A Wilderness Detour

Day after day

You emptied me

Every idol

You cut loose

A much needed work

A sacred work 

Painful…to die daily

My selfish desires

You were never part of it

A Wilderness Detour 

Stripped me of my flesh

Nothing of this world

I long for 

Only Your approval 

In everything I do

Completely under Your control 

My plans and dreams 

I gladly exchanged 

To be known by You

My highest call

My only desire

Standing here

I reach for You

The edge of Your robe

Do not cut me loose

Find me faithful 

In a world where the lust

of the eyes lead many astray

In Your presence 

I live

I move 

I have my being 

If I do not have You 

I have nothing…

— Ebigale Wilson


#Beloved #ShulamiteDaughter