My Reflection

I want to be strong,

To pull myself up

From depth that has me chained

To fear,


And a past I can’t seem to forget;

In fear of what others might think,

I display a picture of strength,


And faith,

And yet I am so far away from it all,

Or at least that’s what my mind keeps

telling me;

I see myself fading,

Submerging deeper and deeper

Into the ocean where I am lost

Yet forever found by my Savior;

If only I would receive that

And accept His truth,

I would be better off

Than where fear has left me-

Paralyzed and feeling lost,

Not able to move forward

Out of fear of failure;

I want to be on the surface

Waiting for His love to find me

Instead of rejecting it

Cause thoughts keep telling me

That I’m worthless and a mistake,

But I want to truly believe the opposite,

And I’m really the only one

Stopping myself from receiving it;

Fear can be my answer for everything,

But it doesn’t have to be

Cause we are brave enough,

Strong enough to pull ourselves up,

And in time, be free…

You just have to want it hard enough…

I know I do;

I will take a leap of faith,

I will be brave

No matter what comes my way,

I believe I’m here for a purpose,

And I want to know what He has for me,

So I will go from depth to surface

And walk on the water with Jesus;

I will keep my eyes focused on Him

And learn to trust God

Cause I know with Him,

I can’t be weak…

I will go from fear to faith.

~ Bethany Anne



WORTHY THOUGHT: Pursuit of sin is a reality but we know we have victory.

You’re either killing sin or it’s killing you -John Owen

So the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? If you do well, would you not be accepted? And if you do not do well sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you but you should rule over it.”-Genesis 4:6-7

This particular passage in Book of Genesis; God was speaking to Cain if he does not do right he will be tempted to sin instead he can choose to to rule over it by obeying God. But Cain chose to disobey. Therefore comes consequences.

Sin is always in hot pursuit in our lives, it never ends. But the good news, God has a plan for us to rule over it! That is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We look unto Jesus and be in His authority and that will lead us into victory.

~ Angela Lipe-Pattengill

Deeper And Deeper

Deeper and deeper

I want go with You

Till there is no division

Till I am One with You

Till I am lost to the world

And we are never apart

Dying daily

Till I am no more

Stripped to the core

Till my life is a portrait

of Your kindness and mercy

Till my life resembles Your heart

to the broken and hurt

Till You have moved in

Making me Your habitation

Your blood washed daughter

whom You restored

Lost in Your love

Is where I want to be

Separated and abandoned only unto You

In You I have found everything I need

You healed my broken heart

Gave me a brand new start

I am nothing

If I don’t have You

You are my life

My reason for living

The air that I breath

The dawn of my every day

Not for a moment

Do I want to be away from You

You are my Knight

Dressed in robe’s of light

You have rescued me

You are the One with the glass slipper

I just could not see

I searched all over for You

While You were right here

Nothing satisfies me

Like You do

No one fills my voids

Like You do

When I was searching for answers

You were right beside me

Lovingly healing and leading me

When darkness tried to draw me in

You stepped in

I will forever be thankful

For the price You have paid

When I did not know You

You thought of me

You fought for me

While I was lost in sin

What love is this?

I question myself

That the One without sin died for me

I am overtaken by Your presence

You quiet me with Your love

Nothing and no one can keep us apart

For everything we long for

Is found in Your presence.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Deeper And Deeper

The Journey

Think – Stand – Fight

We can’t win our battles when we’re our own worst enemy.

We’ll never stand in victory if our thoughts constantly condemn us.

We were made for more.

Our confidence comes from Christ.

He’s alive within us!

His power surges through our veins.

His heart beats in our chest.

His Word opens doors, parts the waters, and heals the broken.

Your life is hidden in Christ.

He already won the victory.

Refuse thoughts that weaken you.

Think, stand, and fight like the heir you are!

~ Fenich Jerry

It Won’t Last Forever

Maybe when we get knocked down

we’re supposed to stay there awhile-

absorb every pain,

every feeling,

so that when we feel better

and are in a sound mind,

we can help another soul

go from darkness to light

and not just say we understand,

but know what it’s like

cause we didn’t just experience it,

we learned all we could

from the darkness we walked through;

i know that the moment feels like it lasts forever

cause it never seems to get better,

only worse;

i know the feeling of intense fear,


sadness curling up inside

and it sucks;

people try to reach out and help,

but you feel lost

and no matter what you do,

you seem to distance yourself

further and further away from the shore;

you are fighting for your life

although you’re tired,

you are strong even though you feel weak,

you are beautiful

even though you think all that’s left of you are ashes,

even when it feels like you won’t survive

you will cause you know you aren’t a quitter,

and you know this even though your mind

tries to tell you that you are;

i feel stuck,

like i can’t move

and maybe i’m not suppose to;

i keep hoping to be free one day,

but maybe for now

i’m to be here,

and truly absorb everything

so i can be free one day

and be able and let it all go,

cause i know one day

my time will come,

and i will be free from it all,

all that’s enslaving me;

i won’t give up,

but i will fight

and be content in this storm

cause i have to believe

it won’t last forever.

~ Bethany Anne

Launch Forth

What’s on the other side of the storm?

What’s on the other side of the wilderness?

What’s on the other side of the valley of the shadow of death?

Victory is on the other side.

Calm waters are on the other side.

Fulfillment of purpose is on the other side.

The will of God, people being saved, healed and helped are all on the other side.

If Jesus said, ‘Let us go to the other side, that’s where you want to be headed.’

~ Emery Horvath

Now it came to pass on a certain day, that he went into a ship with his disciples: and he said unto them, Let us go over unto the other side of the lake. And they launched forth. ~ Luke 8:22 KJV

Image – Joshua Earle – UnSplash