The Becoming

The Becoming

We each have free will.
We were given the gift of free will at birth, as was every spiritual being.

So past the point of salvation the question becomes this…

Am I willing to bring my free will choices, and lay them down at Jesus feet?

This is submission.

His will > over my free will

Jesus choices for me > over my choices for me.

I must fully understand- that Gods thoughts about me are not only good – but better. That God’s desires for me, are HIGHER than my desires for me. That God understands all things about my spiritual reality, while I see but a glimpse….we then understand that submission is a gift.

It’s a gift.

It’s no longer a wrestling match with my flesh.
It’s surrender.
I must come to the understanding of the goodness of God.

Then – and only then – can we embrace “the becoming”.

God wants us to become what He predestined us to be.

This is our true identity.
This is the becoming.

— Kingdom HD Heidi Davis

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