Church Show Yourself

Anoint us with Your 

fragrant oils

Let it flow into our 

bruises and scars

Heal the wounds in 

our hearts

Calm the voices in 

our heads

Darkness is covering 

the earth

Deep darkness the people

Many left wounded 

on the battlefield

Fighting enemies they 

didn’t see coming

So many losses 

So many questions

So many lives left 

in ruins

Give us this day our 

daily bread

Teach us to forgive  

Father would You 

search our hearts

Quiet our fears as we 

walk through the valley 

of the shadow of death

Lead us beside still waters

May we never forget 

that You are for us!

Let the church arise 

in this hour

Let her voice be heard

Sound the alarm of a 

good, good Father 

who never slumbers nor sleeps

Hard pressed on every side, 

yet not crushed

Struck down, but not 


Arise Bride of Christ

The glory of the Lord is 

risen upon you

The brokenhearted are 

in need of healing

The captives need to

taste freedom

The poor are hungry

Lives are turned up side 


It is time for the church to 

show herself

She will be known by her 

heart not her gifts

Her time of hiding is over

A wounded and hurting world

is waiting for God’s sons and daughters

to arise!!!

— Ebigale Wilson

Church Show Yourself

Three Sins Of The Church

There may be only three main sins that Our Savior hates in his church: the love of money, the disregard of his commands, and the persecution of the righteous.  

“In his church?,” you ask.  

“I thought these sins were in the world, not in his holy saints.”  

If they were in the world, the Lord would know just what to do about them; he would preach repentance from all sin and faith in Christ.

Mixed in and among his people, however, it is a little trickier proposition.  He is faced with the monumental task of purifying his people while still allowing less than perfect churches to exist.  

This requires eternal vigilance on the part of his saints.  

Do we see the love of money, the disregard of his commands, and the persecution of the righteous in our individual churches?  

If so, we should not be amazed, for such problems have been around since the beginning of time, and Our Father and Our Lord are no mere novices in dealing with such fallen humanity.

Our only concern should be to be found partnering with sin, especially sin among believers.  It is not easy, but we can gather with the saints and still maintain our integrity, even if it means standing against the status quo sometimes.  

This may be one means that God uses to purify his servants: that we love the church enough to speak up when it gets off course.

If we do, nothing may change in the church; but, if we don’t, we will change and not for the better.  We will become religious cowards, condemning sin in the world but allowing it in our midst—what God and the world both call “hypocrisy.”

So, when we need to make a stand, we do so gently, yet firmly.  If we are rejected, which we often will be, it will just be practice for the rejection that comes frequently when presenting the gospel to the lost.  

Oftentimes, we should “keep our knowledge to ourselves.”  However, there will come a time to speak, for “a time will come when men will not endure sound doctrine.”  God’s solution: “You preach the word in season and out; correct, rebuke, and encourage with great patience and careful instruction.”  

Let us stay in the word, in prayer, and in the Spirit.  For it is written: “The wise heart will know the proper time and procedure, for there is a proper time and procedure for every matter.”

~ Brad Heilhecker

Basic Training 

In the military, you begin by going through Basic Training. Basic skills are taught such as physical fitness, marching, marksmanship, rifle maintenance, and war maneuvers.  

Perhaps the greatest objective of Basic Training is to teach young recruits to fear the commands of the drill sergeant more than any other thing.  
Swift and severe punishment is given to those who would dare disobey his orders.  

This aspect of training is critical to the success of the military’s mission, for war involves great fear and danger, and if the soldier gives in to fear and disobeys an order, he threatens not only his life but the lives of countless others.

In the spiritual life, there is a corresponding objective. As we begin our journeys with The Lord, he trains us diligently to heed his words, for disobedience to his words and inner voice will result in the endangerment of everyone that is associated with us.  

It is written, “Watch your lives and doctrines carefully, for if you do so, you will save not only yourself, but everyone that hears you”.  

Our lives and doctrines must line up with the precepts of the Lord, or many others will be led astray from the devotion to Christ and the faithfulness to his words that are critical to the success of the mission of the church.

The objective of military training is to produce a military that operates as a single unit and can accomplish great objectives. The objective of spiritual disciplines is to create a church that can move and pray as one, a church that hears and responds obediently to The Master’s voice, a church that lives and breathes to bring glory to the Father and salvation to men.  

This is no small undertaking and must not be taken lightly, for Our Father is un-distractibly devoted to this objective.  

He will not be denied.  
No matter how long it takes, his will will be done; the church will be disciplined and perfected to live and move as one.  

It is to our advantage that we get onboard early and enthusiastically, for then we will avoid many un-necessary growing pains.

~ Brad Heilhecker 

America The Great 

America the Great has become America the Great City of Sin. We worship everything but God: money, power, success, pleasure, people, youth, beauty, fame, cars, boats, airplanes, celebrities, houses, children, our mighty nation, political leaders, pastors, and food, don’t forget food!

We are so inundated with horrendous idolatry, that even the church has become stuck in the mire, with no vision for victory, or plan to escape the clutches of the overwhelming House of Satan. We are either afraid to be different, or we have lost the desire to be different. Either way, the creed for today is, “go along to get along”. 

 Isaiah writes, “Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice.”

What if a spiritual leader stood up and said that we were going to imitate the 1st century church and share all of our possessions in common? How many people would be left in that congregation? What if the leader required the men of the church to share in the ministry of the word? What if he asked them to seek the Lord for their spiritual gifting to share in the burden of ministry? How quickly would families head for the back door? What if the pastor started illustrating what a life of idolatry looks like in the life of a believer? What if a sincere call to repentance was made? How quickly would the offering plate be drained of folding money?

Yet, we believe that the Lord is pleased with our diluted and half-hearted worship. We think that we have trained him to be satisfied with what he can get. After all, everybody is idolatrous, so how does he expect us to become whole hearted and single minded in our devotion to him? Where are we supposed to go for a blueprint of pure worship? How are we supposed to stand alone without the support of the lukewarm church?  

The depth of the repentance needed at this point is almost overwhelming to contemplate. How can we possibly climb out of the great pit that we have dug for ourselves? What difference can one repentant believer make at this point in time? With whom are we going to be friends? Maybe, those are the wrong questions. Maybe, the only legitimate question is, “Lord, what would you have me do?”

                   ~ Brad Heilhecker 


WORTHY THOUGHT: If a believer who walks alone will it lead to shallowness and weakness? 

Those who isolate themselves from other believers and try to go alone will cut themselves off from God’s power. You may end up giving Satan opportunity to take over your life. 

For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his spirit in your inner being. So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.  ( Ephesians 3:14-17)

The scripture describes ( whole family) Jews and Gentiles who share the same spiritual riches as family of God. We all have the same Father. He is the source of all creation, the rightful owner of everything. It is important we stay connected with other believers in the body of Christ as a whole family, whole body and all the saints, take in the spiritual unity and encouragement into our daily lives.

We need a community of love from other believers. We were created to work together in Christ Jesus ( For the body does not consist of one member but many ” ( 1 Corinthians 12:14 ) 

We want to receive God’s blessing, it is important we stay connected with other believers in the Body of Christ.

                 ~Angela Lipe-Pattengill 

The Darling 

Everyone seethes

The darling

Oh it seems

To be favor

It seems a

Sweet kiss

But the favor

Is fiendish

The worship

A leash

Keeping her

Sedated by

The applause


Poppies before Oz

The cheap replica

For the presence

Of God

He loves the


He knows her heart

He longs to

Hold her

Keeping her

Set apart

They use

The darling


Her charm

She knows

Her father

Will rescue

Her from harm


For such a

Time as this

Fear Not




~Krystal Lynne 

Finding the Right Church


So how was your Sunday? I hope you had a great day with family and friends. Some of you went to church. Some of you even went to a church you like. That’s great. Some of you are still looking for a church to call home. Some of you have given up on finding a church for your family and still others are thinking of starting your search for a church. You know you should find a place, but it’s a bit overwhelming.

Why is it important to go to church?
Yes, it’s good for your kids.
Yes, there is free childcare and coffee.
Yes, we learn about God and sing great songs.
But the reason we are there is to worship the God who made you.
It’s not about what you get, but about what you are giving.
Worshiping God is the most important reason we go to church.

Realizing this made me see finding a church home differently when we moved from Connecticut to Houston.
1) Any church can be my church home as long as I am able to worship God there.
2) I don’t have to agree strongly with everything about the church. When we were first looking for a church home, the childcare had to be perfect for each child. There had to be a Bible study that meets during the week. My husband wanted pews and not folding chairs.
I now aim for agreeing with the church 80 percent of the time.
As Rick Warren says “It’s not about me, it’s about God”.

So if you haven’t found a church to call home. Please keep looking. Just please do not give up. We were made to be in communion with other believers. It’s good for you! Have faith, pray and listen. God has a place already picked out for you. Be still and listen, He is speaking to you.

Let’s pray.
Lord, We praise you. We love you. We know the plans you have for us are great and that you already know the places that are in our future. Lord, help us to reach out to you for wisdom and guidance. Please open our hearts and ears to hear you. We seek you! Amen

Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of His household,- Ephesians 2:19 NIV

~ Marina Wright