I had to test your heart…

Strenuous training to form My heart within you daughter…

You never gave up…You have pressed through the pain, the many questions, endless attacks…

You have stepped into an unknown space in Me, unknown to the masses….

Reserved for the lovers of My presence…the worshipers…the intimacy seekers…

I am so proud of you…You have passed the tests…I will now guide you home…

In the secret place 

Away from all eyes

I meet with You

I drink You in

I am One with You

Round and round 

You spin me

Joy unspeakably 

A moment in time

I am finally here

Tasting the heights and 

depth of Your love

Your dreams for me

A Shulamite daughter

You dress in Light

Many paths lead me here

An enigma

A living epistle

My scroll I am walking out

Dreams unfolding

Captured by the One I love

I finally belong…

— Ebigale Wilson