The Dirty Places

I love you.

I do.

But I don’t have time to coach you into acting like kingdom.

Kingdom isn’t just about contending for the glory.

It’s not.

It not just favor, blessings, awe, and wonder.

Sure, that’s part of it.

But that’s certainly not the heartbeat of God.


Souls are what Abba longs for.

People are His passion.

If you want to see the glory of God fall ask yourself this….

Are you winning souls?

Well, are we?

If you want to sit on the sidelines, you can.

If you want to spend your time debating other Christians, and arguing over theology…have at it.

You can be a spectator Christian.

A Facebook theologian.

But I can’t.

I wasn’t built for that.

I wasn’t born for that.

I hear so many saying…

Don’t touch them, they’re demonized.

Don’t go there, it’s full of witchcraft.

Don’t go into that shop, it’s new age.

Don’t go to that part of town, it’s full of addicts and poverty.

Well I’m going.

I’m going where Jesus went.

I’m going if you come.

And I’m going if you dont.

Jesus walked miles.

Many miles.

On foot.

In the desert.

He took a boat.

He calmed a sea.

All to get to one mentally ill man.

He left 5000 people in Bethsaida, to get to the one…who was naked and cutting himself in a tomb.

Please stop telling me not to go to the demon possessed.

Jesus did.

I’m not afraid of witches.

I’m not afraid of satanists.

I’m not afraid of anyone more than I’m afraid of not walking out the call placed on our lives.

I must share the gospel.

You can sit back.

You can play it safe.

You can.

I can’t.

I have to go where Jesus sends me.

I hope you will come, but man can no longer hold me back.

There’s a girl somewhere.

Cutting herself.

Out of her mind.

She wants to die.




Her eternity, rests on someone bringing her the gospel.

That’s what matters.

She matters.

Souls are what matters MOST to God.

If I don’t run towards the ones others are running away from… who will?

Here I am.

Send me Lord.

I will walk with you into the dirty places.

— Kingdom HD / Heidi Davis