Inner Beast

i try to sleep

but i can’t

cause when i close my eyes

i see you on my mind

beating past pain into the present;

i’m exhausted

but the beast is alive

growling so loud

i can’t focus on sleep;

the beast is crushing all my dreams

beneath his feet

as i am barely breathing

to survive yet another night of

these terribly terrifying nightmares

i can’t shake

cause when i step out of the water,

i’m still drowning;

water above my head,

and although i can swim,

it doesn’t matter

cause the fear paralyzes

me fully

and i’m stuck

as the beast closes in

to devour my entire vulnerability;

this isn’t just a nighttime deal,

this is me daily.

~Bethany Anne

What Fuels You

Do you let stress and worry consume you?

How about anger and resentments?

All that is counterfeit fuel. Oh, it may keep you going but it’s wreaking havoc on the inside.

Let’s get still today before the Lord. Let’s invite Him into our situations and our life completely so we can be fueled well with Christ’s burning love.

It’s a much better fuel!

~ XXOO Michelle

Embrace Uncertainty 

Friendly Tip: “Embrace the Uncertainty!”

The morning I went to the hospital to prepare for delivery for Lereine, I was so anxious. My knees were shaking, my voice was shaking, and I thought I was cold, in fact I was just nervous.  
I was nervous for many reasons; and I could not wait to see her face. I had a scheduled caesarean; but the same feeling applies for mothers giving birth (I heard). There’s this moment of anxiousness and pain, and then when you PUSH hard enough- you give birth to your baby and forget about all the pains you experienced before. 

 I remember hearing Lereine’s cry; she was the loudest baby in the nursery. I looked at my mom and said, oh my gosh-what do I do now? My mom said “embrace it!” 
I remember meeting Lereine for the first time. I was so excited and a little nervous at the same time. I don’t think I slept much at all.  
What I can tell you however is that I fell in love for the first time.

The same applies in life, you will experience a few pains right before birthing your “baby” and then right when you give birth, you will be on an emotional high. More than likely you will be up at night and have many moments of uncertainty. Embrace the uncertainty! 

Embrace it and then give it over to GOD. 

May you find rest in him…
Good Night Friend,

Lereca Monik 

Scripture Reading: John 16:21

Friendly Activity: Every night this week, make a list of everything you might be uncertain about. Give it over to GOD.  

How Much Does He Love Me?

This morning I decided to ask a silly question.
Jesus help me to understand something.
How much do you love me?
He didn’t yell down from the sky or appear next to me with a quick answer of conversation. However; I did get the immediate thought.
“I feel everything you feel like a mother does for her child.”
I immediately thought of taking my kids to their first day of a class or kindergarten and all the emotions I would feel leaving them all alone at the bus stop. (They won’t let you in at the school. I’m sure for good reasons.)
Tears going down their eyes and me holding back mine!
Will they find someone to sit with at lunch or will they actually find their class with her teacher?
Even though they are at safe and sound at school we continue as moms to ponder about on the feelings and possible emotions of fear or anxiety they might encounter their first day.
I was reminded of the verse in 1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your anxiety upon him because he cares for you.”
Why does Jesus do it?
carry all my anxious thoughts and burden…..
It answers my question of how much he loves me.
This much!! (arms spread wide all around me……everywhere I go…..feeling and understanding all that I go through each day)
He does it because He loves you and me!❤️

Light On,
Kelley Allison