Be Real – Be Brave – Be You

I flaunt my crazy and imperfections proudly. You will always know where you stand and what you get with me.

Some people are so nicely shrunk wrapped hiding behind pretend and pretense their false self is on big bold display easily swaying others to believe they are happy and holy when they really aren’t.

You see, I lived most of my life that same way; made up and hiding from the real me.

I would much rather like to see the real and raw. The scars and scabs. The miss steps and out spoken ones. The rough around the edges trying to do life right or simply the best they can allowing His grace to cover when it’s not all roses and rainbows.

Those boldly and courageous enough to tear off that mask or wrapper covering up the real them; trying to appear they have it all together.

Those that let others see them sweat and cry and scream and get back up each day determined to allow His strength to work in their weaknesses.

Those are my people! Those are who I want to surround myself with.

I believe those are the ones Jesus loves to hang out with too.

Guess what…

Life is not this big race for the elite Christian to accomplish.

Those that speak eloquently and have it all figured out. Because honestly – they really don’t and won’t no matter how hard they pretend or try to convince you they do.

Get off the wheel – step out of the Chalked lines and lanes. You are not in a race or completion with anyone.

Don’t let others make you feel bad if your crazy shows or you flaunt your imperfections proudly from time to time.

God never asks us to be perfect or pretend.

Be real.

Be bold.

Be brave.

But please please please ….

Rip off that wrapper and be you!

The Real You!

~ XXOO Michelle

Image – Unsplash


Lioness Arise

Beautiful she is like a brave 


Carrying the presence of 

the Lion of Judah wherever 

she treads

Her face glistens with His 


Her eyes reflect His love

With her tender hugs she 

transfers His love

Different women she comes into contact with each day

Each with a different limp

A different drug

A different pain

She walked a similar road

Filled with challenges, pain 

and fear

Till the day she was encountered 

by Love

Looking back her life was 

never the same


She heard His still small voice in the midst of her pain

“Please don’t let your pain numb you, you have children 

to raise in My ways, you have to help broken woman find their way back to Me”

These words would forever change the course of her life 

The enemy’s plan was for 

her to be so caught up in pain

That she forgot her calling

as a daughter of the King

We’re all on a journey of becoming

Don’t let fear derail your 


For the sake of the Call and generations to come

We must finish our races strong

Painful seasons we go 


It’s never to stop us,

but to grow us!

To awake the sleeping 

lioness within us!

You are stronger than you think!

She couldn’t say no, to go 

on adventures with her King

She made up her mind

She entered the ring!

Fearful at first..

The longer she stayed

The braver she became!

She grew

She healed

She never gave up!

Throwing in the towel, not an option when the Lion of Judah is your King

Today she passes on the 

baton of lionhearted faith

To every woman who is broken 

and knocked to the ground.

She now knows the enemy was after the seed she carried.

Warfare and painful times just awakens the lioness in her

She will never allow pain 

to be her guide

She will fulfil every dream 

Father has for her!

She will help broken daughters 

on their journeys to healing

She will pay it forward… 

Many fearless lionesses helped her to discover her roar!

Together we can do so 

much more!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Lioness Arise

The Journey

Ironclad Promises


“We are complete in him who is the head of all principality and power.”  

Complete. Adequately furnished.  Abundantly supplied. Finished.  

However you may phrase it, it means that we have everything that we need in Christ.

We have his presence with us; we have a guaranteed successful future; we have a forgiven past; we have a divinely conceived identity, and we have ironclad promises for every contingency in life.

Without Christ, we are perpetually incomplete—always hungry, thirsty, and longing for meaning and fulfillment in life.

In Christ, we find rest; we can cease striving and searching for our life’s meaning.  

We can spend our energy and our resources delving into the vastness that is Christ and his kingdom. We can patiently wait for his plan for us to unfold day by day. We can “Take hold of the eternal life to which we are called.”

And our present state of completeness is just a foretaste of the glory that is our eternal future— Immortality, Christ like glory, everlasting life; Bliss, joy, peace, and perfect love; An intimate, face to face relationship with the Father, The Son, and all of our brothers and sisters in Christ; Self centeredness, self consciousness, and all selfishness forever and completely vanquished; All lack, suffering, and pain a thing of the past; And the final fulfillment of the promise that “Everything is yours;  you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s!”

~ Brad Heilhecker

Ultimate Strength

Perfection is not to be found in circumstances or other people.  

It is to be found in God’s love and in our response to his love.  

In 2 Chronicles, Chapter 16, God promises to “show himself powerful on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect towards him.”  

In Isaiah, Chapter 6, God promises to “keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on him.”  

In the epistle of 1st John, Chapter 3, John writes that “perfect love casts out fear.”  

So, through our faith, we aspire to perfect hearts, perfect peace, and perfect love. Then, we are free to accept circumstances and people as we find them, not as we would have them.

Do circumstances and people change? Certainly they do, but sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  

Our hopes and faith cannot be anchored to such unreliable bellwethers of blessings.  

However, if our hopes and faith are solely in Christ and in the abundant life, the eternal life, and the blessed life that he promises, we are on solid ground indeed.  

It’s a little scary at first, stepping out into the unknown based only on his word, but, as we progress, his word becomes more real and reliable than anything that our eyes can behold.

Going back to his promises to “show himself powerful on our behalf”, to “keep us in perfect peace,” and to show us that his “perfect love casts out fear,” we must ask ourselves, “Do we want God to show himself powerful on our behalf, to keep us in perfect peace, and to cast out all of our fears?”  

If we do, it hearkens us back to Christ and surrendering our lives into his care. He has been in our shoes and knows how this world works. We are wise if we choose to follow him instead of our own desires, for we don’t have to live long in this world to realize how limited is our strength and understanding without God.  

Faith in Christ is not weakness; it is the ultimate strength.  

It is not the illusion of the hapless and the hopeless; it is truth itself.

~ Brad Heilhecker

Committed Allegiance

The war has started.  

The battle has begun.  

The teams have been picked.  

The outcome has been predetermined.  


Predetermined outcome?  



The Master of the Universe has decided that faith, hope, and love will win the battle against fear and doubt in the heart of every born again child of God.  

It won’t be quick, and it won’t be easy, but it will happen.  

Joy and peace will reign triumphant!  “Love and faithfulness meet together.  

Righteousness and peace have kissed.”  

Again, “In righteousness, you will be established.  

You will not fear.  

Tyranny will be far from you.”  

Both of those verses basically say that “The battle is the Lord’s.”

Once we get a vision of that fact, we can rest.  

We can put our lives, our hopes and our dreams in the hands of “The One Who Can.”  

He can take care of us; He can guide us; He can protect us, and He can promote us.  

Not only that, but He is “The God Who Will.”  

He will take care of us, guide us, protect us, and promote us.  

Lastly, He is “The God Who Is.”  

He is real, He is love, He is righteous, and He is just.  

He is the God who can, who will, and who is.  

There is nothing too hard for Him.  

There is no good thing that He will withhold from His obedient children.  

He is and will be everything that we need Him to be.

So, the question is and has always been, “Whose side are we on?”

God has proven himself time and again. It is no longer a question of His existence, ability, or willingness.  It is a question of our heart’s allegiance.  

Will we follow “The King of Kings” or “The prince of the power of the air?”  

One is The Supreme Commander and undefeated, and the other is an usurper and doomed to destruction.

Both require committed allegiance, but only one has our good in mind.

We need to become fully convinced that God’s glory and our best interest are inextricably interwoven.

We need to know that He is a reciprocal Father. We cannot out give Him. For every ounce of our heart that we yield to Him, He bestows a pound of grace.

We give Him our nothingness, and He gives us His everything.

We give Him our neediness, and He gives us His abundance.

We give Him our sin, and He gives us His mercy and grace.  

Faith for doubt, hope for despair, and love for fear.  

Life for death, bliss for grief, and great reward in place of condemnation!

~ Brad Heilhecker

Committed Allegiance


Lately I have felt the pull to paint and create these pictures using old hymn lyrics.

It’s fun and really brings me into a special place in the Lord’s presence.

I would love to see or hear about what you create.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

Standing Before My Face

“I breathe by the wound for the air is stale,

The heats sweat hasn’t been so sweet.

There is no room for anymore tears,

All ground is covered by past errs.

His mercy seems remote as I am teared by these vicious aches.

I toss and turn

positioning myself for another retreat.

I come forth to the temple

where silent affliction is heard.

I bow my head once more

and sought for the Hearts of hearts

For my hope was hopeless

And my faith faithless

without the color of peace

and the shape of insight.

As I die

I  find the meaning of Love

Standing before my face 

Painting my soul

with the brilliance of mercy.

Graced I stand again

and loved more deeper I sing much harder.”

– Mhlanga Sikhosana 

Image – Unsplash / Over App

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Many assignments from the 

pit of hell were sent to cage 

My daughters

The enemy worked overtime to keep My daughters in bondage

Only because he knows the yoke breaking assignments on their lives

But to his dismay these 

daughters arose and broke 

free from the different cages 

they were in.

I saw thousands upon thousands of cages in what looked like a huge, dark warehouse 

Daughters sitting like they were in a trance in small cages

Despair written over their faces

While satan walked among 

these cages

A big smirk on his face

Then without warning 

daughters started opening cages and stepping out

These daughters came to 

their senses and run to cages 

to free daughters that are

too scared to step out 

The enemy is furious, fuming, screaming, but no one is taking note of him

They’re all running in one direction, helping each other through a huge door where Light is pouring through and Love is calling them into a new season 

Father is saying, some of My daughters are already free in their hearts and minds. They surrendered to My processes, fought many personal battles and went through immense pain and training to become My vessels of honour.

It is time for My anointing to break the yokes placed on the downtrodden and hurting daughters. You will be My containers of love, healing, breakthrough and deliverance as you step out and take the wounded by the hand and transfer that which you have learned on your journeys to them.

Then there are the ones I saw in the vision, who are awakening to their identity in Me and breaking free from satan’s identity over them. They know that it is time for change, time to forgive and to step into a new season of healing, restoration, deep joy and My dreams for them.

I see these women completely broken, hurt beyond words, rejected to the core come before Papa, with tears streaming down their faces.

He starts to sing their new identity over them and as they drink in every word, claim it for them, they are transformed into His beautiful bride.

For I will do a quick work in my daughters when they surrender completely, so that they too will step out and bring other hurting daughters into My light.

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey