A Lovesick Daughter

I was Mary of Bethany

A sinner at heart

You drew me with Your love

All eyes were on me

I dared to tread where the 

religious gathered

No one could stop me from 

seeking Your face

I ministered to You

You ministered to me

You breathed upon my heart

My true identity unfolded 

In a moment I experienced every facet of Your love

I was Mary Magdalene 

Demons controlled my mind

My very existence

Their voices kept me in chains 

You saw me when no one did

In Your presence 

My wounded heart unraveled 

My vulnerability

My wrong choices 

It did not scare You

In a moment I experienced peace

My whole life I will be in pursuit 

of Your Kingdom 

A laid down lover 

For my King

I was the women with the issue of blood

I spent all that I had

On what the world had to offer

Still empty 



Jesus was visiting our town

Everything I so desperately needed

I found in Him

With one touch of His garment

My every void was still

His healing power surged through 

my body

A lovesick daughter was born

I was the women at the well

Loved my masks

Held on to my sin

Everyone knew my past

He knew my future interwoven in Him

Divine appointment orchestrated 

in heaven

I was at the well for water

He was there to encounter me

Living waters gushed through my being 

Free at last, because I was seen

He sees us

Longs to encounter us

Our voids…deepest needs

Reserved for only…. Jesus

A bride restored stepping into her 

end- time destiny in Him…

I in You

You in me

Our new normal…

— Ebigale Wilson




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