In The Presence Of Love

We walk with our pain

The scars that no one sees

Our masks tightly on

We let no one in

We smile

We laugh

Our hearts a mystery 

Too busy to stand still

To lift the veil on our pasts and our pain

Who would want to hear a sad song?

The ghosts we are running from

The brokenness we hide

The fears we ignore

The scars of childhood trauma 

Anger, stress and depression 

Rule and guide our lives

Everyone expects us to be strong 

We only exist

We never truly live!!!

Jesus is drawing us with His love

To deal with tombs 

Take our grave clothes off

The inner chamber awaits the desperate 

Healing is only a breath away

Nothing is impossible when we 

take time to stand still

In His holy, sacred presence 

He rebuilds our lives

Deals with shame

Heals our scars

As His love flows like billows 

over our brokenness 

We begin to see ourselves 

through His eyes

When we encounter His heart

The extent Jesus will go…

Our hearts begin to beat again 

Sons and daughters are forever 

changed in the presence of LOVE…

— Ebigale Wilson