Restoration Stories – Lisa Reyes

I wasted many years living a lie, a life full of drug addiction & bondage. I thought that was the only way to have fun, to go anywhere I had to be high or it was boring, that was the lie I believed, what I called living… It was truly madness, I was running from God. I don’t know what I was so afraid of God is so good!! 💯❤️

I came to the Lord in a wheelchair, barely able to transit from the chair to my bed. After serving Him a short while I wanted to dance. There was a lot of freedom in the Church (I was attending then) a couple would dance at the Altar (Her with a scarf & him with a tallit, a Jewish Prayer Shawl). My hearts desire was to dance before my King!! 💃👑❤️

I’d spent four years in a wheelchair, so to most people this would seem impossible, but we serve a God of the ‘impossible.’ He says, “Nothing is too hard or too difficult for Me!!”👆💯

The devil kept telling me how foolish, dumb & ignorant I was going to look. But, my hearts desire was to dance.. Finally, I told the devil to “Shut up!! Shut up lying devil!!!” I screamed in my head. And I don’t know how I got up to the front of the Church, to the Altar, but I did it. God did it through me & today I am walking & I dance for the Lord. I close my eyes & it’s just Him & I (I don’t care who’s looking at me). It’s just Me & Jesus!! 💯❤️🔥

The doctors are awestruck on their X-rays I don’t have a left femoral bone (that’s what you normally receive with a hip replacement), but I walk by faith not by sight.- Heb 11:1

If God has promised you something, you hold onto it Child of God & don’t let it go. He is faithful & true, He keeps His promises & He’s watching over you! He is watching over His Word to perform it. All of His promises are ‘Yes & amein’ and He is not a man that He should lie. Trust Him! Praise Him like your prayers are already answered, because by faith they are…

Faith – Complete trust in someone or something.






~ Lisa Reyes



Friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, and our church family are invaluable assets in this lonely world.  We need each other.  We are the blessing of which the imprisoned are deprived.  We are the true riches of this life.  Money and things can bring ease of living, but only people can add meaning to life.  We are Our Father’s inheritance; we are why he created the universe, and we are those for whom he created heaven.  To be sure: heaven is his home, but also just as sure: it is now our home.

We find ourselves in our community involvement.  Just as we need solitude to know our private self, we also need our community to develop our public self.  Church, work, school, and play are all just different avenues of developing our public self.  Our private life is a valid and indispensable part of who we are, but, in a sense, it only prepares us for the larger world of community.  Imagine who God would be if he had kept heaven all to himself and he had never borne Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the angels, or any of us.  Yes, he would still be God, but he would not be The Father.  He would be all alone in heaven, and we would not exist.

So, let us make room in our hearts and our lives for others.  Let us pray for one another, play with one another, and work with one another.  Let us serve one another, be kind to one another, and love one another.  If we will, we will have Almighty God in our corner; we will hold all of heaven’s attention, and we will always be welcome in the homes and hearts of our chosen community.  Despite all of its demands and trials, this life in community can be rich in rewards, both temporal and eternal.  People can be sources of great joy and pleasure for all of those who will hold them in the same regard as does their creator.

~ Brad Heilhecker

Be Yourself, Live For Christ

Conventional wisdom tells us: “Be yourself.”  Jesus tells us, “Lose your life for my sake and you will find it.”  So which is it?  Be yourself, or live for Christ?  It may be true that we only truly find ourselves while pursuing Christ.  If we were created by his will and for his pleasure (Rev. 4:11), it may be the ultimate “wild goose chase” to seek our identity anywhere else but in Christ.

In fact, it might be said that most of the world’s sorrows can be traced back to people’s attempts to find life outside of Christ.  “Finding oneself” often involves neglecting our obligations to others and to God.  Although it is expected of youth, it is often a fatal flaw in those of mature age.  To be sure, it is good to discover our driving passions, our motivations, and our joys, but let us be ever mindful that we are part of our God given families and that community involvement and service and sacrifice for others is part of our heritage and legacy.

In heaven and in the new earth, life is centered around Christ, but each and every soul is fully unique, inspired, and needed in Christ’s world.  Unlike human monarchies, where the king’s subjects are sometimes thwarted and restrained in their attempts at self actualization, in Christ’s reign there will be glorious liberty and honor bestowed upon all.  Christ is actually glorified only when we are living full and fruitful lives.  Just as parents are reflected in their happy children and husbands are reflected in their beloved wives, Christ is best seen in those who have found their lives in him.

~ Brad Heilhecker

The Way

Though we often cannot see it, there is a way through this life.  Christ is “the way.”  In the Bible, Christians were described as those who were following “the way.”  So, what is this “way?”  How does it differ from normal religious observances and commonplace religiosity?

It must be different than a set of rules or principles and it must stand in stark contrast to the religions of the day.  There are many philosophies and religions that will tell us how to worship God or achieve success, but there is only one “way”, one Jesus Christ, one road to abundant and eternal life.  This “way” is more than just wise living, more than just holy living, even more than having a kind and loving heart.  This “way” is death to self and surrender to Christ—body, soul, and spirit.  And this is why it is often a lonely and difficult path.  It is not popular with the multitudes.  There may be many who will want to imitate it, hoping for some measure of success, but there are only a chosen few who will choose this “way” as their life.  These are the ones who have “counted the cost” and made an informed decision to forsake all for the sake of The King.

Why must if be so radical and austere?  Why can’t it be easier?  Why can’t it be more inclusive?  Luke gives us a clue when he recounts Jesus’s parables about counting the cost.  He tells of a king going to war against an army that far outnumbers his, and he tells of a man building a tower and not having enough supplies to finish it.  The conclusion is that “unless you give up all of your possessions, you cannot be my disciples.”  The point is that we must be fully surrendered to Christ, or we will be defeated by the sheer number of opposing factors or the logistical considerations of what it takes to complete a project such as Christ has undertaken in us.  It is the overwhelming audacity of The Father’s kingdom vision that demands such selfless sacrifice.  It is the radiant glory of our eternal inheritance that demands the sacrifice of all lesser allegiances.  Without a doubt, this “way” will lead us straight to The Father’s heart, straight to oneness with Christ, and, ultimately, straight to eternal riches and glory which surpass all earthly descriptions!

~ Brad Heilhecker


I see you



In front of




Stand up!

Sit down


He’s doing

A New Thing

Honey 🍯


Beautiful 🌷

You are

His delightful






The wrongs

He’s your


Sing loud

Like a little


Twirling in the

Soft green grass

Called 🌱ODAY

~ Krystal Lynne

He Will Do It For You

You found her in the background

Alone, away from light

She chose to dwell

She felt at home here

Amongst her kind of people 

She could blend in, disappear 

in the background

Growth was not expected 

of her here

She could be mediocre

Like the rest of the crowd

With her mask on her face

She could hold on to her past 

and never discover the joy of 

a heart set free

She could play her part and 

never discover how brave

she really is

She could be one with her 

pain and fears, clinging to 

dead things

And never discover

her strength within

Curiosity got a hold of her

She wondered what lay 

behind the depths of her 

constant fears

Is there really a peace that surpasses all understanding?

A place where faith comes alive 

in our lives?

And hope the heartbeat of a life hidden in Christ?


She decided to break away 

from everything familiar

Was there a reason the enemy

did everything in his power to 

keep her here? 

She was surely created to push 

past the boundaries, the norm

The stop signs erected by 

her own fears

She embarked on a journey

That would forever change her life

Scared at first but Faith took over the further she walked

Voices called her to turn around

Begging her to be her old self

For how could she

the talk of the town

Discover her purpose, her identity

The Love of her life


Daily she embraces Papa’s 

plans for her

He created her to visit unknown territories

To swim in the open seas

Together they eliminate every enemy that once caged her

Her healing was just a heartbeat away

It was not hidden in flawed 

human beings

Papa’s love held the key to 

her heart

Her past a vague memory

She is so in love with her King

The One who pursued her

When she was a mess

He never gave up on her

He held on to her when every demon in hell came for her

Today she understands the 

purpose of her pain

The enemy meant to harm her

but Papa turned it around for 

her good

Papa did it for her…

He will do it for you!

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Will Do It For You

The Journey

Love Is Profound

Last year in November the Lord spoke to me about a new movement being birthed that will not look like anything we have seen before in humanity. In this movement, he is calling many out of tradition, out of the box and into the new, a place where He will show them. This new movement was not opposed by the unbelievers, it was opposed by the Church. Unity and oneness, the mystery of neither Jew nor gentile, Love, were the themes of this movement.

The Lord spoke and said that “many will say that ‘God is not in that’ but I AM omnipotent, I AM in all things, even in the darkness. In this new season I AM about to reveal myself even in the darkness, for light is found in the darkness.” (Gen 1)

What we think is darkness is the place of mystery, the unknown, the transformative matter that responds to light. It responds to truth. Watch what you call darkness… watch WHO you call darkness, for He is about to reveal himself even in the hidden things.

God sees Kings even in the earth. Those who are of His heart (true believers) and nonbelievers who have honored their own natural gifts—given from the Father—and thus engage the law where their gifts have seated them in a place of royalty… their gifts make their name known among kings… they become a king thru the trading into their God-given gift, even when they don’t know God. Watch who you call KING… because many in the Kingdom talk the talk and love in Law only.. and many in the Earth who fear no God Love and serve with a purer heart than those that claim to fear God. Only HE sees the heart of a king, so watch who you call darkness. Even a Pharisee, one found commonly in the church with the presence of a king, was called a pit viper. It was those who did not know God, rough around the edges and with the appearance of garbage whom Jesus sat with and honored.

God’s love for humanity is so great that he often veils his face to interact, to birth Joy, to engage with those who would otherwise reject Him. Ears to hear and eyes to see… wisdom is found in the ones who can rightly discern the light in the dark, to love the Godliness even in the godless, who can be the heart of the Father as a vessel to those who would otherwise reject Him based on stereotypes. Truly, John 3:16—for He loves the world that he will even hide his own identity within us so that none should die without knowing that Love… to see it in the land of the living.

Love knows no discrimination. Be trained in the ways of wisdom and discernment. Know where Father is leading you and to who he is leading you. Lay down your expectations. Lay down your own judgments. A wise man is a humble man.


~ Jenna Newton

Season Of Change

Seasons have shifted and are changing and there is a great anticipation in the atmosphere. I love this time of year that encourages us that nothing stays the same. Things are always changing and evolving. Some change may be slower than others but hold on … it’s coming!

And we can always change our perception when things in the natural haven’t shifted yet either.

~ XXOO Michelle

God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it’s me. ~Author Unknown

Things do not change; we change. ~Henry David Thoreau

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown

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