Captivate And Consume

You’ve entertained the shadows for far too long

The darkness kept you company
Night became your song

Melodies of pain
clouded your vision
And painted your soul

Light bursts forth…

It feels unnatural at first
A sting
A sharpening
A shedding

A comfort
A warmth
A Hope
A Healing touch

It dances upon your skin
Singing a new song
into your soul

The Light was always
meant to live within
Not just a casual dance
upon your skin

Darkness at My Name flees
Healing springs forth from Me
Hope bursting as bright as the new day and dawn

Let My Light illuminate you
Envelope you
Encompass you
Restore you

The shadows won’t entertain you anymore
My Light has captivated and consumed you

Shine …
Shine Beloved…
Shine Bright…
Shine On…

— XXOOMichelle Cosby Bollom


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