Silent No More

29 years ago (almost to the exact date) I made a horrible choice because I thought I had no other choice.

I was pro-life until that day …
I allowed fear to rule my decisions.

A prominent OBGYN was the doctor that performed it. I never could wrap my mind around how he could deliver babies and also kill babies.

I also couldn’t wrap my mind around what I had done and let it haunt me for years.

I lived like the person on this lead stock image – screaming inside with no sound coming out — I kept silent in my shame and secret.

But God! 16 years ago God set me free and shattered my shame and silence.

He restored my soul! Fully!

I never want someone to suffer in silence ever again.

God doesn’t ever partner with murder – yet, He does fully forgive those that have chosen that route when they fully repent.

There is healing and hope after abortion. I have a book I wrote to help those still suffering.
Abortion is NOT the unforgivable sin.
(If that is you – DM me and I will mail you a copy. Also here is the link

If I had not had the choice – I may have chosen differently.

Many that I have counseled and prayed with over the years wished they were never forced or given the opportunity to make this choice.

Murder is not birth control and
should never have or be an option.

Today evil was reminded that God ALWAYS wins.

Still Praying ….
And Silent No More

— XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

Link to book The Forgivable Sin: Shattering The Silence and Shame of Abortionhttp://The Forgivable Sin: Shattering The Silence and Shame of Abortion

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