Amazing Love 

I want to know You intimately

Every facet of Your heart

I want to explore

I want to go deeper and deeper with You

Past every obstacle keeping me from You

There must be more than the normal I live 

You are the God of the bible

You don’t do normal

I want to be one of Your history makers

A planet shaker running with You

Be known for exploring 

uncharted territories with You

Be known for a water walking faith 

that could only be found in knowing You

I want to be mesmerised only by You

Always hungry for Your presence, 

captured by Your gaze

The waves can go higher, 

but so will my faith

We will be unstoppable in running this race

You will say that I can

and I will believe

That I am more than my past

and all my mistakes

You have created me to be extraordinary

An atmosphere changer

Who drips with your oil

Releasing Your fragrance 

wherever I go

To let go of my past 

and run with You

You are the God of second chances

Your love heals all my broken places

You love the unlovely

You pursue the outcast

You love the prodigal back to life

Back to Your heart

To be One with You

No other god compares to You

When I found You

My broken heart

Became alive

I found myself

When I found You

I am Your daughter

Enslaved by You

I’ll go where You lead

I am in love with You

Your voice my compass

Your gaze my focus

Forever I am overtaken by You

Now that I know 

how much I am loved

I am totally free to run with You

Everything I need I find in You

I can do whatever You say I can

You are my strength

You are my joy

The One who fights for me

You quiet me with Your

Amazing Love

Nothing in this world compares

with knowing You

~ Ebigale Wilson 

His Beloved One 

She is a laid down lover

Overthrown and overtaken by her Lord alone

She went through fire, persecution and pain

Stands alone in the midst of many storms

His presence her armour

His voice her compass

Her ear always close to His heart

She discovered her strength on the battleground

When the enemy used to rage at 

her front door

Papa shaped her through the painful times

So that she would go lower, and die to self

Nothing of her flesh had to survive

She was handpicked and trained by the King Himself

She won many battles with Papa 

by her side

He became her everything

Her last breath

Her safe place

His love compelled her to 

be tenacious

The word “afraid” is not known to her

She is His battle axe and His 

weapon of war

She loves on all she comes into contact with

Her brokenness produced a fragrance that can’t be resisted

She rebuilds ruins long forgotten

She is His eyes and His ears

And goes wherever He leads her

No assignment from her King 

she denies.

The pain, betrayal and persecution was not in vain

It was part of His plan all along

To turn her into His warrior princess His daughter of Zion

His beloved one

She is totally dead to self, completely under His control

Their heart’s beat as One

Under the African sun

As she emerges from the wilderness

Leaning on her Beloved

Forever He is

Her One true Love

~Ebigale Wilson 

Image – Pinterest 

The Awakened Bride 

She has been hurt

You don’t have to ask her

Her face tells the story

Of a journey of pain

Of dreams long forgotten

Buried deep under shame

Her eye’s reflect

Many stories untold

There was no one to listen

to the cries of her heart

Her body bowed low

crushed by pain and betrayal

No sign of hope to be found in a body so frail

Does she know that He loves her?

Does she know that He cares?

Has anybody told her that 

He is crazy about her?

That He knows her by name?

He’s the One who defined her

He’s the One she needs most

Her identity is locked up in

What He speaks over her

She will find what she needs

As she moves closer to Him 

She will discover her worth

In His deep love for her

She will straighten her crown

She will run on the waves

She will shout to the weary  

“Come and take your place!!!”

She has taken His invitation 

To passionately pursue Him

She glistens with His glory

She is dressed in His joy

She is stronger than what has

kept her in chains 

She has let go of what was 

She embraced this new start

She now knows He’s coming back 

for a spotless bride

So she better get ready

There’s no time to waste

She is taking her place

As His warrior daughter

Her pain a vague memory

She is drenched in His love

Undone by His heart

Forever she is overtaken 

by the King of her heart

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Dancing Bride 

I want to be mesmerized only by You

Our hearts beating as One on the dancefloor

Your embrace my safest place

Your eyes pools of love for me.
Love that became my compass

in everything I do

Taking me places, I never knew existed

Highs and higher heights,

I experience, when I am with You.
When I release and just let go,

I discover different facets of Your heart for me

It leaves me breathless like our dance of love

You have ransomed my heart, and

I twirl in Your arms

I am abandoning myself to only Your control.
As You’re taking me deeper and deeper with You

Past the veil as I discover more of You

What we have has became my lifeline

What we share my daily bread,

As I lay my head down on Your chest,

I know I was created for this all along.

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Her Man 


She will marry a man
Who is kind
Not giving himself away
Not selling himself short
Or listening …
To others voices
He will be
An instrument 
Of peace 
With arms
To hold her
Never letting go
He will know
Her heart
And will
Memorize it
He is noble
He is wise
He is magnificent 
And the prize
She saved herself
For him
Never giving up
Gods Promises.

❤️ Krystal Lynne