In My Blood

The world tells us to grab a drink, grab a person for casual comforts, that will make it all better. In this popular secular song it is asking for someone to help them out; Now!

Someone is already here! Jesus!

It is in His Blood to overcome all fear anxiousness and loneliness.. plus so much more.

It isn’t in our blood to give up because when we are in Christ – Romans 8:37 says we are more than conquerors and Overcomers.

~ XXOO Michelle

Enjoy this catchy song and turn it into your worship song today!

Image by Grace Came Down


Heavenly Places

i want to be in the heavenly places

in the here,

in the now,

with You;

i want to see your kingdom come

in the midst of all the chaos,




i want people to see and know You

for who You really are,

not for what they might think You are

cause You are much more than thoughts could fathom,

more than words can describe;

You are greater than anything here on earth

nothing even comes close to You

cause You are God;

You look down at us from Your throne

and love us for where we’re at,

You never abandon us when we fall

but help us back to our feet

and to fight in victory

from all that’s trying to destroy us

cause with You, we are stronger

than in our own strength;

With You, we will rise,

in every single moment

we are in the heavenly places

cause You are with us and we are with You.

~ Bethany Anne

Sold Out

My child, you are sold out to Me

When everything that this world has to offer

Is of no value to you

When dying daily is your focus

To embrace every dream I have for you

My presence your oasis

Where we meet and you are filled to the brim

Ready to face the world

And what it has to offer

Even when you’re handed difficulty

You smile in the face of your adversaries

Knowing that I am your strong tower

You need only run to Me

When money and success are mere words

Compared to the satisfaction

you have found In Me

When the things of the world

fade in the background

And the refiners fire melts

our heart’s together

And heavenly realms are

your abiding place

No one and nothing

Can imitate this love affair we have

Everything that once held your gaze

Fades in the background

My love has disrupted your existence

You only exist, because I exist

You only are, because I am

I am your joy, your strength

My grace invaded every part of your heart

Every chain that confined you

Dropped to the ground

Your heart runs free

Few will come to this point

Where it’s all about Me

and what I want to do

through emptied out vessels

You cannot fill your hand’s

with the things of this world

And expect to walk in My power and might

It’s a journey of letting go

To find Me in the midst of your pain

In the midst of heartache and betrayal

In the midst of losses

Your hands now empty

Like Paul you count everything as rubbish

For you have found the One

Who has ravished your heart

The places you found Me

Other’s might see as loss and defeat

You look through different lenses

Your heart now beats to the drum

of a different beat

Luring you further away

to what once held your gaze.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Sold Out

The Journey