A Focused Bride

The remnant bride of Christ have awakened to deeper places in Father especially over the past two years.

Many succumbed to fear when our lives were turned up side down in 2020, but a sold out remnant bride used this time wisely and kept her focus.

A fearless and bold people are emerging all over the earth who have made the secret place their dwelling place during this time.

A focused bride used what the enemy wanted to distract and frustrate her with to her advantage, and pressed into Fathers new.

Five months before the lock-down, my then sixteen year old son had a dream where we were driving on a bridge (connecting of 2 different seasons). There were many cars and trucks he said, and an evil looking man in a beautiful and expensive black car, was driving into us in an effort to kill us. When he failed in doing so, he drove past us and looked at me with so much hatred. He then proceeded to drive into the other cars and trucks.

I said to my son that something was going to happen that would affect people, businesses, and churches (represented in the dream as “cars and trucks”).

I knew that in the dream that the enemy was furious and desperate, because I represented a remnant bride that would soon emerge. 

When the lock-down happened, Father gave me significant dreams for the time we are now in. In one of the dreams, Father showed me a new laptop with writings on the screen. As I looked closely, many of the paragraphs were highlighted in red. He then said: “Ebigale, you need a new laptop the old one will not be able to handle the new I am calling you to do.”

I instantly knew that Father was referring to my mind… He proceeded and said “What I am about to do through you, you won’t be able to do with your old laptop” (mindset). At that time much of the effects of the wilderness still clung to me, and I knew that my mind had to go through more transformation in order to embrace Fathers new. I also knew that it was a corporate dream for Fathers end-time army. 

Prophetic voices are emerging in this time with a different sound, a heavenly sound that was reserved for such a time as this! They have had glimpses of Fathers “new”, through prophetic dreams, visions, supernatural encounters and prophetic imaginations.

The veil between earth and heaven is tearing and there is a convergence of the two realms. Our Spirit man is stronger (we have dealt with our “soul issues” during our wilderness journey) and we are awakening to spiritual atmospheres and realms not visited before.

I have seen and experienced glimpses of what Father has reserved for now, and I believe many others have as well. The preparation of our hearts (in the secret place!) were necessary to make Fathers “new” steadfast against the counterfeit supernatural experiences.

In the past, I was very frustrated when I had unusual supernatural experiences and no one to turn to. The Holy Spirit reminded me of a dream my spiritual mother (Prophet Carol Matthyse) had of me. At the last scene of her dream, I was standing with a “Parachute” (someone who is prepared to function in the heavenly realm) on,  and it had a button that I could press. She said at first I went up into the sky and there were many others around me. I came back with the biggest smile and said: “I want to go again!” When I pressed the button again, I went past the people in the sky (first heaven) and she knew I was in Fathers presence.

Intimacy with Father is the only way we can unlock His new. His Spirit will be the driving force and power behind our supernatural experiences.

There are end- time assignments and mandates attached to the realms we are called to invade and occupy; they are not for personal gain or “goosebumps experiences.”

Father is preparing His remnant bride to rule and reign in this new era, and the interaction between heaven and earth will become our natural. The enemy is still busy attempting to steal our focus, and to invoke fear, but a remnant / forerunner bride, will now run with Fathers new, to awaken and activate others.

Earth is groaning for the unveiling of the true sons and daughters!!!

Joel 2: 28~ And it shall come to pass after That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh…

Verse 30~ And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth…

Acts 7: 55 to 56~ But he, being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God, And said “Look I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!”

Ephesians 2: 6~ And God has raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. 

— Ebigale Wilson