The Journey Home

I have created you to minister to Me, I have set you apart…Nothing will ever satisfy you more than My presence…It is out of this deep place in Me that everything you were called to be will flow…Deep wells of My power and glory will explode everywhere you tread…I in You, you in Me, Our new normal…A never ending dance between us… in sync, as One, not one step without Me, My love…

You are beckoning me to go deeper

The cry of Your heart is

My compass

I journey on the unknown 

Atmospheres in You 

Are opening up

Engulfing me 

From every angle 

My being yearns to 

To be One with You

My knees hit the threshing floor

You are all I need

Desperate to be known by You

I am trapped in Your love

Forever I will be in search

Of the different layers of Your Love…

—Ebigale Wilson

~ The Journey Home

~ Beloved and Shulamite daughter 

~ Poetically Prophetic