Anticipation Building

Just be with Me, it is in the being with Me that you will be fulfilled…dancing in My presence seeking My face…Just being…

My daughter…do not be so busy with things…Be intoxicated by only Me…in love with Me…

Many are so busy, they do not really know Me…Portals are opening up to draw you into My presence…Yearn for Me, love Me…

The secret of My power is hidden in My presence, everything flows from that deep, intimate place in Me…

I cannot wait to be with You

Anticipation building

Your presence calls my name

You are waiting for me

I run past the obstacles

Keeping me away from You

Nothing satisfies me

Like You do

Your chamber awaits the desperate 

Veil tearing

Face to face

Two hearts merging…

— Ebigale Wilson

~ The Journey Home 

~ Beloved and Shulamite daughter 

~ Poetically Prophetic