearly hear the deliberate chapters of my life that I am to play out in this life. I want to demonstrate the best display of Your brilliance and creation. Help me to bring out the best in others and encourage them with my actions. Even something as minor as a smile or as major as a risky detour to my regular routines that day. I want to be a part of the Story of Everything of God. 
Awake me to the possibilities of what You can do with my life. 
I strategically plan MY PART to be intentional. 
I begin today: page one. 

In Jesus Name,
Kelley Allison

Check out this Video that sums it all up in less than five minutes. 

The Story of Everything


Ready For What?


I just don’t get it. What DOES that mean? Ready now…for what? Hmm, oh well. This is what I have said every time I’ve heard, “Lord I’m Ready Now,” by Plumb. Until last night. After a full day of girlfriends, laughter, prayer, and the insistence that I have one of, “those,” conversations with a friend. Yes, the conversation that I had precisely been working so hard to avoid. Driving home from the girls and their, “PHS-Prayer Hot Seat,” I couldn’t shake the unanimous resounding of their voices. Nah, I’ll just go on with the uneasiness, anxiousness, road-blocking, tear inducing days that had served me so well lately. Or not. Ok then…let’s rip this thing off like a band aid, get.it.over with. That would be my A#1, Sister-Christian plan. And so it began. The instant I sent the text asking for a meeting, I watched to make sure it went through, I could have no hiccups in this deal. Then I got the first undeniable sign that God was indeed in this meeting. The text immediately said, “Delivered,” only this time unlike any other text I had ever sent, I knew I…, was being, “Delivered.” The hours leading to the meeting were peaceful, but oh-so-full of prayer. I was in the driver’s seat, yet had no idea what I was going to say. I knew God had the words for me. He had taught me this on many other occasions. Finally, it was time to go. The car was full of worship songs, I knew them all and just sang along. As I entered the parking lot of the agreed upon meeting spot, Plumb began to sing the song that I hadn’t ever been able to connect with. As I parked the car and listened…..I knew I was, “Ready Now.” The timing was right, I would let go, the walls were down, and God would be with us. And He was. ~ Heather Doughty

“Lord I am Ready Now” by Plumb

I just let go
And I feel exposed
But its so beautiful
Cuz this is who I am
I’ve been such a mess
But now I can’t care less
I could bleed to death

Oh Lord I’m ready now
All the walls are down
Time is running out
And I wanna make this count
I ran away from you
And did what I wanted to
But I don’t wanna let you down
Oh Lord I’m ready now
Lord I’m ready now

You called my name
I turned away
But now I
Am listening
I was so caught up
In who I’m not
Can you please forgive me?
I’ve nothing left to hide
No reason’s left to lie
Give me another chance


Venting Vertically


When something happens or someone disappoints you do you rush to the phone to call your friends to fill their ears full of your frustrations? Do you keep repeating it to more and more friends?
After you have rehashed it to a few dozen people, how do you feel?
Does it make you feel better?

Like Dr. Phil would ask those people that kept doing something over and over without results in his funny sarcastic way:

“How’s that working for you?”

For years I tried that and it doesn’t work. You just feel worse because you keep talking about it and nothing ever gets resolved.

God does not want us to keep talking about our problems, He wants us to be taking our problems to Him.

We are to cast our cares on Him, not our friends.

My friend and Bible Group leader always says, Vent Vertically. I love that visual and reminder.

I also love this funny quote:

We need to take it to the Throne instead of the Phone – Joyce Meyer

Yesterday in our study we did something new. Each one of us went around the room and vented vertically to God about what was going on in our lives. I have to say it was encouraging to hear my sisters in Christ express some of the same feelings and frustrations I was having and each of us venting vertically and praying to God seemed to of just melted away the frustrations and disappointments we had walked in with.

After all, He is the only one that can change our circumstances or take away the hurts we are feeling, so why not call on Him first, and make it the only call we make.

The phone a friend only works on Gameshows. People will disappoint but God never does!

So the next time you are tempted to pick up that phone and tell your friends about the rotten day you had or find yourself starting to gossip about someone that hurt or disappointed you, stop and send it up! Send it straight up to God.

Venting is a good thing if we keep it vertically.

XXOO Michelle Bollom