April Snow

As much as I dislike the cold, there’s beauty in God saying “We’re not done yet.”

It’s like healing from a heart wound or trauma.

It could be a love wound, a childhood wound, a church wound, or a war wound.

Wounds are wounds – and they create open doors.

You thought you were healed.
You thought you were good.
You settled for “good enough”.

“I’m good God. I’m healed enough. Let’s just move on now”

But our Father knows.
He knows the secrets of our heart.
He knows where we’ve hidden the broken pieces.

He’s not satisfied with “good enough”.

So, He says “But my child…we’re not done yet”.

I don’t like the cold.
But our Father doesn’t like a heart that’s grown cold.
Unhealed heart wounds will always lead to bitterness.
It leaves doors open to oppression, future pain, and poor decisions.

So just when you think you’re “good enough”, or “healed enough”….

Abba says….

“We’re going to keep going. Take My hand. We’re not done yet – but trust Me. I will go with you.”

And He is good.
So very good.

Hello April snow.
Today’s a beautiful day to heal.

All of creation testifies to His glory.

— Kingdom HD