You Can’t Carry Time

You can’t carry time.

Once that minute has ticked … it’s gone. FOREVER.

You can’t keep putting off things for a more convenient or comfortable time.

We are only given THIS Present moment.

As much as we want to lasso and harness time and take it with us … we can’t!

We can’t carry time —

Not real time, because it’s simply too precious to carry.

Time also doesn’t stand still and wait for anyone.

So, We MUST Do it NOW…

Whatever “it” is.

Make the call

Quit that job

Start that business

Write that book

Send the letter

Drop a card

Paint that picture

Get healed




Take that trip


Change careers

Kick fear to the curb

Send the text

Make the visit

Make the appointments you’ve been dreading

Start taking care of yourself


Lose all the “weights” that keep you bound and hindered…

Especially those that make you believe “time” is something you have a right to carry around and use as you wish.

We are never guaranteed tomorrow folks.

I know this first hand …

My dad and my brother Toby both passed suddenly – both were here one day – gone the very next – it’s gut wrenching to walk out grief of any kind but the sudden and tragic losses will bring you to your knees.

No matter how much you ponder wish or wait … you don’t get back a single second of time once it’s gone.

My husband had a saying he shared after losing his Mom and his beloved Uncle Vic this year … he was saying that most people only honor people well when they die – but don’t so much while they live. He said he knew he honored and loved both of them well so his grief was different. I think his exact phrase was; “I don’t grieve the losses – because I loved them well while they lived.”

I know for me, that was kinda hard to hear – I grieved my brother with no hope and thankfully, with Jesus, I grieved my Dad with hope.

With Hope was much better, but I still grieved deeply and I had regrets that I could have spent more time possibly with them.

So, I get his saying and well, I agree with him now and I don’t beat myself up over that lost time because I know I loved them well while they were alive.

So, my encouragement to you is two things ….

#1 Love yourself and love others well right here today – right now while you can.

#2 Stop putting anything off until tomorrow. Live your best life now.

You can’t carry time – no matter how beautiful it looks like you can.

All we have is Right Now…So, let’s take the time and love well.

— XXOO Michelle Bollom