A New Exciting Season Ahead

For over a year Father has been speaking to me about His “new” that He is declaring over the church in this time. His “new” will look like nothing in our past. During her “wilderness season” the bride was stretched and trained beyond what she thought her capacity was to be able to contain the new wine Father’s pouring in this hour. Unknowingly a new breed was prepared in different areas to impact different spheres and mountains of influences.

We cannot cross over into the new if the old still holds our gaze. Fathers “new” will not be excepted by a rebellious and religious people stuck in the old ways of doing things. Therefore a people prepared in secret will now emerge and announce and walk in the new move of His Spirit. 

I went through a few months of frustration myself where it was a struggle for me to except Fathers “new”. I still yearned for the old ways in which Father used me. Then Father stopped downloading “The journey” poems and downloaded “Awakening the sons” and “Holy Spirit Chats” writings. For me personally it was a time of stretching to fully embrace His new, as I love my comfort zone.

When He declared His “new” everything that we would need to walk fully in the “no eye has seen, nor ear heard of” season was already in the DNA of His new breed. Many changes and birthings are happening simultaneously as we are on the threshold of His new. 

In this hour Father is preparing us mentally and spiritually for the new places, spaces and atmospheres He is taking us. He is handing out new assignments, blueprints and marching orders for the season ahead. He is taking His bride to new levels of holiness to be used mightily in this hour. The separation between the bride with the oil and the bride without the oil will become more visible and Father is doing heart transplants on His bride as love and unity will be the sign of a new era people.

It is important to come aside to hear from Him in the secret place. In the coming away with Father, His plans and dreams for His bride will become clearer. Father is inviting us back to that place where we first fell in love with Him. It will be a “love sick bride” who goes deeper and higher with Father who will have deep encounters of revelation, secrets and mysteries of the exciting season ahead. 

— Ebigale Wilson




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