Come Shulamite daughter

I have so much to show you…

Heaven is waiting to sing My beauty over you…

Let us run on the clouds…

Twirl around stars…

Every planet announcing My Majesty…Glimpses are not enough…It is time to go higher with Me…You were made to visit new spaces and atmospheres with Me…

You came for me in the midnight hour

I felt Your touch

Your breath upon my face

Hurriedly I got ready

My hand in Yours

Unknown territories are waiting 

My eyes comprehend the beauty 

Beloved lovingly smile

A daughter taken aback at the treasures of heaven

Will I ever do justice to 

Your Omnipotence 

Your Greatness 

Your love for sons and daughters 

Will my limited mind find the words to rightly describe that which You have prepared for now….

— Ebigale Wilson