Arise My Bride 

Arise and shine My bride

For your light has come

For too long you have hidden yourself

Behind your pain and your shame

Behind your past and your mistakes

Behind your hurt and your shortcomings

Come out from behind the veil

Its time for you to step into My plans for you

Its time for you to step into My heart for you

Its time to run with Me, 

Into the new I have for you

Don’t underestimate yourself

I qualify those I call

I love using the weak and foolish to confound the wise

I will lift you up and by My Spirit 

We will run into the unknown

You will discover what I have planted in you

The gifts, talents, dreams and creativity 

will flow like waves from you

It is time to give what I have given you away

No more delays!!

Men look at the outer appearance, 

But I look at your heart

And I have found you worthy of My love

Worthy of the calling on your life

Lock eyes with Me

Put your hand in My hand

And know that I will lead you 

every step of the way

By My Spirit you will move and speak

By My Spirit you will dance and sing

By My Spirit you will do the impossible

So come this day, trade your pain for healing 

Trade your mourning for joy

Trade your past for a new beginning

I will heal your heart

I will restore to you the years 

that the enemy has stolen from you

You will once again sing and rejoice in Me

When I am done with you, 

you won’t know yourself

I love using the rejected ones, 

the no name brands, 

the ones everyone gave up on, 

because I know that 

they will give Me the glory 

for changing their story

So arise this day My glorious bride and step into everything I have for you

~ Ebigale Wilson 


A Redeemed Bride 

There is something mysterious about her

Everyone knows of her struggles

Everyone clings to her dark past

But the joy on her face tells a new story

Of a prodigal who has found her home

There is something mystical about her

In the way she carries herself

When she moves through the crowd

Her feet hardly touches the ground

Her presence leaves a trail of His heart

Wherever her feet touch leaves a mark

There is something heavenly about her

Fame and fortune has no hold on her

He asked her to live free of this world

While He clothes her in perfumes of His love

Which she shares with all she comes into contact with; the abandoned, forgotten, rejected.

I am in awe at the way she smiles through her pain

I hang on her lips when she talks about her God

Who has carried her through all her darkness and gloom

Her face lights up with so much delight

When she shares about her deep love for her God

Who is more real to her than anyone she can see

For He has ransomed her heart

She is sold to the One, who has conquered her heart.

There is a gentleness in her touch

Her eyes filled with love

She is a safe haven for the weary and lost

They run to her and she points them to the lover of her heart

So that they too can experience

His deep and unending love

She leaves me breathless and hungry

Craving for what she has found

Through her laid down life

Abandoned to only His control

The world and what it has to offer

Will never be able to satisfy her again

It has lost its power

His heart is her safe place

She has found her home.

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Calling My Bride 

I am calling to My Bride – Come out from among them! Step out from the kingdoms of religion that man has built for himself and into your destiny as My Beloved. You do not see Me in the flesh at this time, but I am already with you! Time is growing short. The time for action is now! Turn a deaf ear to any voice but Mine. Turn your attention from any influence but Mine. Walk in the steps that I have laid for you. The pattern has already been set – walk in it! I have shown you how to live your life in this earth.

Remember who you are! You are my sons and daughters. You are my beloved. I have already paid for your victories! I have already paid for your healing! I have already paid for each soul that I have created. I have put My power in your hands. I have enabled you to use it, to perform signs and wonders in this earth. Put your focus on me and listen to My voice and I will use you to turn the world on it’s ear. 

 The time for the uprising of My Bride is upon you! Remember who you are in Me!
                     ~Dana Smith