The Greatest Stumbling Block

It’s a crime to be weak in His Strength! – Oswald Chambers

This is good stuff folks!

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. —2 Timothy 2:15

God will never allow us to divide our lives in the sacred and secular, into study and activity.

A Christian’s thinking ought to be done in activities, not in reflection, because we only come to right discernment in activities.

If you try and live in compartments, God will tumble up the time. Acknowledge him in all your ways, and he will bring you into the circumstances that will develop the particular side of your life that he wants developed, and be careful that you do not upset his plans by bringing in your own ideas.

The gifts of the spirit are built on God’s sovereignty, not on our own temperament.

We are apt to limit God by saying, “oh I’m not built like that”, or “I have not been well educated.”

Never limit God by those paralyzing thoughts; it is the outcome of unbelief.

What does it matter to the Lord Almighty of heaven and earth what your early training was like?

What does matter to him is that you don’t listen to your own understanding, but acknowledge him in all your ways.

So crush on the threshold of your mind any of those lame, limping “I can’ts,” – “you see I’m not gifted.”

The great stumbling block that prevents some people being simple disciples of Jesus is that they are gifted – so gifted that they won’t trust in the Lord with all their hearts.

You have to learn to break by the power of the Holy Spirit the fuss and the lethargy which alternate in your life, and remember that it is a crime to be weak in his strength.

~Oswald Chambers

Approved Unto God


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